ETT Conversations Live at NECC 2009

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EdTechTalk Live @ NECC 2009
June 28, 2009

Cruise Director Lisa Parisi speaks with EdTechTalkers at the NECC Bloggers Cafe

Participants include Maria Knee, Cheryl Oakes, Alice Barr,  Cathy Evanoff, Sarah, Sally the traveling bear, Vicki Davis,  Jim Dachos (of Glogster),  Susan van Gelder, Paul Wood,  Angela Maier, Amanda Marrinan, Sue Waters,  award winning Kathy Cassidy, Jim Beeghley, Lisa Thurman, Christina Cantrill, Adina Sullivan, & Sheila Adams.

Chat Log Below

SEEDlings 2009-6-25

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We plan for NECC and a possible fall student show with Ben squared. See you in September. Happy Summer one and all!

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NECC Coverage - EdTechWeekly#83 Post Show

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NECC 2008EdTechWeekly#83 Post Show
June 29, 2008
Speaking with NECC attendees
Alice Mercer, Lisa Parisi, Brian Crosby,
Kevin Honeycutt, Steve Hargadon, & Vicki Davis


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Happy 3rd Birthday


Firetruck by Jason Tromm on Flickr


The "Happy Birthday" edition of the EdTechBrainstorm.

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