2009-11-12 Seedlings with Maria Knee

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[19:38] <@bobsprankle> hi all!
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[19:39] <sheila> Can only hear Cheryl . . .
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[19:39] <sheila> now can hear!
[19:39] <cheryloakes> thanks shelia
[19:39] <alicebarr> We're working onit Thank you cathy Wo!
[19:39] <DaveC> oh that's better
[19:39] <cathywolinsky> Alice you're on
[19:39] <cathywolinsky> Bob, you're on
[19:40] <Lorna> I can hear everyone
[19:40] <alicebarr> Yippeee! Thank you for caling cathy!
[19:40] <cathywolinsky> All set, I hear Maria
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[19:40] <cheryloakes> thanks so much, I was so good too and had hijacked first
[19:40] <cathywolinsky> Maria is on
[19:40] <cheryloakes> thanks to the chat room, for being on top
[19:41] <@bobsprankle> :)
[19:41] <sheila> I had half missing last week in one grade. No staff yet. . . .
[19:42] <cheryloakes> thanks shelia, anyone else?
[19:42] <MariaK> Wow - so many friends in the chat - hi everyone!
[19:42] <cheryloakes> so far this is New England reporting
[19:43] <sheila> Hey MariaK!
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[19:43] <CathyE> We had a spike 2 weeks ago
[19:43] <cathywolinsky> Hi MariaK
[19:43] <CathyE> 125 kids sick out for 536 kids total
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[19:43] <cheryloakes> Thanks CathyE, give us a weather report please
[19:43] <CathyE> NASTY
[19:43] <CathyE> WEATHER
[19:43] <cathywolinsky> OUr absentee list looked a little shorter today
[19:44] <cheryloakes> What kind of day do you call no school? not like our snow day?
[19:44] <cathywolinsky> They were waiting for a different form of the vaccine for K-4 kids, but decided not to wait.
[19:44] <cheryloakes> CathyE, NC?
[19:44] <CathyE> We had a "bad weather" day today - but we go Sat to make it up
[19:45] <CathyE> yes, Outer Banks NC
[19:45] <cheryloakes> Be Safe
[19:45] <MariaK> how's the house!
[19:45] <sheila> and the goats!  ;)
[19:45] <CathyE> house is dry - but water all around
[19:45] <cathywolinsky> Saturday for makeup?!?!?
[19:45] <cheryloakes> Keeps the content and curriculum current
[19:47] <DaveChamberlain> gotta go. Lost elderly man with dementia in the woods. Lives about 3 houses down. 
[19:47] <cheryloakes> Dave good luck, our thoughts are with you
[19:47] <CathyE> Good Luck , Dave
[19:48] <CathyE> @Maria - do you like the wonder cameras?
[19:48] <Lorna> can you tell me more about how you used  the Flip camera
[19:48] <cheryloakes> It is already 31 degrees here.
[19:49] <cathywolinsky> Maria, can you describe a Skye conversation class to class?
[19:49] <cathywolinsky> Oops, Skype
[19:49] <cheryloakes> we will get the questions to maria
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[19:51] == sheila
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[19:52] <Lorna> have you shared the videos with your parents?
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[19:56] <sheila> You do forget the learning process starts again.
[19:57] <CathyE> You learn everything you need to know in kindergarten (quote from somebody)
[19:57] <cheryloakes> Plus Maria and many others are building the foundation for life long learners
[19:58] <susanvg> We should have Kindergarten refresher courses for adults
[19:58] <sheila> I learn from a kindergarten teacher!
[19:59] <alicebarr> @susanvg I love that....
[20:00] <Lorna> can you tell me how you do connect with the parents of 500
[20:00] <CathyE> I am with you Bob - I have 536 kids - there is no way I can stay one:one with all of them
[20:00] <cheryloakes> Oh, susanvg, Mitch Resnick says that too
[20:00] <susanvg> Lifelong Kindergarten
[20:01] <cheryloakes> bob and cathy good question for you, now to connect with 500 parents
[20:01] <cheryloakes> how to connect with 500 parents
[20:01] <CathyE> Getting my best connections from our Facebook Fan Page
[20:02] <cheryloakes> Oh, we were just talking about that tonight!!
[20:02] <@bobsprankle> web page def. <hopefully> helps, lorna
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[20:03] <alicebarr> @Lorna e-mail and webpage
[20:03] <cheryloakes> http://www.rockourworld.org/
[20:04] <cheryloakes> answering questions   from maria
[20:05] <cheryloakes> http://www.mysmallwonder.com/
[20:06] <CathyE> zamzar.com
[20:07] <cheryloakes> mariaknee.com
[20:07] <cheryloakes> http://mariaknee.com
[20:09] <Lorna> Kathy does great work
[20:09] <cheryloakes> Check out Kathy Cassidy's blog 1st grade  http://www.classblogmeister.com/blog.php?blogger_id=1337
[20:09] <cathywolinsky> I love the idea of teaching others.
[20:09] <cheryloakes> Shelia Adams is featured with the Moon Rock project
[20:10] <Lorna> It is a wonderful opportunity to give parents a sense of what their children are learning
[20:10] <sheila> It was our first time skyping. :)
[20:10] <cheryloakes> yeah Shelia!
[20:10] <cheryloakes> kids must hav e loved it
[20:11] <sheila> WE also chatted with Susan VG!
[20:11] <cathywolinsky> I think we're finally ready to start classroom skyping.
[20:12] <cheryloakes> yeah, cathyW
[20:12] <sheila> Now the kids expect to skype frequently in class. Nice change in thinking.
[20:12] <susanvg> @Sheila it was a lot of fun
[20:13] <sheila> @susanvg - I started a private chat with you . Do you see it at the top?
[20:13] <cheryloakes> getting the word out about K12onlineconference!
[20:14] <cheryloakes> http://k12onlineconference.org/
[20:14] <sheila> Part-ee, LAN Part-ee!
[20:15] <cheryloakes> http://k12online.ning.com/
[20:15] <cheryloakes> Teasers are great ways to get involved
[20:15] <cheryloakes> Teaser links  http://k12online.ning.com
[20:16] <CathyE> Maria's movie teaser is awesome
[20:16] <cheryloakes> Online at EdTechTalk November 18, 2009 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm
[20:16] <Lorna> paper works
[20:17] <sheila> Dog is on time!
[20:17] <cheryloakes> right on cue
[20:17] <alicebarr> They have geek internal clocks!
[20:17] <cheryloakes> Echo events after the live events in January
[20:18] <susanvg> and others helping !
[20:19] <sheila> Piece of cake! YOu like being busy!
[20:23] <cheryloakes> iphone apps from MariaKnee   http://pbskids.org/mobile/
[20:23] <cathywolinsky> Thanks Maria! Nice intro for K12 Online
[20:23] <cheryloakes> The rest of Maria's geek  Mr. Rogers Makes a Journal    The second app is the NASA app for the iPhone - will come in handy for a special classroom project - Monarchs in Space.
[20:24] <@bobsprankle> NASA App: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/nasa-app-for-iphone/id334325516?mt=8
[20:24] <sheila> Monarchs in space is that like "pigs in space"? (Muppet reference, sorry)
[20:25] <cheryloakes> Hee hee love it
[20:26] <sheila> Glad you were able to get them!
[20:27] <sheila> I downloaded it too!
[20:28] <@bobsprankle> http://www.imagineitproject.com/
[20:28] <alicebarr> http://thetechcurve.blogspot.com/2009/11/rsu-19-google-apps-for-educatio...
[20:28] <MariaK> @sheila - are you getting the caterpillars?
[20:29] <alicebarr> http://file2.ws/web16 Web 2.0 Literacy Tools Master List Fall
[20:29] <CathyE> Oh I needed that google apps one - thanks Alice
[20:29] <sheila> @MariaK - deadline passed. Signed up anyways but I haven't heard anything.
[20:30] <cheryloakes> http://www.fontcapture.com

[20:31] <Lorna> Very cool
[20:31] <cheryloakes> We thank you all for being in the chat tonight

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