Seedlings #96 2010-10-15 GEEK of the WEEK Live

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Geek of the Week LIVE from ACTEM the  State of Maine Technology Conference! Augusta, ME October 15, 2010! Alice, Bob and Cheryl  hit the road for a live show with over 200 participants from out of the 800+ who attend the Conference. All these people give up having a sit down lunch, grab a bag lunch and share their favorite URLs. Enjoy!

Delicious Links for Geek of the Week:

The Chat: Thanks to Peggy and Dennis for joining us in the Virtual Chat!

 12:20:34  Dennis  Hello.
 12:21:54  Dennis  Hi Peggy.
 12:22:11  PeggyG  Hi there! Was having trouble finding you. Is the stream happening here?
 12:22:47  Dennis  I'm attending too. Geek of the Week from ACTEM.
 12:23:26  PeggyG  I was on the link for WOCSD where they streamed yesterday but didn't see anything happening so came here. Excited to hear from everyone!
 12:24:21  Dennis  Alice's tweet at 12:14 said they were about to start.
 12:24:31  PeggyG  @Dennis are you attending ACTEM in person?
 12:24:49  Dennis  No. Virtually when I can.
 12:24:55  PeggyG  me too :-)
 12:25:24  Dennis  Hi Michael. You in Augusta?
 12:25:57  Michael Richards  Greetings everyone
 12:26:01  Dennis  @Karen - karenj?
 12:26:01  Michael Richards  I am Dennis
 12:26:17  Karen  Karena
 12:27:10  PeggyG  Hi Michael
 12:27:15  Michael Richards  @bobsprankle just shared TedxRedmond
 12:27:21  Michael Richards  Hi Peggy
 12:27:45  Dennis  I have no sound.
 12:28:01  Michael Richards  @cheryloakes is working on the sound
 12:28:13  Michael Richards  Hi tjacabos
 12:28:29  Dennis  @Michael Richards TY
 12:28:51  Michael Richards for timelines was just shown
 12:29:19  ~Seedlings  Just getting started.
 12:29:31  tjacobs  Hello! I've listened to you via podcasts for last year.
 12:29:36  Michael Richards  another timeline site registration is required
 12:30:01  PeggyG  thanks a lot for the updates! whetting the appetite!!
 12:30:33  PeggyG  is there a wiki or google doc that has the sites compiled? :-)
 12:30:41  Michael Richards  we are shifting to ustream
 12:30:44  PeggyG  ok
 12:30:45  Michael Richards  address forthcoming
 12:30:50  Dennis  ok
 12:30:51  ~Seedlings  I can't get the stream to work, going to ustream!
 12:31:03  PeggyG  ustream on edtechtalk?
 12:31:07  Michael Richards  or look on the side
 12:31:15  PeggyG  I'm there!!! :-)
 12:31:15  ~Seedlings  yes peggy, can't get my nicecast to play nice
 12:31:23  ~Seedlings  is the server on?
 12:31:32  PeggyG  so sorry!! remember our motto--expect the unexpected!
 12:31:47  ~Seedlings  ok, going to nicecast
 12:31:51  PeggyG  it says server is down
 12:31:56  ~Seedlings  ok, thanks
 12:32:32  Dennis  Can you give the link?
 12:32:45  ~Seedlings  As soon as I set it up.
 12:32:48  Michael Richards  readability website is being showcased right now
 12:33:17  Michael Richards  It strips some of the junk found on a webpage
 12:33:29  PeggyG  nice! new site for me
 12:33:53  Michael Richards is being shown right now
 12:34:09  Michael Richards  visualization of the news headlines
 12:34:41  PeggyG  how is the sharing happening? are people showing it on a screen?
 12:34:45  Michael Richards  yes
 12:35:02  Michael Richards  Cheryl is working on using her ustream
 12:35:14  PeggyG  no problem! thanks for the updates!!
 12:35:23  Michael Richards
 12:35:25  Dennis
 12:35:51  PeggyG  I was on that site earlier--thanks!
 12:35:52  Michael Richards is being showcased right now
 12:36:12  PeggyG  seeing it now
 12:36:25  Michael Richards  Excellent @PeggyG
 12:36:46  PeggyG  audio is great too!
 12:36:51  Michael Richards  even better
 12:38:49  Michael Richards  Google Squared is being shown now,
 12:41:19  Michael Richards is being showcased by @cheryloakes
 12:42:55  PeggyG  I'm using the chat in the stream to add links too :-)
 12:43:12  Michael Richards  excellent, thank you @PeggyG
 12:46:11  Michael Richards  Dennis and tjacobs do you want to join us on the ustream chat?
 12:48:58  tjacobs  I'm watching ustream and see something.... looks like I'm in as guest..?
 12:50:04  tjacobs  Is that www.kickyoutube(remainder of url)...?
 12:51:53  PeggyG  this video shows you how it works (kick youtube)
 12:57:08  PeggyG
 13:00:49  PeggyG
 13:01:29  PeggyG
 13:01:47  Michael Richards
 13:02:00  Michael Richards
 13:04:14  PeggyG
 13:04:44  PeggyG
 13:06:46  PeggyG
 13:07:30  PeggyG
 13:08:56  PeggyG
 13:10:07  PeggyG
 13:10:27  Michael Richards  we are taking a quick intermission
 13:10:58  PeggyG  thanks! is this your lunch time at the conference?
 13:11:32  Michael Richards  Yes it is
 13:12:28  PeggyG  thank you so much for streaming this!
 13:22:51  Michael Richards  we are starting up again
 13:32:02  PeggyG
 13:32:30  PeggyG  free online graph paper
 13:34:26  PeggyG
 13:36:10  tjacobs  Have to run. It was fun being live.... I'll hope to join you again sometime.
 13:36:22  PeggyG  thanks for joining us!
 13:36:48  PeggyG  type Spanish accents
 13:42:06  PeggyG
 13:42:16  PeggyG
 13:53:15  PeggyG
 13:57:10  PeggyG
 13:57:37  PeggyG
 13:59:41  PeggyG
 14:00:10  PeggyG  Internet archives and wayback machine
 14:00:58  PeggyG
 14:03:19  PeggyG
 14:07:00  PeggyG
 14:07:18  PeggyG
 14:09:54  PeggyG
 14:10:03  PeggyG
 14:13:57  PeggyG  text to speech translator like Spanish to English :-)

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