Parents as Partners Episode 35 September 20, 2010 Aviva Dunsiger

This season's opener got off to a wonderful start with a fantastic presentation by Aviva Dunsiger a Grade 1 teacher at Anacaster Meadow school in Ancaster/Hamilton Region Ontario Canada. Aviva has a wealth of ideas for connecting with parents and making them an integral part of their child's learning. Please listen to Aviva's presentation and follow along with the Slideshare posted below. 

We have compiled this link to provide you with all the links ( and more) that Aviva mentions during the show. How about replacing the agenda book with Twitter? No more lost in the back pack excuses and no more "did nothing today" answers.  Kid blogs, Today's Meet, audio recordings on Evernote, Twitter, Wallwisher are just a few of the many free applications which she has integrated into classroom instruction. 

Aviva and her colleagues at Ancaster Meadow school are leading the way. 

Chat log

 Presentation for parents as partners

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 03:24:39 nagora -> EdTechTalk: Hallo Dave!
17:39:07 roxyc -> puentesalmundo: Hola
19:59:03 kcaise -> EdTechTalk: hi burky, hi lorna
20:45:57 kcaise -> EdTechTalk: hi Aviva and Paul
20:46:04 Aviva -> EdTechTalk: Hi! 
20:46:12 Aviva -> EdTechTalk: Thanks Paul for coming! I work with Paul.
20:46:13 Lorna -> EdTechTalk: Hello everywhere
20:46:14 paulmitchisn -> EdTechTalk: hi everyone
20:46:33 kcaise -> EdTechTalk: hi scott
20:46:49 Scott Shelhart -> EdTechTalk: Good evening.  
20:47:07 Scott Shelhart -> EdTechTalk: Are we using Ustream tonight?
20:47:21 paulmitchisn -> EdTechTalk: I've got two kids with tasks to do so I'll be in and out when not harrassing them
20:47:24 Aviva -> EdTechTalk: Hi Rob! Thanks for coming tonight.
20:47:32 Lorna -> EdTechTalk: No ustream tonight
20:47:48 rmcdonald17 -> EdTechTalk: Hi Aviva, glad to be here.
20:47:51 Aviva -> EdTechTalk: Thanks Paul! I appreciate you coming. No problem at all if you have to come and go!
20:48:10 Scott Shelhart -> EdTechTalk: ok.  I'll start working on media player... :-)
20:48:16 Lorna -> EdTechTalk: Hi Paul let us know if you can hear us
20:49:00 Lorna -> EdTechTalk: Can you hear us Scott
20:49:13 Scott Shelhart -> EdTechTalk: No. Are you streaming now?
20:49:31 Lorna -> EdTechTalk: which media player are you using
20:50:00 Scott Shelhart -> EdTechTalk: widoze media player..... Chrome browser
20:50:25 Scott Shelhart -> EdTechTalk: got it!
20:51:10 MarcieL -> EdTechTalk: i can hear
20:51:25 Scott Shelhart -> EdTechTalk: Yes... have audio.
20:51:45 Lorna -> EdTechTalk: great we have shut off the stream 
20:52:29 Lorna -> EdTechTalk: we will start in about 8 min
20:52:50 Scott Shelhart -> EdTechTalk: Sure .... give me a job and take away yhe tools...... This is good PD for pre-service teachers! :D 
20:54:19 Kathy -> EdTechTalk: Am I to have sound? Not sure what to do. 
20:54:39 Lorna -> EdTechTalk: No Sound yet kathy
20:55:06 Scott Shelhart -> EdTechTalk: No sound yet.....  test went OK a few moments ago.  
20:55:11 paulmitchisn -> EdTechTalk: no sound for me, do I have to click something?
20:55:14 Lorna -> EdTechTalk: can you hear me now
20:55:34 Lorna -> EdTechTalk: yes you need to click on a media player - top right of the screen
20:55:53 paulmitchisn -> EdTechTalk: I can heare now, I clicked the download
20:56:05 Greta Sandler (@gret) -> EdTechTalk: I can't hear either
20:56:19 Lorna -> EdTechTalk: yes you need to click on a media player - top right of the screen
20:56:58 paulmitchisn -> EdTechTalk: yes I can hear
20:57:08 Aviva -> EdTechTalk: Thanks Paul!
20:58:41 rmcdonald17 -> EdTechTalk: Have sound, is this the right chat room?
20:58:43 Scott Shelhart -> EdTechTalk: No luck with media player now..... :-(    Trying real player next...
20:58:54 Lorna -> EdTechTalk: parents as partners 
20:59:05 Aviva -> EdTechTalk: This is, Rob!
20:59:31 Lorna -> EdTechTalk: any one having audio issues
20:59:36 rmcdonald17 -> EdTechTalk: Thanks  Aviva, can here you loud and clear
20:59:47 Aviva -> EdTechTalk: Perfect Rob!
20:59:55 Greta Sandler (@gret) -> EdTechTalk: Audio works perfect now! :) 
21:00:03 Aviva -> EdTechTalk: Awesome Greta!
21:00:37 marragem -> EdTechTalk: I can hear you all clearly
21:00:47 fmazzola -> EdTechTalk: I can't hear anyone.
21:00:47 Aviva -> EdTechTalk: Yeah!
21:00:51 rmcdonald17 -> EdTechTalk: There is no video stream correct?
21:01:01 Aviva -> EdTechTalk: Right.
21:01:03 kcaise -> EdTechTalk: no not tonight, just audio
21:01:06 MarcieL -> EdTechTalk: i am an ontario-ian as well!
21:01:16 chipper -> EdTechTalk: I can hear well!
21:02:07 rmcdonald17 -> EdTechTalk: Go Ti-cats !! lol
21:02:16 Aviva -> EdTechTalk: Thanks Rob!
21:02:25 burky -> EdTechTalk: I can hear but only the word welcome when someone enters the room
21:02:36 Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: Hi everyone! So excited to hear from Aviva tonight! Fabulous guest for the start of a new season for Parents as Partners!!
21:02:47 Aviva -> EdTechTalk: Thanks Peggy!
21:02:50 doriedance -> EdTechTalk: Is there any sound?
21:02:56 rmcdonald17 -> EdTechTalk: She is outstanding !!!!!
21:03:02 Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: I'm not hearing the audio yet.
21:03:06 Aviva -> EdTechTalk: You're too kind, Rob! Thanks!!
21:03:15 Kathy -> EdTechTalk: Sound is fine here! Couldn't type for a while. :-)
21:03:22 chipper -> EdTechTalk: I can hear everything. This is a thrill, to be able to listen to Aviva!
21:03:22 doriedance -> EdTechTalk: Hi everyone! 
21:03:30 kcaise -> EdTechTalk: welcome back scott
21:03:30 Aviva -> EdTechTalk: Thanks!
21:03:31 Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: I'm listening in itunes but no sound
21:03:52 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) -> EdTechTalk: Thanks.  Windows media player working now after reboot
21:03:59 kcaise -> EdTechTalk: i hear it in itunes
21:04:09 Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: guess I'll have to log out and log back in :-(
21:04:32 rmcdonald17 -> EdTechTalk: Like a good sphaghetti western :) 
21:04:48 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) -> EdTechTalk: right click on media player..... open in a new tab....
21:04:52 kcaise -> EdTechTalk: welcome back burky
21:04:54 kcaise -> EdTechTalk: hi carol
21:04:59 kcaise -> EdTechTalk: welcome back peggy
21:05:07 carolgau -> EdTechTalk: Hi!
21:05:21 marragem -> EdTechTalk: Kimhas already dropped the link in
21:05:33 rmcdonald17 -> EdTechTalk: Link for slide share works
21:05:37 Lorna -> EdTechTalk: Hi MarieTN nice to see you here from Australia
21:06:03 Greta Sandler (@gret) -> EdTechTalk: Hi from Buenos Aires, Argentina!
21:06:16 MarieTN -> EdTechTalk: Hello Lorna and everyone. It's 11am Tuesday morning here. Beautiful day.
21:06:17 Lorna -> EdTechTalk: Welcome Greta
21:06:29 marragem -> EdTechTalk: I'm here from OZ too - on holidays so nice to be able to join in
21:06:30 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: I'm back with sound :-)
21:06:40 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: had to change browsers
21:06:48 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: sorry I didn't hear the request for the link
21:06:54 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: I'll try to keep up now :-)
21:07:14 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) -> EdTechTalk: @peggy... WHat browser didn't work and what did you get to fix the problem?
21:07:16 kcaise -> EdTechTalk:
21:07:22 sarahjane -> EdTechTalk: how to hear?
21:07:22 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: Chrome didn't work
21:07:33 MarieTN -> EdTechTalk: same marragem. love school holidays and being able to spend time with my children. So, I'll be in and out.
21:07:35 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: now I'm using Safari and restarted itunes
21:07:47 kcaise -> EdTechTalk: click on the speaker icon under EdTechTalk A
21:07:51 kcaise -> EdTechTalk: in the top right
21:08:12 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) -> EdTechTalk: ok.  Chrome working for me.
21:08:24 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk:
21:08:46 sarahjane -> EdTechTalk: thanks!
21:09:20 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk:
21:10:35 doriedance -> EdTechTalk: Yeah! sound started working now.
21:10:56 sarahjane -> EdTechTalk: how do I get slides?
21:11:01 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk:
21:11:13 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: you can get the slides from the slideshare link above
21:11:58 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: I am so in awe that first graders are using all of these wonderful tools!!!
21:12:08 sarahjane -> EdTechTalk: links are connecting - and can't see the whole link to cut and paste?  sorry to come late 
21:12:23 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: don't copy/paste the link-just click on it
21:12:30 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: if you copy/paste it is incomplete
21:13:00 marragem -> EdTechTalk: @Peggy - Young ones can do amazing things - trust the learner!
21:13:01 sarahjane -> EdTechTalk: nothing is happening when I click?
21:13:12 paulmitchison -> EdTechTalk: I don't see the slides ... I'm on a Mac
21:13:14 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: that is so true marragem!
21:13:20 rmcdonald17 -> EdTechTalk: :) 
21:13:25 Kathy -> EdTechTalk: If clicked - new tab opens. I'm on a Mac. 
21:13:28 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: the slides have to be opened in a new link in your browser
21:14:21 sarahjane -> EdTechTalk: has to allow popups:) :p 
21:15:21 sarahjane -> EdTechTalk: had to allow popups - thanks for help
21:15:37 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk:  her professional blog
21:15:41 rmcdonald17 -> EdTechTalk: Is this presentation recorded and archived?
21:15:52 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: yes it is being recorded
21:16:04 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: it will be posted on
21:16:54 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: how wonderful that parents are interacting with her on her professional blog!!
21:16:54 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) -> EdTechTalk: Missing my second monitor tonight :-)
21:17:10 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: you're spoiled Scott! wish I had 2 monitors :-)
21:17:55 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) -> EdTechTalk: Pick up a garage sale or freecycle monitor and try it.... 
21:18:48 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: I'm getting ready for a new computer and then I will have the old monitor as a 2nd monitor :-) can't wait
21:18:59 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: 
21:19:10 rmcdonald17 -> EdTechTalk: George is truly amazing!
21:19:32 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: wallwisher is such a great tool because it's not just posting sticky notes but chances to reorganized the thoughts in different ways
21:19:40 carolgau -> EdTechTalk: It is wonderful how involved parents are!
21:19:55 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) -> EdTechTalk: @PeggyG  Just ask if you need help getting it configured.
21:20:07 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: thanks Scott! I'll take you up on that!!
21:20:26 carolgau -> EdTechTalk: It is a wonderful site.
21:20:33 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: too bad we can't show you a picture of wallwisher :-)
21:20:37 rmcdonald17 -> EdTechTalk: Like sticky notes online..
21:20:43 Greta Sandler (@gret) -> EdTechTalk: Wallwisher is awesome!
21:20:48 carolgau -> EdTechTalk: double click to add a note.
21:21:15 marragem -> EdTechTalk: and you can add images and video as well to the sticky
21:21:37 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: this was a fun wallwisher we did at a workshop with Tony Vincent about great web 2.0 tools
21:22:11 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: so glad you added that marragem! the images and video add a lot to the site
21:22:49 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: that's such a great way to summarize and reflect on their learning :-)
21:22:58 Lorna -> EdTechTalk: Isn't what she is doing amazing?
21:23:09 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: it gives me goosebumps to see how involved the parents are with everything the kids are learning!
21:23:20 MarcieL -> EdTechTalk: What do you do with kids who don't have access to internet at home?
21:23:28 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk:
21:24:34 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: isn't that a teacher/parent dream??!! kids don't want to stop doing their homework :-)
21:25:22 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: Aviva I wish you had submitted this presentation for the K12 Online Conference!!!! There are so many teachers and parents who need to hear this!!
21:25:26 kcaise -> EdTechTalk: peggy turned me on to evernote
21:25:35 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: I love evernote!!!!
21:26:03 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk:
21:26:25 rmcdonald17 -> EdTechTalk: Going to check it out Evernote, looks very good ....
21:26:47 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) -> EdTechTalk: I like evernote, but using Springpad on my phone.   It's worth a look.
21:26:52 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: I use evernote to capture chat from webinars like this so I have all of the notes and links to review later
21:27:16 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: I use evernote on my iphone and sync it with my computer so I can access it anywhere
21:27:22 rmcdonald17 -> EdTechTalk: Going to pick your brain on this one Aviva !
21:27:51 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: brilliant!! record the audio of what they have done on Audacity!
21:28:25 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: this is an excellent way for teachers to keep anecdotal notes of observations of students
21:28:50 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk:
21:29:58 sarahjane -> EdTechTalk: how long is this tonight?
21:30:04 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: 1 hour
21:30:12 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: will be over in 30 minutes
21:30:48 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: that really gives parents something to talk with their kids about when they get home :-)
21:31:15 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk:
21:31:29 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: be sure to sign up for the educator version of voicethread
21:32:36 marragem -> EdTechTalk: I have my parents sign in on our class account
21:32:41 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: we're using a voicethread in a MoodleMeet course I'm involved with right now--everyone is introducing themselves with their voice--really nice way to get acquainted!
21:33:08 marragem -> EdTechTalk: have kids help their parents create an avatar at the beginning of the year
21:33:29 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: usually once parents understand what you are doing and why they are very supportive-kids can be very persuasive :-)
21:33:51 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: what a great idea marragem!! parents would have so much fun creating an avatar!
21:34:40 marragem -> EdTechTalk: @Peggy - it's fun looking at what they create - many of them getting back in touch with their innerchild
21:34:49 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) -> EdTechTalk: I stepped away... What slide are we on?
21:34:51 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: what is so impressive to me about Aviva is that she just doesn't know what these tools are but she is USING them all with her kids and parents. :-)
21:35:00 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: slide 15
21:35:06 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) -> EdTechTalk: ty
21:35:55 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: Animoto also makes great mother's day messages from the kids
21:36:27 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: so many choices for parents!!
21:36:34 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk:
21:36:41 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: that is one of my favorites :-)
21:37:03 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: easy to add photos and music to it and also leave comments
21:37:11 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: can embed them on blogs and wikis
21:38:36 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: what an important point! technology isn't an add-on-it's just the way she delivers instruction
21:38:45 sarahjane -> EdTechTalk: :) 
21:38:49 marragem -> EdTechTalk: yay, Aviva! Wish other teachers viewed tech this way
21:38:52 rmcdonald17 -> EdTechTalk: :D 
21:39:09 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) -> EdTechTalk: YAY
21:39:20 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: she provides an outstanding example of how twitter really can be a learning tool!
21:39:25 Kathy -> EdTechTalk: I will certainly be sharing with teachers! Aviva - you are awesome!
21:39:58 rmcdonald17 -> EdTechTalk: It all about good sound teaching pedagody, and these tool with help deliver the message! 
21:40:10 Kathy -> EdTechTalk: Exactly!
21:40:17 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: this is so different than MOST first graders experience school! I'm just thrilled listening to this!
21:40:26 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) -> EdTechTalk: Twitter names for your classroom please....
21:40:41 Greta Sandler (@gret) -> EdTechTalk: I'm thrilled too... Aviva is awesome!
21:40:43 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: awesome classroom management!!
21:41:16 jadler -> EdTechTalk: I have the honour of observing the incredible work you are sharing with parents on a daily basis, Aviva.  Thank you for raising the bar on best tech practice!
21:41:16 Kathy -> EdTechTalk: These kids are being prepared for THEIR FUTURE!
21:41:19 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk:
21:41:23 sarahjane -> EdTechTalk: :D 
21:41:35 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk:
21:41:44 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: she has 2 class twitter accounts
21:42:05 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: welcome to all of Aviva's colleagues and VP! so great you are here!!
21:42:14 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) -> EdTechTalk: Thanks Peggy....   
21:42:24 jadler -> EdTechTalk: Thanks Peggy!
21:42:30 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: Making Marvelous Monsters :-) love it!
21:42:54 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: this just makes me want to go back to first grade and do it all again!!!!!
21:43:47 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: This is her 100th Day of School Animoto. Such a great way to share life at school with the parents and grandparents :-)
21:44:12 rmcdonald17 -> EdTechTalk: Thanks Aviva, your kids are wonderful!
21:44:15 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk:
21:44:33 Lorna -> EdTechTalk: twitter agenda book - not lost in the back pack :)
21:44:40 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: big grin about Zoe!!! She's going to be our featured teacher on Classroom 2.0 LIVE this Saturday
21:44:49 Kathy -> EdTechTalk: And now you are inspiring others! Thank you!
21:44:52 chipper -> EdTechTalk: twitter has been soooo powerful (teach1quilt2). It has made a huge difference in my teaching!
21:44:55 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: Come and join us. She is going to be fabulous too!
21:45:21 jadler -> EdTechTalk: Students with special needs have truly benefited from Aviva's provides outstanding engagement for students with Autism...
21:45:35 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: I can't believe how much she has accomplished in a year!!
21:45:56 Greta Sandler (@gret) -> EdTechTalk: Twitter has also made a difference for me! 
21:45:57 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: @jadler that is a great point about special needs students!!
21:46:06 chipper -> EdTechTalk: and you've share so much with  us on twitter
21:46:15 sarahjane -> EdTechTalk: :) 
21:46:27 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: love it!! one tweet can get me a million answers!
21:46:28 rmcdonald17 -> EdTechTalk: Twitter is the Bees Knee of social networking!!!
21:47:04 rmcdonald17 -> EdTechTalk: Our profession has taken it to another level!!!
21:47:14 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk:  all of the links she is sharing tonight are here
21:47:48 Kathy -> EdTechTalk: And their tweets are precious! 
21:47:59 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: so much more powerful than tweeting about what they ate for lunch :-)
21:48:18 jadler -> EdTechTalk: Imagine the possibilities if each child in Aviva's class could have an iPod...
21:48:45 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: incredible! they used google docs to prepare for their tweet sharing!! :-)
21:49:03 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: wouldn't that be wonderful jadler??!!
21:49:30 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: we should start a campaign to get her more tools in her classroom because she knows how to use them so effectively!!!!
21:50:11 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: I agree Lorna!!! This is a story that has to be told over and over! It gives teachers courage and hope
21:50:16 jadler -> EdTechTalk: Any suggestions on how to access grant $ would be appreciated...
21:50:25 chipper -> EdTechTalk: It also helps educate parents  - sometimes they learn along with the kids. So powerful.
21:50:25 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk:
21:50:30 kcaise -> EdTechTalk: [b]
21:50:46 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: can you put a donate button through paypal on your website?
21:51:00 kcaise -> EdTechTalk: [b]wrong link
21:51:01 kcaise -> EdTechTalk: [b]
21:51:01 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: I know lots of educators who would contribute to something so awesome!
21:51:29 kcaise -> EdTechTalk: [b]
21:51:51 jadler -> EdTechTalk: Thanks so much for this information!!
21:52:00 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: it's definitely a community of support!!
21:52:20 kcaise -> EdTechTalk: [b] microgrants
21:52:45 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: one of my teacher friends put a donate button on her website to get a SmartBoard and she made enough from parents, grandparents and friends that she got it in about 3 weeks :-)
21:52:47 marragem -> EdTechTalk: maybe I shoud try for a teaching exchange to your, school, Aviva!
21:53:00 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: yes marragem!!!!!
21:53:04 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) -> EdTechTalk: gotta run.... goodnight all
21:53:10 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: that would be a perfect place to exchange teach :-)
21:53:15 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: good night Scott
21:53:34 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: I'll bet there would be a teacher at her school that would love to go to Australia :-)
21:54:42 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: the key is that you find the tools that meet your needs and the needs of your students and stick with them. you don't have to use everything that comes along!
21:54:50 MarieTN -> EdTechTalk: I'd love it if both my children's classes did some of these. One of them has a class blog but it isn't updated that often. Thanks, Aviva, for showing me the possibilities that can exist. Much appreciated.
21:55:03 sarahjane -> EdTechTalk: thanks Aviva for another inspiring night- have to run, inspired yet again!
21:55:04 Kathy -> EdTechTalk: Aviva - Three cheers! This was awesome! Thanks to you and your students for inspiring and empowering all of us! 
21:55:35 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: Aviva is rare but every time she tells her story more teachers will see the potential and start doing it more
21:56:05 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: Wordle is a great tool for the students!
21:56:33 chipper -> EdTechTalk: So excited, Aviva! So many possibilities! yay!
21:56:35 carolgau -> EdTechTalk: Aviva you are a wonderful and inspiring teacher!  Thank you for sharing your expertise!
21:56:51 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk:
21:57:15 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: I'm giving you a standing ovation, Aviva!!!!! This has been incredible!!!!
21:57:40 chipper -> EdTechTalk: I am joining the standing ovation!
21:57:48 marieck -> EdTechTalk: Thanks Aviva! The possibilities are endless and so exciting. Thanks for sharing!
21:57:53 Greta Sandler (@gret) -> EdTechTalk: Joining the standing ovation too! Aviva you're amazing!
21:57:54 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: As soon as the recording is posted I'll be sharing this far and wide!!! So inspiring!
21:58:02 rmcdonald17 -> EdTechTalk: Ditto !!!!! :) 
21:58:10 MarieTN -> EdTechTalk: so am I. (I wish I was a Grade 1 student in Aviva's classroom)
21:58:35 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: I love that it all started with grade one :-)
21:59:17 Kathy -> EdTechTalk: Yes, the message is powerful coming right from a teacher! You can hear her passion for her students & their families! POWERFUL! 
21:59:45 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: it would be ery hard to resist following in her footsteps--her enthusiasm is so contagious :-)
22:00:10 jadler -> EdTechTalk: Aviva has been a true agent of change at our school and within our district
22:00:21 rmcdonald17 -> EdTechTalk: You are such a strong voice for our youngest 21st century learners Aviva. Always so willing to share , collaborate , and inspire! Thanks for another great session!!!
22:00:21 Aviva -> EdTechTalk: Thanks Janet!
22:00:27 Aviva -> EdTechTalk: Thank you all!
22:00:27 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: but it's not just being excited she knows how to really use all of these tools to support student learning and engagement!
22:00:28 kcaise -> EdTechTalk: [b]always outstanding!
22:00:34 Aviva -> EdTechTalk: You're all so kind!
22:00:52 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: do any of them speak another language?
22:00:53 marragem -> EdTechTalk: graet stuff, Aviva!
22:01:02 chipper -> EdTechTalk: Thank you all so much!!!! @teach1quilt2
22:01:16 kcaise -> EdTechTalk: [b]
22:01:22 marragem -> EdTechTalk: gotta go. I'm off on holidays. Thanks everyone
22:01:36 kcaise -> EdTechTalk: [b] for our Saturday show information
22:01:38 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: bye marragem-so glad you could join us from your vacation
22:01:41 paulmitchison -> EdTechTalk: as a teacher who works with Aviva, I can vouch that she'll do anything to help any of us, we're extremely proud of her and grateful to her too
22:01:46 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: exactly Lorna!!!
22:02:01 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: thanks paul!!
22:02:04 Aviva -> EdTechTalk: Thanks Paul!
22:02:31 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: Please join us to be inspired by Zoe!
22:02:32 jneman -> EdTechTalk: Great job Aviva!  
22:02:45 rmcdonald17 -> EdTechTalk: Great, that will be wonderful on Saturday !
22:02:47 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: I want to know what's in the water up there!! :-)
22:02:58 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: all of you are such awesome educators!!
22:03:18 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: boy did that hour go by fast!!!
22:03:27 Greta Sandler (@gret) -> EdTechTalk: thank YOU Aviva!
22:03:46 kcaise -> EdTechTalk: [b]   and
22:03:52 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: if anyone could keep up with all of this it would be Aviva!
22:03:52 rmcdonald17 -> EdTechTalk: No slowing down now Aviva !!! lol
22:03:57 kcaise -> EdTechTalk: [b]thank you so much Aviva! 
22:04:03 Kathy -> EdTechTalk: THANK YOU~ Wonderful evening!!!!!
22:04:04 Aviva -> EdTechTalk: Thank you all so much!!!
22:04:17 celiac -> EdTechTalk: thanks Aviva, your enthusiasm is contagious
22:04:19 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: Aviva I hope you will consider presenting next year for the K12 Online Conference!!!
22:04:28 chipper -> EdTechTalk: I'm in awe! Thank you everyone!
22:04:32 MarieTN -> EdTechTalk: Thank you again and I hope you all have a lovely day. :)
22:04:35 Aviva -> EdTechTalk: I definitely will, Peggy!
22:04:36 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: thank you all for a fantastic evening!!
22:04:38 kcaise -> EdTechTalk: [b]
22:04:39 Kathy -> EdTechTalk: @KathyPerret
22:04:43 celiac -> EdTechTalk: @ccoffa
22:04:45 jneman -> EdTechTalk: @jneman
22:04:46 Aviva -> EdTechTalk: Thanks again! So glad you could all come tonight.
22:04:46 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: @pgeorge
22:04:46 Greta Sandler (@gret) -> EdTechTalk: @gret
22:04:49 carolgau -> EdTechTalk: @carolgau
22:04:57 Aviva -> EdTechTalk: Thank you!
22:05:02 rmcdonald17 -> EdTechTalk: @rmcdonald17 thanks for an amazing hour !!!!
22:05:04 kcaise -> EdTechTalk: [b]good night everyone
22:05:04 chipper -> EdTechTalk: @teach1quilt2 (chipper) :)
22:05:06 Greta Sandler (@gret) -> EdTechTalk: Thanks Aviva!!! 
22:05:16 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: good night everyone! thanks so much for sharing your ideas and enthusiasm with all of us
22:05:27 rmcdonald17 -> EdTechTalk: Take care Gret!
22:05:29 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: I'm so glad to have Parents as Partners back!!
22:05:38 carolgau -> EdTechTalk: Thank you so much again for all the wonderful information!
22:05:48 jadler -> EdTechTalk: Great work, tonight! Thanks.
22:06:00 PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: that is such an interesting conversation--what do teachers do who are also parents...
22:06:17 Greta Sandler (@gret) -> EdTechTalk: Thanks everyone!
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