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We meet here to talk about education, technology, our practice and the contexts we work in. You can come too. Check the schedule, show up and go to the chatroom.

New Year's Webcastathon Discussion with Scott Lockman & Will Richardson

Ed Tech Talk #30 - The Edublog Awards

EdTech Brainstorm#16B - December 17, 2005

Speaking of Dates - The EdTech Massacre(1:41:59)

Download mp3 (26.0MB, 56:52)

Eric Langhorst of the Speaking of History podcast joins us for a several minutes of discussing what he's doing in his 8th grade history class followed by an hour of fiery discussion on the importance of knowing exact historical dates. The real action begins about 30 minutes into the show.

Ed Tech Talk 29 part 2 - Second half of the preparation for the Edublog awards

EdTechTalk #28 - An interview with Bob Sprankle and Bud The Teacher

Voices from the Field
Bob and Bud talk about it actually working in the classroom

Download mp3 (1:03:39)
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