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EdTechWeekly#39 post show

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EdTechWeekly#39 Post Show
July 22, 2007

In an extended EdTechWeekly post show, Dr. Anne Leftwich of Indiana University shares links to several project based learning initiatives, including those at New Technology High School (, the Project Foundary ( and the New Technology Foundation (

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EdTechWeekly #39 - OpenLibrary, Jotform, Mashable, Zing, Pownce, Policeware, Remxer, Acqualia, CouchSurfing, &

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EdTechWeekly #39
OpenLibrary, Jotform, Mashable, Zing, Pownce,  Policeware, Remxer, Acqualia, CouchSurfing, &
July 22, 2007

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EdTechWeekly#38 - Viddler, GoPHP5, Vista Woes, Flickr apps galore, & lots more

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July 15, 2007

Viddler, Talkbean, OpenMoko, Scrubit, Vista Woes, Blending IPhones, DotSub,  Oops, Vitalist, GoPHP5, Ingimp, Flightaware & Lots 'o Flickr Love from Jen 

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EdTechWeekly #37

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Ed Tech Weekly #36

40:06 minutes (18.36 MB)

A fun week with two wonderful guest hosts. Chat records up shortly.

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