EdTechTalk#50 Chat Transcript

18:47:22 dave: hi techtchr.... wanna skype in?
18:47:34 TechTchr: Jennifer Wagner
18:47:44 TechTchr: Technospud Projects
18:48:57 TechTchr: first time here -- just looking to see what it is all about
18:49:13 dave: do you have skype?
18:49:16 dave: adn a headset?
18:49:24 dave: are you getting the audio
18:49:37 DougSymington: hi all

EdTechTalk Feedback

EdTechTalk Feedback
June 18, 2006
Our first batch of audio messages from the EdTechTalk Community

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Please keep your comments coming.  Feel free to share your comments or questions about recent shows, plug an event or project you're involved with or simply introduce yourself to other EdTechTalk'ers. 

EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #6

EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #6 for June 16, 2006

An interview with Chris Lehmann, Principal of Science Leadership Academy.

Download MP3 (32MB, 67minutes). View Show/Chat Notes.

Chris is an amazing educator and is writing the script for the 21st century school. In this one hour interview with him, we covered how he found SLA, the process of creating curriculum, hiring what sounds to be an amazing staff, and planning for the school's opening this fall. We look forward to speaking to him again after the school year begins (if he has a spare minute) to see how things are going at SLA.

For show archives, check out our wiki. Arvind blogs at 21 Apples and Alex Blogs at Learning Blog. Feel like commenting on this interview? Leave a text comment below or an audio comment to the left.

EdTechTalk#49, part2 - with guests Wesley Fryer & Miguel Guhlin

EdTechTalk#49, Part 2
June 11, 2006
Guests: Miguel Guhlin & Wesley Fryer

Download mp3 (26.6MB 58:15)

Chat Transcript

In part#2 of our discussion with Miguel Guhlin and Wesley Fryer we get our guests thoughts on webcasting itself as well as practical steps edtech practitioners can take to effect positive change. In a record setting post-show, the EdTeechTalk gang gives rapid birth to yet another member of the family - NewMediaTeaching.Net

EdTechTalk#49 with guests Wesley Fryer & Miguel Guhlin

EdTechTalk#49, Part 1
June 11, 2006
Guests: Wesley Fryer & Miguel Guhlin

Download mp3 (26.6MB 58:15)

Chat Transcript

This was a great discussion with Miguel Guhlin and Wesley Fryer. We started out talking about DOPA and concerns about social networking in the classroom and then moved on issues like professional development and the politics of EdTech..  Part#2 uploading soon...

Miguel's Reflections on the Show from his blog Around the Corner
Wesley's Reflections on the Show from his blog Speed of Creativity

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