2009-05-28 Seedlings

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Welcome to Seedlings and 5-2-1-0! with Bob, Alice, Cheryl and Rick Fortier and Heidi Kessler from the http://www. Letsgo.org foundation.

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cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Just getting things ready!!

bobsprankle ->   hi all!

hk ->   hello!

carolteach4 ->   should we be hearing anything? My realplayer is spinning trying to connect

alice barr (seedlings) ->   NOt streaming yet

alice barr (seedlings) ->   Almost!

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   sound check please from the room?

alice barr (seedlings) ->   Can you hear us?

carolteach4 ->   nothing yet

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   In 20 sec.

bobsprankle ->   can you hear us?

bmcnaboe ->   can only hear cheryl

annefraser ->   heard 'it is...'

loonyhiker ->   i hear someone now

loonyhiker ->   i am playing u thru windows media

annefraser ->   ok now

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Thanks loonyhiker!

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   YEAH

loonyhiker ->   i hear all of u now :)

carolteach4 ->   hi bob, cheryl, alice and all

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Letsgo.org

alice barr (seedlings) ->   Hi carolteach!

loonyhiker ->   i'm still trying to get back into the routine of attending the webcasts that i like

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Rick and Heidi don't be afraid to speak right up.

loonyhiker ->   sorry, i clicked the link and it closed my window

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Loonyhiker, I enjoyed watching y our travels this winter.

loonyhiker ->   all of the shows u do r great podcasts! :)

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   5-2-1-0 is the moniker

loonyhiker ->   @cheryl thank u :)

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Thanks Loonyhiker! glad you liked the podcasts, did they travel well?

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Hi Anne, Ben, Carolteach4, kcaise, loonyhiker

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   I like that , a tool kit!

bmcnaboe ->   hi everyone

bobsprankle ->   the binders are really amazing!

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Hey Ben, I will see you tomorrow.

bmcnaboe ->   @ cheryl yes you will!  very excited!!!

annefraser ->   Hi all - great to be here

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   http://letsgo.org/

carolteach4 ->   Is this mainly aimed at K-6 or middle school, too?

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   This is the great website

bobsprankle ->   http://www.mmc.org/mmc_body.cfm?id=3614

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   We use it at all our schools K-12

loonyhiker ->   i like the recipes from the page (not for my students but for my hubby and me)

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   GReat loonyhiker!

kcaise ->   hi everyone

loonyhiker ->   @cheryl i lived on your podcasts which was great when i was in the car for a long travel day - hubby even listened to some of them w/ me

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   I like the comparison of canned and frozen food facts! it is a pdf

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   So, we are a family show, great for traveling.

loonyhiker ->   @cheryl caused lots of discussion and debate btween me and hubby - kept us mentally alert during drive :)

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   That is great to hear!

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Do your schools sell soda during the school day?

alice barr (seedlings) ->   Ben can you type what kind of new vending machine we have

loonyhiker ->   our high school had vending machines galore w/ soft drinks and our school made lots of $ from it

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   I like this schools are like snowflakes, each unique.

alice barr (seedlings) ->   We have this very cool new vending machine

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Hello Durff! Does your school sell soda during the day in vending machines?

alice barr (seedlings) ->   That sells organic snacks

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Hello bauwarter

mrsdurff ->   mmm...food....

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Oh, Alice that is cool organic

bmcnaboe ->   @alicebarr I LOVE our new vending machine....very hightech...you can use a credit card on it now

loonyhiker ->   i think parents should be encouraged to check out this site

mrsdurff ->   our school has vending machines that sell water until 3:15

alice barr (seedlings) ->   @BEn what kind of food?

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   I would like credit card vending.

loonyhiker ->   oh no, if i can use a credit card, i would buy more - not good lol

mrsdurff ->   soda was sold last year

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   SAme at our school Durff.

mrsdurff ->   at the request of teachers that was limited to after school this year

alice barr (seedlings) ->   NO more soda for us

carolteach4 ->   No soda for students

alice barr (seedlings) ->   And we now have an organic garden!

bmcnaboe ->   @alicebarr there are lots of organic chips/crackers, cliff bars, seltzers, energy drinks

mrsdurff ->   or should i say my previous school

carolteach4 ->   No candy sale fundraisers anymore either

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   http://www.mmc.org/mmc_body.cfm?id=3614   here is the other link for 5-2-1-0

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   http://www.letsgo.org

bmcnaboe ->   @alicebarr the school garden is going REALLY well...mym moms one of the master gardeners

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   carol that is interesting it was a big money raiser!

alice barr (seedlings) ->   @Ben that's cool. Do you help?

mrsdurff ->   our school music department sells cupcakes once a month

mrsdurff ->   sigh

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   durff are they good cupcakes?

alice barr (seedlings) ->   @mrsdurff YUM

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   we still need some!

loonyhiker ->   we were discouraged from walking on our planning or lunch time

mrsdurff ->   depends on who baked - not nutrituos

loonyhiker ->   principal felt we should not be walking on paid time

alice barr (seedlings) ->   @loonyhiker But better work out of you if you walk, no?

mrsdurff ->   previous school had unpaid lunches so we walked

loonyhiker ->   @alice i agree and i think we r setting good role models for our students

carolteach4 ->   Our school had a completely different approach to exercise for teachers; in fact there was a contest on for faculty - logging laps around the building during prep or lunch time

mrsdurff ->   that's great!

loonyhiker ->   @carol wow u r so lucky

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   loonyhiker not being able to walk on planning time, hm, or lunch? that is absurd.

alice barr (seedlings) ->   @carolteach4 Nice!

loonyhiker ->   @cheryl i agree - it was all about control w/ this principal - i think if she suggested it, it would have been okay

loonyhiker ->   she thought getting that money from vending was more important than good health

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   things are changing now

loonyhiker ->   oh, and my principal was not very...healthy looking

alice barr (seedlings) ->   @Loonyhiker sad that the candy machines are such revune generators

hk ->   you all are mentioning common barriers.  you're not alone

hk ->   vending does create revenue, but other revenue streams can be created

bmcnaboe ->   here is an article about our school garden which provides valuable educations and food for our cafes  http://pressherald.mainetoday.com/story.php?id=178089&ac=PHnws

hk ->   healthy snacks also sell

carolteach4 ->   I have been using streams downloaded from EdTechTalk and transferred to my Creative mp3 player to help me on my walks around the neighborhood after school - really makes walking time go faster-feel like I'm multitasking

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   BEn, thanks for sharing that article!!!

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   carolteach4, that is great you are taking your Professional development with you.

loonyhiker ->   that's good to hear that the kids are talking about it at home

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Hell csitterly, Hi LindaN!!

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   oops Hello!!

mrsdurff ->   nearvy district has elementary school where first 10 mins of recess are walking a track for all grades

LindaN ->   Hi ALL!

mrsdurff ->   hi linda

LindaN ->   Hi Durff!

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   durff, our middle schoolers walk the track with teachers before school and recess

loonyhiker ->   news told about local young boy who is 550 lbs. -mom and him were wanted by police cuz they ran away - DSS was trying to take boy away cuz mom wouldn't put him on a diet

mrsdurff ->   wow

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   At least the stores are selling those mini cupcakes

mrsdurff ->   hi csitterly

loonyhiker ->   mom felt it was too cruel to make him exercise or diet

csitterley ->   Hi everyone

LindaN ->   We have a policy that only allows healthy snacks- no more cupcakes

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   That is too bad for that Mom and Boy.

bmcnaboe ->   @linda so do we

bmcnaboe ->   its called "wellness policy"

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Linda, that is great, more awareness.

LindaN ->   Lots of fruit, soft pretzels

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   evening Matt!

alice barr (seedlings) ->   @Linda N so do we!

bmcnaboe ->   students were on committee to establish it with admins

matt montagne ->   hello cheryl and all!

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Good Plan Ben to have students, teachers and admin.

carolteach4 ->   whole pieces of fruit never seem to go over big, but fruit cut up and attractively presented is usually welcomed

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   absolutely, carol, everyone loves to nibble fruit.

csitterley ->   No homemade snacks are allowed in our classes- also only 1 candy or cookie per child at parties- must have carrots, apples etc.

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   http://www.letsgo.org

mrsdurff ->   school where i am has fruit break at 10 for elementary

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   http://www.mmc.org/mmc_body.cfm?id=3614

mrsdurff ->   teachers supposed to only allow fruits

LindaN ->   We even have a Go Green week in March where we celebrate good food, have taste testing of "green" foods

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   EAch website has some resources for schools to set up new protocols with support for schools going healthy

mrsdurff ->   green eggs and ham?

loonyhiker ->   we have to b careful in classes because of peanut allergies

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   evening pvil

bmcnaboe ->   @linda we had a day last year for go green where if you had three or more people in your car (carpooling) you would get a prize

csitterley ->   Our cafeteria manager does food tasting a few times each year where kids can try foods they would not normally eat

hk ->   food tasting are great ways to get kids to eat new foods

bmcnaboe ->   we also have SNAC (school nutrition advisory council) at our HS..all kids

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   all those things Ben are good for changing the culture

csitterley ->   Thanks for the links-I will share with our wellness committee and also our cafeteria manager

matt montagne ->   we're all running up a greased hill on this one

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   That is great csitterley, glad this is helpful.

matt montagne ->   US Farm Policy gives us cheap garbage to eat

matt montagne ->   I can't find any healthy snacks without HFCS for example...

carolteach4 ->   One of our 7th grade teams is reading Seedfolks, a short novel about about the joy of community gardens; many communities have used the book to read community wide

alice barr (seedlings) ->   @matt you said it! Tough to deal with processed food

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Matt, Maine farmers are providing more fresh veggies and fruit for our school lunches.

loonyhiker ->   we tried worm composting and i wasn't allowed to have any food scraps for composting

matt montagne ->   @cheryl...awesome...glad to see the whole food/slow food movement is making its way into our schools...rays of hope

csitterley ->   It was difficult when first starting, but things are calmer now-still some difficulty when inexpensive small rewards are needed-but making gains

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   That is a really interesting fact about sugar and chocolate milk! Oh, my.

bmcnaboe ->   we also have a farm and school garden dinner in our cafe every year....great way to get parents and community involved

loonyhiker ->   why can't some school systems use common sense

carolteach4 ->   No milk higher than 2% milk fat is allowed; we still sell chocolate milk.

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Matt, slowly, very slowly, but kids like the fresh stuff!

mrsdurff ->   i would choose soymilk

matt montagne ->   we need to get michael pollan on seedlings!!!

matt montagne ->   He wrote omnivore's dillema

bmcnaboe ->   we have choc and van soymilk in our cafe now

matt montagne ->   I don't buy the argument that students will only eat hot dogs, fries, and chips...that is bunk

mrsdurff ->   flavored soymilk is high in sugar

carolteach4 ->   I've switched to soycreamer - 15 calories per TBS in my coffee - usually drink it black but sometimes a bit of creamer is comforting

mrsdurff ->   i like plain

loonyhiker ->   i thought there was research that if u give kids healthy choices, they will pick the right foods but the key is giving them healthy choices

LindaN ->   @matt Montagne I so agree with you- they love good fresh food.

matt montagne ->   I like the modeling that Google is doing with the development of healthy food systems

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   carolteach4, i do like cream and milk in coffee and tea, yum

LindaN ->   ust check out how much they throw out at lunch

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   matt can you share a link for that?

matt montagne ->   http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2006/0...

carolteach4 ->   There was a study not too long ago on the power of the McDonald's wrapper; kids chose healthy foods wrapped in a McDonald's wrapper far more than they did just in plain wrapping

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   thanks Matt, it will be part of the show !

matt montagne ->   google cafe 150 is what it is called...all food in that particular cafe at google is procured within a 150 mile zone

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   evening Peggy!

csitterley ->   We actually had some students send a petition to our cafeteria manager complaining about food choices, so now there are students on an advisory committee that meets with her throughout the year.

PeggyG ->   Hi-so sorry I'm late!!

kcaise ->   hi peggy!

PeggyG ->   Hi all!

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Peggy, I will give you a late pass.

LindaN ->   @csitterley- that is so fantastic

PeggyG ->   Thanks and I'll definitely listen to the recording!! :-)

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   yes, student power! csitterley

carolteach4 ->   I am going to share the links with our phys ed teacher, health teacher, and school nurse to begin with, but the other curricular integration sounds terrific, too!

loonyhiker ->   link to sad article about 555lb. boy http://www.wyff4.com/news/19566400/detail.html

LindaN ->   I had the OT come and teach us exercises to help us engage all parts of our brains before we begin working

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   great article in Edutopia this month, Get Fit, Get Smart! check it out, by Vanessa Richardson!

carolteach4 ->   School in China have mass exercise a part of the school day, I believe.

carolteach4 ->   Schools

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   We had a show/podcast about Yoga in the Classroom, excellent companion to this show?

loonyhiker ->   i think it is so important that tchrs get involved in health of students if parents won't or don't know how

bmcnaboe ->   The Sidartha schoo in Tibet does a lot of exercise throughout the day

loonyhiker ->   @cheryl i missed that one, gotta go find it

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   yes, we need to look at the whole child and this is a big part.

csitterley ->   We have to tie everything to student achievement (which translates to bubble tests) so that is good information to encourage participation

matt montagne ->   It is clear that people of all ages are moving less.

PeggyG ->   This reminds me of my principal days. :-) We always started our morning announcements with exercises for just that reason--to get the brain thinking and to transition into school from anything that may have happened on the way to school. Great "wake up" routine.

carolteach4 ->   We have no recess at our middle school. Kids get 20 minutes for lunch including traveling time to and from cafeteria, and that's it.

loonyhiker ->   researching about health would involve reading and science standards, keeping records and charts would involve math standards

carolteach4 ->   They do get gym every other day.

matt montagne ->   had a great talk with Alice Mercer's husband last year on Earthcast about his efforts to get people  back on bikes

LindaN ->   Learning how to take frequent breaks - get up and stretch, exercise really helps the studens be engaged and they actually accomplish more

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Peggy, you are so right on getting kids and teachers active!

matt montagne ->   amazing how the US Govt wants to look to schools to teach health lifestyles...I think the US Govt needs to take a look in the mirror at what their farm policy has done to our diet

PeggyG ->   http://www.edutopia.org/exercise-fitness-brain-benefits-learning

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Thanks peggy, you always have our backs!

PeggyG ->   I just can't wait to explore the resources :-)

loonyhiker ->   and different US govt dept. need to get together - one dept. tends to contradict the other

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   can anyone view this edutopia or do they have to be a member?

PeggyG ->   you can view it without logging in

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   thanks Peggy, I wasn't sure.

loonyhiker ->   i can see it and i'm not a member

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   ok, that is good you are checking for me.

carolteach4 ->   I joined Edutopia as a matter of principal - only $35.00 per year, and I'm so grateful for all their resources.

PeggyG ->   Although Edutopia has such fantastic resources that it's well worth considering a membership!! Lots of additional resources for members. :-)

loonyhiker ->   as a retired tchr, it is hard to join all the great things out there :(

PeggyG ->   @carolteach4--you and I are on the same wavelength :-)

loonyhiker ->   i want them all!!

carolteach4 ->   You have to pick and choose.

PeggyG ->   I have the same problem loonyhiker!! retired and still want it all!

sheila ->   Better late than never! Hi all!

alice barr (seedlings) ->   HI sheila

loonyhiker ->   @peggyG and when i was working, i didn't seem to have the time or energy to do all this - now i wish i knew then what i knew now

carolteach4 ->   I have some great healty recipes for low-fat bran muffins with fruit and gingerbread with applesauce as its main source of moistness. Can I post these on the Seedlings NING?

PeggyG ->   Hi Sheila--I'm glad I wasn't the last one in!! :-)

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Hi Shelia, we are talking school healthy choices food and exercise  http://letsgo.org

alice barr (seedlings) ->   GREAT idea Carolteach4!

loonyhiker ->   @carol those sound really good

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   http://www.mmc.org/mmc_body.cfm?id=3614

PeggyG ->   @lookyhiker-Exactly!!!! I wish I had all of these resources and tools when I was teaching and principaling :-)

sheila ->   Thanks for the update!

csitterley ->   Great links and conversation-gotta go- see everyone again

loonyhiker ->   i will be sharing a lot of this info w/ the teachers taking my 2 grad courses

carolteach4 ->   Maybe someone on the Seedlings NING should start a dialogue with us teachers logging in with our goals to exercise more and eat more healthy foods.

loonyhiker ->   i will be playing clips of the Seedling podcasts too to get them hooked

alice barr (seedlings) ->   Will do right after the show

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Carolteach4 you can start that at the NING!

loonyhiker ->   hubby and i are keeping a food journal including calorie count - amazing how it makes us more conscious about eating more healthy

alice barr (seedlings) ->   YEs at carolteach... Yes please do. I can help if needed

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Loonyhiker this will be great for preservice and graduate classes, thanks!!

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   hello Gail, evening.

PeggyG ->   have any of you ever tried having recess before lunch rather than after lunch? We did that when I was a principal in MA and it kept the kids from rushing through their lunch & they actually talked about the food they were eating. :-)

carolteach4 ->   Gee - that hour went quickly! I am hoping to listen in to edtechbrainstorm at 9:00. I'm going to try to go out and walk for 20 minutes after this is over. It's really chilly, but I can put on a jacket.

gail ->   hello sorry to be so late; just checked my email

loonyhiker ->   @cheryl i wish someone had told me about y'all when i was teaching :)

hk ->   evidence for recess before lunch is strong

gail ->   will this talk be in the archive? topic is close to my heart

sheila ->   We do recess before lunch. Seems to work well.

LindaN ->   We fought to have recess before lunch- district changed it to after fo two years and now we are back to what we felt was better for kids

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   http://www.letsgo.org

loonyhiker ->   thank you so much for this wonderful conversation about getting healthy!

PeggyG ->   yeah-Geek of the Week time :-) so many wonderful resources tonight!!

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   http://www.mmc.org/mmc_body.cfm?id=3614

alice barr (seedlings) ->   http://pandora.com

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Google Maps and Pandora.com   Guest Geek

carolteach4 ->   Here is a really wonderful site with all kinds of resources for both physical and mental health:  http://learntobehealthy.org/

PeggyG ->   I love Pandora!! Have installed it on my iPhone :-)

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   http://www.eeweek.org/resources/survey.htm

loonyhiker ->   i enjoy pandora too - can hear oldies

bmcnaboe ->   pandora is by far my favorite music site

bmcnaboe ->   and ipod touch

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   portlandfoodcoop.org   for so. maine

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   http://www.eeweek.org/resources/survey.htm

bmcnaboe ->   if you are all interested in this type of green, healthy stuff, you should look into the new england bioneers conference in the fall at USM

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   thanks Ben!

bmcnaboe ->   I went this year and it was very good

alice barr (seedlings) ->   http://www.slideshare.net/janehart/25-tools-a-toolbox-for-learning-profe...

alice barr (seedlings) ->   http://www.google.com/landing/studytips.html

bmcnaboe ->   @alicebarr saw that google studying on twitter today

alice barr (seedlings) ->   It's great

alice barr (seedlings) ->   Want to use it starting Day 1 nest year

alice barr (seedlings) ->   next

bmcnaboe ->   @alicebarr already showed it to Deb for holocaust research

alice barr (seedlings) ->   And?

kcaise ->   be careful of spezify, the tweets it brings up contain profanity

bmcnaboe ->   haha

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   thanks kcaise, good to know!!

PeggyG ->   another incredible resource for iphones :-) love it!

carolteach4 ->   My son has that app on his Nintendo ds; it is great!

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   No show for SEEDLINGS next week.

carolteach4 ->   When is Jim Moulton coming on?

PeggyG ->   what an inspiring show tonight! thank you all! I need to listen to the recording to hear what I missed!!

carolteach4 ->   I thought he was today.

carolteach4 ->   This show was really great.

PeggyG ->   wow! a double show?? what a treat!!

alice barr (seedlings) ->   @carolteach we had to rebook him Big tech conference tomorrow

carolteach4 ->   Thanks Jeff and Dave!

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   thanks again for the chat room!!

bmcnaboe ->   @cheryl @bobsprankle see you both tomorrow AM at UMO!!

loonyhiker ->   thanks y'all! i always feel so inspired after this!

PeggyG ->   Congrats to Sheila for her Earthcast Echo broadcast today!! Great quizzes!!

cheryloakes~seedlings ->   great show!!!

alice barr (seedlings) ->   Congrats Sheila

sheila ->   We tried! Thanks for being there Peggy!

loonyhiker ->   good nite y'all!

carolteach4 ->   Good night - going for my quick walk

PeggyG ->   They did a great job!!!

PeggyG ->   Night all!!

LindaN ->   GooGod Night ALl!

sheila ->   Thanks! Looking forward to the parts I missed!

LindaN ->   Good Night All!


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