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EdTechWeekly#24 - Cyberbullying, Jumpcut, K12 HotLinks, & JustinTV

53:46 minutes (24.62 MB)

Cyberbullying, Jumpcut, K12 HotLinks, JustinTV, & all sorts of Foolishness...
April 1, 2007

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EdTechWeekly#23 - Twitterholics, TeacherTube, Mega-Downloads, & Podcamp Ahoy!

40:38 minutes (18.6 MB)

March 25, 2007

 This Week's  Links

 Limited Time Only: Access to Worldbridges Mega-download archive     736M     744M     782M     760M      635M     1053M    324M  

EdTechWeekly #22 - TwitterVision, OpenAcademic, Podcamp, Webcams, K12 Youtube, & lots more..

32:03 minutes (14.67 MB)

OpenAcademic, TwitterVision, Podcamp, Webcams, K12 Youtube, & lots more..
with ETT  Senior  UnConference Correspondent,
Kathy Shields

March 18, 2007
Our first attempt at screencasting ETW

EdTechWeekly #21 - Social Meter,, Screencasts, Xical, & SXSW

49:43 minutes (22.76 MB)

 Social Meter,, Screencasts, Xical, & SXSW
with ETT  Senior  Conference Correspondent,
Arvind Grover

March 11, 2007

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EdTechWeekly#20 - Whiteboards, Quizzes, Tumblr, Bad Domain Names, & Some Drinking Stories...

40:20 minutes (18.47 MB)
EdTechWeekly #20
March 4, 2007
Open source resources, Tumblr, Bad Domain Names, & Several Drinking Stories...
All of this week's Links
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Selected Links
Quiz School Tour
Web based, nice looking quiz creation tool
PBS Teachers — Resources For The Classroom
PBS unveils one of its most comprehensive for pre-K-12 educators
EFF: Action Alert - Support the FAIR USE Act!
more possible good news from Congress...really!
How the Open Source Movement Has Changed Education: 10 Success Stories
List of good things happening with Open Source & Education

IST Conference 2007
Where Jen spent the weekend ...

Entry on Teacher's Unions and Web 2.0
My summary on teacher's union and web 2.0

blogs reinvented - Facebook Extends Lead As Fave Young Adult Site

Where the whippersnappers are spending their time online ...

Mindomo - Web-based mind mapping software

web based concept map - how does it compare to Gliffy?

Comeeko - Creating comic strips from your photos
fun - add photos, speech bubbles, share - pure web2.0 silliness

Musicovery : interactive webRadio
Cool for the found artists and music, but also for the content display and taxomony

Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines for Teachers
I like the simplicity of this page, but I''m curious about the authority of it? Looking for more info on this as I'd like to have info on fair use for an inservice I'll be doing.

holy heck this is the sickest online photo editing website i have ever seen. it is like a free, web-based Picasa (or close enough anyway).

LINUX ON DESKTOP: 13 Things to do immediately after installing Ubuntu

Dave, I think you need this article

Top 10 Worst Domain Names » Unofficial DreamHost Blog

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