Teachers Teaching Teachers #134 - Google us, Please! Four Young Bloggers Apply to College 01.07.09

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Linda, a senior in high school started the ball rolling that led to this podcast with her Open Call for Bloggers:

I've been thinking lately about how awesome it would be to have a group of high school students (seniors preferred, juniors okay as well) blog about the college admissions process and then possibly continue their blog through their freshman year of college....

SO. Here's my proposition: If you know of any high school seniors that would be interested in this idea or you're a fellow high school senior yourself--feel free to contact me through Blogger or via e-mail @

We put Linda in touch with Lindsea, who blogs at Love & Logic and at Students 2.0, because she is also a senior at Panahou School in Honolulu, Hawaii. And we invited Linda and Lindsea onto Teachers Teaching Teachers to tell us about their journies into the college admissions process.
We also invited two seniors who have been working with Chris Sloan at Judge Memorial Catholic High School:

We were also joined by a recent graduate from Mt. Holyoke College, Mattie... and toward the end Jack Yu let us know about the work he has been doing to help high school students learn SAT vocabulary words on Brainyflix.
Enjoy this free-wheeling conversation with these young bloggers. Imagine with them what the college application process would look like if admissions officers were available on Twitter, and they could take the time to really follow these students' online lives. These young women would love for a college to Google them!

Click Read more to see a transcript of a chat that was happening during the webcast.

Teachers Teaching Teachers #122 From Google Docs for Presidents to Drupal sites for Youth Voices - 09.17.09

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On this week's Teachers Teaching Teachers, we followed up on two collaborative projects that some of us have been working on: a new Drupal site for Youth Voices and "Letters to the Next President: Writing Our Future"

Paul Oh stopped by to report on the launch of the Website for teachers, which allows us to post student writing to the Letters to the Next President: Writing Our Future website. Paul Oh directed us to the website where: "At the secure area of that site, you will be able to log in using your Google account information. Once you do so, further directions will help you manage your students' pieces that were published using the special project submission
template described in Step 2. At that point, your students' work will be publicly visible along with all the writing from across the country."

Several teachers have tip-toed into Youth Voices, and on this podcast we report on the mechanics of joining this site and creating groups. Listen in, then consider having your students join us.

We invited several teachers and student to come talk about the site. In particular we talked about how to use the groups function of our new Drupal baby. (Thanks Bill Firtzgerald!) For
example, we set up a Digital Photography Community Group and a literature-focused inquiry group, "Catastrophe and Resiliency":

A space where we can take a stand against historical and current atrocities, genocides, ethnic cleanings, holocausts, occupations, and wars. A place to share our responses to books and stories about how humaity can not be stopped by these catastrophes, and how we must never again turn away from these disasters. A forum where we can connect around books, stories, and poems at all levels of difficulty and variety, books like Long Way Gone, What is the What? Persepolis, Maus, Night and other stories of spirit in the face of calamity.

Lindsea, a student from Hawaii joined us, and many others.

Looking for collaborative projects? Want to find out more? Listen to this podcast, and join in the coming weeks as we continue to plan together on Teachers Teaching Teachers.

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