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Women of Web 2.0 Show 75

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 Join the Women of Web 2.0 as we discuss what it means to be a Discovery Educator and then the discussion moves on to Second Life and the presence that DEN members have made on EduIsland. Look for upcoming events.


The Delicious Links! 

The Chat

 09:21:30  paulenekulet  hi

 19:30:00  izharkhan11  hello

 20:36:08  JenWagner  hello elaine

 20:43:17  Nancy (Laelia)  Hi Jen!  Am I too early?

 20:44:48  Nancy (Laelia)  Is that 'green haired' Valaina?

 20:44:56  Valaina  The one and only

 20:45:07  Nancy (Laelia)  Good to 'see' you gurl!

 20:45:19  Nancy (Laelia)  Wish we had video -- I would wear my purple wig! LOL

 20:45:33  Valaina  Same here.  Looking forward to the podcast tonight

 20:45:48  atruger  Hi all

 20:45:48  Valaina  still thinking about doing it for San Antonio

 20:45:49  Lor  Hi

 20:45:52  Valaina  hi

 20:45:52  Nancy (Laelia)  Hi JM, I Lor!

 20:46:00  atruger  Jen?

 20:46:04  Nancy (Laelia)  @Val - I'm DEFINITELY doing it for NECC

 20:46:12  cheryloakes show 75!!  Getting things ready.

 20:46:15  atruger  Should I log in with my full name or SL name?

 20:46:28  Nancy (Laelia)  Also thinking of doing it Friday/Saturday for the NY NYSCATE Metro conference where I'll be doing 2 SL sessions

 20:46:32  Lor  Lae - have you been back to see the editions to the HQ?

 20:46:38  cheryloakes show 75!!  atruger, do what is comfortable for you. I log in with this name everywhere.

 20:46:41  Valaina  You are doing NYSCATE????

 20:46:46  Nancy (Laelia)  NO....took a nap instead!

 20:46:53  Nancy (Laelia)  @Val - going?

 20:46:54  Lor  did you find your indicator?

 20:47:03  Valaina  When is it

 20:47:04  sendkathy  Hi Ladies!

 20:47:10  Nancy (Laelia)  @Lor nope....haven't been inworld 2night

 20:47:12  Valaina  Hi

 20:47:15  Nancy (Laelia)  @Val this Fri & Sat

 20:47:18  cheryloakes show 75!!  hi kathy, getting ready brb

 20:47:23  Valaina  bummer

 20:47:26  Valaina  where?

 20:47:35  Nancy (Laelia)  @Val Rye, NY

 20:47:37  Lor  Lae you can change the color you type

 20:47:51  Lor  I figured you would pick purple

 20:47:58  Nancy (Laelia)  @Lor

 20:48:01  Nancy (Laelia)  wOOt

 20:48:07  Nancy (Laelia)  i'M A HAPPY CAMPER! :)

 20:48:09  Lor  LOL

 20:48:10  Valaina  I picked green :D

 20:48:13  Lor  I knew you would be

 20:48:15  Lor  I"m teal

 20:48:26  Valaina  nice color Lor

 20:48:31  Nancy (Laelia)  @Lor shouldn' you be yellow?

 20:48:40  Nancy (Laelia)  weren't you that on Google Docs?

 20:48:40  Valaina  or cubs colors

 20:48:41  Lor  let's see if you can read yellow

 20:48:54  Lor  how does this look

 20:48:58  Nancy (Laelia) good

 20:48:58  Lor  oh too light

 20:49:03  Lor  back to teal

 20:49:07  Nancy (Laelia)  Hi Cel

 20:49:10  Valaina  Hi Rip

 20:49:14  Nancy (Laelia)  Hi Rip

 20:49:17  Lor  Hi Rip

 20:49:19  eplybon  Hello everyone

 20:49:20  Lor  pick a color

 20:49:36  Nancy (Laelia)  @Lor -- bossy, bossy, bossy! LOL  But we love it

 20:49:36  eplybon  oops did I just pick Lae's color?

 20:49:41  JenWagner  okay DENNERS -- Cheryl needs to call you

 20:49:43  atruger  How is this

 20:49:44  JenWagner  are you on SKYPE

 20:49:48  Fred Delventhal  ahh I guess I shoulda done what Lae did

 20:49:49  Nancy (Laelia)  STAY AWAY FROM PURPLE!!!!

 20:49:50  eplybon  Here, I'll be red

 20:49:52  Fred Delventhal  Hi everyone

 20:49:53  Valaina  and green

 20:49:57  Nancy (Laelia)  Skype is up and waiting

 20:49:59  Lor  oh what does the little icon in front of our names mean

 20:50:00  eplybon  I'm logged in Skype yes

 20:50:23  Lor  I"m logged in skype

 20:50:24  Valaina  no sound yet right????

 20:50:41  Lor  says currently not streaming

 20:50:41  Nancy (Laelia)  I don't hear anything

 20:50:49  Valaina  good

 20:50:52  Lor  I haven't even clicked on the stream yet

 20:51:01  Valaina  I got my audio fixed just in time for tonight

 20:51:11  Nancy (Laelia)  are we supposed to?  You told me there was no video

 20:51:13  Lor  you need to click on the audio for itune or real player

 20:51:18  atruger  Where did Fred go?

 20:51:24  Nancy (Laelia)  BOOM

 20:51:29  Nancy (Laelia)  LOL

 20:51:47  eplybon  oh, I see when we're typing, we have a key in front of our name

 20:51:53  Lor  oops my wireless blipped

 20:52:12  Lor  are we suppose to do the audio stream or just wait for skype?

 20:52:21  Nancy (Laelia)  Not sure

 20:52:29  Nancy (Laelia)  I thought Skype

 20:52:37  Lor  I'm sure someone will tell us

 20:52:43  Lor  hope my wireless doesn't act up

 20:52:50  Lor  stormy here

 20:53:15  Nancy (Laelia)  @Lor now the song 'stormy weather'

 20:53:19  Nancy (Laelia)   is going thru my head

 20:53:26  Lor  LOL

 20:53:31  Lor  sorry it's soo windy here

 20:53:55  Nancy (Laelia)  I just noticed I had an 'X' on my sound icon on the tool bar above the chat line

 20:53:57  Lor  where's everyone else in the chat?

 20:54:11  Nancy (Laelia)  @Lor -- didn't you know?  It's just us?

 20:54:36  Valaina  who else is supposed to be here

 20:54:40  JenWagner  soooo -- you have chosen COLORS

 20:54:41  JenWagner  :)

 20:54:43  Nancy (Laelia)  HOLY MOSES....I took the 'X" off the sound icon and when PeggyG entered it YELLED welcome

 20:54:44  Lor  HI Jen

 20:54:46  JenWagner  smiles -- WITHOUT ME

 20:54:47  Lor  yep we have colors

 20:54:48  Nancy (Laelia)  how do I adjust sound?

 20:54:54  Valaina  Hi Jen

 20:54:57  JenWagner  Nancy -- we need your skype name

 20:55:00  atruger  Hi all

 20:55:01  Nancy (Laelia)  laelia.laval

 20:55:03  Lor  should we have sound here or just do the skype

 20:55:25  Nancy (Laelia)  probably just Skype otherwise echo effect

 20:55:33  Lor  yep

 20:55:33  atruger  I dropped out of skype until the SL discussion

 20:55:52  JenWagner  and we need LOR's

 20:55:53  Lor  how do I get in the skype?

 20:56:00  Lor  loriabr

 20:56:11  alicebarr  Hi all!

 20:56:16  Lor  Hi alice

 20:56:18  eplybon  Hello everyone

 20:56:31  PeggyG  Hi everyone

 20:57:01  Nancy (Laelia)  lost sound on Skype w/ Cheryl

 20:57:02  eplybon  oops

 20:57:08  PeggyG  I'm not hearing sound yet- may need to restart

 20:57:13  JenWagner  we lost Cheryl

 20:57:15  Fred Delventhal (Riptide)  skype call closed on me

 20:57:20  JenWagner  be right back

 20:57:31  JenWagner  we won't call LOR right away

 20:57:34  JenWagner  sorry we crashed

 20:57:44  JenWagner  we will start with Fred Elaine Nancy

 20:57:44  Lor  I clicked ok with skype

 20:57:47  Nancy (Laelia)  np...we're used to Tech

 20:57:50  Lor  but don't hear anyone?

 20:58:04  Nancy (Laelia)  @Lor click on the sound icon above the chat window

 20:58:08  Nancy (Laelia)  make sure no "X' on it

 20:58:20  atruger  I am hearing nothing but welcome is that right?

 20:58:26  Nancy (Laelia)  correct

 20:58:29  Nancy (Laelia)  at least for now

 20:58:33  atruger  whew

 20:58:34  atruger  ok

 20:58:51  Lor  I don't hear anything

 20:58:56  atruger  :p

 20:58:57  Lor  should I try itunes

 20:59:29  cheryloakes show #75  Just back and getting audio going

 20:59:55  Lor  Ok so its not me - I hear nothing

 21:00:14  Lor  says not streaming

 21:00:16  sharonp  hi folks

 21:00:18  cheryloakes show #75  Hi sharon

 21:00:43  cheryloakes show #75  jsut started the stream. YOU need to ignorer that it is not streaming. click on one of the audio.

 21:00:47  Lor  yeah

 21:00:47  Lor  I can hear now

 21:00:47  Lor  nope an old show

 21:01:04  cheryloakes show #75  in about 20 seconds.

 21:01:47  cheryloakes show #75  do you have audio yet?

 21:02:14  Lor  don't hear anyting

 21:02:43  alicebarr  Yes I hear audio CherylQ

 21:03:03  cheryloakes show #75  Thanks so much Alice!!!

 21:03:16  ColleenK  Hi everyone!

 21:03:17  alicebarr  Welcome!

 21:03:25  Fred Delventhal (Riptide)  Hi all

 21:03:34  Lor  I can hear you

 21:03:39  Nancy (Laelia)  Good Evening all!

 21:03:41  alicebarr  Yes you are streaming!

 21:03:44  PeggyG  Restarted and getting audio now :-) Yea!

 21:03:44  Lor  HI all

 21:03:45  brendab  hello, my first visit with you guys

 21:03:52  atruger  Welcome All!

 21:03:52  Nancy (Laelia)  Welcome Brendab

 21:03:59  cheryloakes show #75  Okay hello to all, getting really ready

 21:04:02  Lor  itunes worked, realone didn't

 21:04:11  JenWagner  welcome everyone in the room!!!

 21:04:25  cheryloakes show #75  I am on itunes working!!

 21:04:35  PeggyG  are you saying vodzone?

 21:04:46  sharonp  yes, we call it Vodzone here in Quebec

 21:04:53  PeggyG  Love the discovery streaming videos!

 21:05:02  JenWagner  LINKS to our WOW's for tonight --

 21:05:03  sharonp  I just gave the preshow stuff ?† la Canadienne

 21:05:28  cheryloakes show #75

 21:05:36  JenWagner  CHERYL'S WOW --

 21:06:06  PeggyG  @sharonp-you should do a special show just on your plans for Africa!

 21:06:20  JenWagner  @peggyg -- SHE HAS IT PLANNED!!!   :)

 21:06:38  PeggyG  Hooray!!

 21:06:41  cheryloakes show #75  Hello all, great to have you here with us.

 21:06:47  cheryloakes show #75  trying to type quietly

 21:06:58  sharonp

 21:07:26  PeggyG  Is Glogster interactive--who can add to the page?

 21:07:57  cheryloakes show #75  Peggy, it is , hm, not sure only checked it thisAM , let usknow.

 21:08:09  JenWagner

 21:08:19  Nancy (Laelia)  LOVE smilebox!

 21:08:22  sharonp  Thanks to John Pederson for the video - he recommended it - it is GREAT

 21:08:26  eplybon  very easy to use

 21:08:37  cheryloakes show #75  great wows this week

 21:08:54  cheryloakes show #75  Get ready seatbelts on!

 21:08:57  MariaK  Looked at the video this morning. sharing at a class tomorrow afternoon

 21:09:08  cheryloakes show #75  Oh, cool, hi Maria

 21:09:10  Diane H  Quote from the video: If the death of education brings the dawn of learning that makes me very happy.

 21:09:11  PeggyG  Wow-smilebox started playing immediately :-) Looks great!

 21:09:38  sroseman  wow

 21:09:45  MariaK  Hello everyone

 21:09:54  atruger  Can't wait to play!

 21:09:59  JenWagner  <<-----I';m with DEN

 21:10:05  eplybon  <<< :D happy DENer

 21:10:11  Fred Delventhal (Riptide)  Valaina just logged out but she is a DEN member too

 21:10:28  PeggyG  @Jen how are the votes coming in for Doodle for Google?

 21:10:41  Lor  Hi all

 21:10:42  atruger  Hi all!

 21:10:50  lindanitsche  DEN member here!

 21:10:51  Lor  Yeah DEN

 21:10:56  PeggyG  What an incredible cast tonight!

 21:10:56  atruger  <<<<<DEN STAR

 21:10:57  sroseman  I presented your doodle for google at Tappedin this evening.

 21:11:04  sroseman  K to 3+ Great Resources

 21:11:09  brendab  DEN member

 21:11:13  PeggyG  Can you be a DEN wannabe?

 21:11:13  cheryloakes show #75  When  you click on the links it sometimes bumps you out of the chat, just come on back.

 21:11:16  Lor  DEN in SL LC

 21:11:25  eplybon  as long as you don't stay a wannabe Peggy :)

 21:11:27  JenWagner  Yes, Peggy -- I am a DEN LURKER myself

 21:11:39  eplybon  no reason not to join! come to teh bright side!

 21:11:44  JenWagner  @peggyg -- I have no idea -- just passed on the LINK

 21:12:03  eplybon

 21:12:04  atruger  Woot Riptide!!!

 21:12:08  cheryloakes show #75  welcome Mrsdurff

 21:12:20  mrsdurff  Go Riptide Furse!

 21:12:26  mrsdurff  hi cheryl

 21:13:15  cheryloakes show #75  evening cathy e!!

 21:13:32  eplybon  oops, spelled it wrong

 21:13:40  Lor

 21:13:42  PeggyG  We feel so lucky in AZ-Discovery streaming is provided "free" for all K-12 teachers. ADE pays for it.

 21:13:42  eplybon I are a teacher

 21:13:43  Lor  here it is

 21:14:04  cheryloakes show #75  elaine, it is late, we all understand!

 21:14:09  atruger  WOW AZ is lucky!

 21:14:36  Lor  Wow wish IL would do that

 21:14:40  atruger  Me too

 21:15:11  atruger  Hi Colleen!

 21:15:33  cheryloakes show #75  Peggy G , that is amazing, I like when school/state departments do that , it makes sense.

 21:15:34  MariaK  I lost my discovery streaming account - used it and loved it but now it is gone. Poof! Boo hoo!

 21:15:35  ColleenK  Hi Anne! Will you be on later?

 21:15:41  Lor  Yeah some movies can't be played in SL

 21:15:53  atruger  yes Colleen

 21:16:15  cheryloakes show #75  Hi Derrall, evening.

 21:16:16  mrsdurff  hey derrallg

 21:16:18  ColleenK  @atruger Ok, then I'll stay :)

 21:16:22  atruger  LOL

 21:16:29  derrallg  hi cheryl

 21:16:29  cheryloakes show #75  good move colleenk

 21:16:32  derrallg  hi durff

 21:16:33  atruger  rofl

 21:16:44  mrsdurff  i AM an issue!

 21:16:52  sroseman  Is there a fee?

 21:16:53  atruger  Hi Miche!

 21:16:55  Lor  We love all avatars

 21:17:01  atruger  from everywhere

 21:17:02  PeggyG  It would be really hard to lose discovery streaming once you have used it!

 21:17:09  michellerussell  hi all!

 21:17:28  mrsdurff  hi

 21:17:31  sendkathy  Our state provide United Streaming - GA

 21:17:40  mrsdurff  lucky

 21:17:45  sendkathy  yeah

 21:17:47  Lor  GA and AZ lucky

 21:17:50  MariaK  I miss it but my school is not able to afford the account.

 21:18:05  cheryloakes show #75  Wow, AZ, IL and GA all provide United streaming, any others?

 21:18:07  sharonp  We just started using "Vodzone" (Discovery United videos) in our province and although it is often quite American, it can be excellent stuff

 21:18:09  atruger  Very powerful!

 21:18:16  sendkathy  I agree these videos are a very valuable resource

 21:18:22  sendkathy  I use them all the time

 21:18:33  Lor  There are sooo many videos

 21:18:33  sendkathy  and it's not that we watch them constantly

 21:18:36  Lor  I do the same

 21:18:38  MariaK  I used them all the time too, kathy

 21:18:43  sendkathy  I show a minute or two here and there

 21:18:44  Lor  I look at the new ones each week

 21:18:51  PeggyG  Can he talk about the professional development videos on DS?

 21:18:57  sendkathy  It adds visual imagery and leads to better understanding

 21:18:58  Lor  I try to get them to show shorter clips not just full length movies

 21:19:09  brendab  we have DEN in SC -  our district has a dedicated server much faster

 21:19:21  Lor  there are great PD movies

 21:19:26  Lor  I had students finding clips to add to their ppt projects

 21:19:32  atruger  Absolutely hit the nail on the head

 21:19:36  michellerussell  il provides it?

 21:19:46  sendkathy  I have used a couple of the PD videos

 21:19:47  atruger  nope....

 21:19:50  JenWagner  If you have not chosen a color yet -- PLEASE DO SO

 21:19:57  michellerussell  i thought someone said..

 21:19:58  JenWagner  Far LEFT button

 21:20:06  MariaK  I like this color tonight

 21:20:09  Lor  we use the images too

 21:20:10  JenWagner  Going AUTUMN here

 21:20:13  shaun fletcher  just got a licen. from our district, i have dug very deep yet.  Need to do more exploring

 21:20:14  sendkathy  Nice MariaK

 21:20:25  sharonp  I think so much of their stuff - the videos - are great - haven't used the builders yet

 21:20:25  shaun fletcher  haven't dug

 21:20:30  michellerussell  Ok, I changed my color

 21:20:33  mrsdurff  they're not? send that over here - i'll use it

 21:20:35  sendkathy  @MariaK has fame gone to your head yet?!

 21:20:38  cheryloakes show #75  Hi Langlabcindy, welcome

 21:20:40  atruger  rofl

 21:20:48  sendkathy  How about fortune, waas that part of the deal?

 21:20:55  LangLabCindy  Hi!  Good to be here...

 21:21:03  sharonp  I think part of the problem for the Quebec scene is that the videos are only available in English

 21:21:16  mrsdurff  fame and fortune found by the cabgirl

 21:21:18  sharonp  so we had to negotiate a special contract with DEN -

 21:21:23  MariaK  @sendkathy - i hope fame has not gotten to me ...worried about the giant screens a NECC that will project my image

 21:21:34  sendkathy  LOL

 21:21:34  sharonp  that did not politically upset the Francophone system here in QC

 21:21:42  sendkathy  It will be exciting!

 21:21:44  PeggyG  Those are all such incredible tools-love the writing builder!

 21:21:46  shaun fletcher  Can the students view the videos out side of the classroom?

 21:21:54  sendkathy  I wish I could be there and hope it will be uStreamed

 21:22:00  sharonp  the English Language ARts stuff is excellent

 21:22:08  mrsdurff  giant screens projecting your image? can you duck?

 21:22:15  atruger  lol

 21:22:23  chrisssve  good evening chatroom group!

 21:22:25  Lor  assignment builder lets the kids log on from home and see the videos that teachers have selected

 21:22:29  carolynf  hello all

 21:22:31  sharonp  I have used their grammar stuff for my middle school students AS WELL AS the Shakespearean stuff for my upper year students - all excellent?ß

 21:22:33  cheryloakes show #75  durff, sunglasses may be needed not 3D glasses!

 21:22:44  sharonp  and do check out the teacher resources too - great stuff

 21:22:44  mrsdurff  :)

 21:22:50  shaun fletcher  @Lor thanks

 21:23:06  eplybon  assignment builder can be so much more than just the kids logging in at home and watching videos

 21:23:15  Lor  @shaun - you get a student code you give out

 21:23:20  eplybon  you can develop entire lesson units in assignment builder - kids can self-teach

 21:23:48  cheryloakes show #75  that sounds great elaine,  so the students  are creating! prosumers.

 21:23:49  shaun fletcher  @Loris a code generated from my account?

 21:23:55  Lor  OH yes but one way to let kids see the clips

 21:24:07  cheryloakes show #75  hello James.sigler

 21:24:08  Lor  yes you can give them the student code

 21:24:17  James.Sigler  Hi Cheryl

 21:24:18  eplybon  kids can use the clips to edit, as well - building their own videos

 21:24:32  atruger  you can embed them in presentations

 21:24:34  Lor  yes if there is a clapboard by the video they are editable

 21:24:38  sendkathy  @eplybon I know you can use it for lesson plans but we have other places that we are supposed to post lessons so it seems to make more work for me.

 21:24:53  shaun fletcher  @eplybon can they then publish the mashed vids

 21:24:58  eplybon  I understand - I was the same way with a district that used blackboard

 21:25:06  Lor  you have to be careful of copyright

 21:25:15  sendkathy  yes, so you just don't want to be posting everywhere

 21:25:17  Lor  some of the movies can be mashed up

 21:25:23  cheryloakes show #75  It is great to teach about copyright early and often

 21:25:30  eplybon  as long as they go to a school that has Discovery streaming, they can use it

 21:25:35  atruger  only the ones with the clapboard are editable

 21:26:03  shaun fletcher  @eplybon, use it but not publish?

 21:26:19  PeggyG  It's fun to browse through the blogs of the DEN Stars :-) Lots of great info

 21:26:25  cheryloakes show #75  Hey, it looks like I have cloned myself in the chat! I wonder if one of us can leave to get another glass of water?

 21:26:26  eplybon  publishing can get a little bit hairier because once they leave the school, they would not have the rights to it

 21:26:36  James.Sigler  If your district subscribes to United streaming.  Does that make you a DEN member?

 21:26:41  sharonp  I wasn't aware of the editing potential... how would we know which ones could be edited?

 21:26:47  Lor  @shaun - you can use the ones with the clapboard

 21:26:48  sendkathy  @Cheryl, split personality!

 21:26:49  WickedDecent  Just became a DEN Star myslf

 21:26:56  eplybon  when you search, you can narrow it down by editable titles

 21:26:59  eplybon  in advanced search

 21:27:00  cheryloakes show #75  @ kathy, right

 21:27:03  sendkathy  or real multi-tasking

 21:27:05  atruger  WELCOME wickeddecent

 21:27:06  Fred (Riptide)  Congrats Wicked

 21:27:12  cheryloakes show #75  congrats WickedDecent

 21:27:12  WickedDecent  thanks

 21:27:28  cheryloakes show #75  hello marthamath

 21:27:50  Lor  I've heard of ELL students doing own voice overs in another language for students who are new to the US

 21:28:05  cheryloakes show #75  Lor, that is a good idea.

 21:28:31  Lor  helps them learn the content

 21:28:40  atruger  STAR Educator ROCK

 21:28:54  Lor  STARS shine Bright

 21:28:58  atruger  lots of perks

 21:29:04  Valaina  Stars shine WAY bright

 21:29:06  JenWagner  congrats WickedDecent ---- GOod For You!!

 21:29:20  PeggyG

 21:29:48  PeggyG  Just re-entered the URL-the first one had an i missing in cation :-)

 21:29:58  cheryloakes show #75  hey chris harbeck, how about a sound check for old time

 21:30:08  Lor

 21:30:15  Lor  here's the link to the STAR app

 21:30:29  atruger  woot!

 21:30:32  charbeck  Ah Cheryl you sound great.  the sweet sound of keyboards clicking in the back ground.  Missed you all

 21:30:32  Lor  woot

 21:30:33  Valaina  or talking at a team meeting

 21:30:38  WickedDecent  Hey RIPTIDE

 21:30:40  Lor  I think I''m over 20 events now

 21:30:57  WickedDecent  oops didn't mean to yell

 21:31:00  Valaina  I haven't been adding my events since my 3

 21:31:01  Nancy (Laelia)

 21:31:11  WickedDecent  My event was a podcast about DEN

 21:31:12  PeggyG  Can retired principals be Stars? Do you have to be employed by a district?

 21:31:16  Lor  you need to fill out the app JEN

 21:31:30  cheryloakes show #75  podcasts are great since they live on and on

 21:31:33  Valaina  good event Wiked

 21:31:34  atruger  that's gone

 21:31:37  Lor  its soo much easier now

 21:31:39  atruger  hmmmm?

 21:31:41  Valaina  whoops, wicked

 21:31:51  Lor  its questions

 21:31:57  Fred (Riptide)      *  In-person Professional Development     * Exclusive Online Activities     * Promotions & Contests     * Exclusive Discovery Events     * Professional Development Support     * Regular Communications and Support

 21:32:20  Lor  and don't forget we have Spring training still

 21:32:30  Lor  each region is competing to win a Day of discovery

 21:32:30  atruger  the draft is on!

 21:32:35  atruger  rofl

 21:32:35  Nancy (Laelia)  So what page am I linking to? 

 21:32:41  cheryloakes show #75  sounds like a great supportive network!!

 21:32:42  sharonp  oooh, my kids love Myth Busters

 21:32:45  Nancy (Laelia)  It shows 3 questions, upload a tech plan

 21:32:48  Nancy (Laelia)  watch a webinar

 21:32:51  Nancy (Laelia)  and host an event

 21:32:58  Nancy (Laelia)  oooooh I know

 21:33:02  atruger  Academic Excursion!!!!

 21:33:02  sharonp  I just wish it were available to us here in Canada

 21:33:05  Nancy (Laelia)  it must be my Windows machine! LOL

 21:33:08  Lor  the actual application doesn't have it all

 21:33:20  Valaina  Virtual Conferences

 21:33:24  sendkathy  I wish there was a way to create a universal profile that one could just RSS to update things like presentations, or seminars instead of double entry accounting.

 21:33:27  atruger  Den Webinars

 21:33:52  atruger  awwww poor RIp

 21:33:52  James.Sigler  cool!

 21:33:59  PeggyG  are any of the mythbuster shows on DS?

 21:34:02  atruger  movie premiers

 21:34:18  LangLabCindy  all the opportunities being talked about are available by being a STAR DEN member?

 21:34:26  atruger  yes

 21:34:40  atruger  that was amazing

 21:34:44  cheryloakes show #75  Thanks to all the Den's in the chat and helping out with the answers.

 21:34:51  atruger  It's about time!

 21:35:08  atruger  Demmian

 21:35:15  Valaina  Having one on Sunday at the beginning of NECC in San Antonio

 21:35:32  Lor  and there was the virtual conference too

 21:35:34  cheryloakes show #75  hello brenda b

 21:35:52  SusanEttenheim  hi all - been listening while working

 21:35:56  PeggyG  I participated in the virtual conference in AZ and it was fantastic!

 21:35:59  atruger  Discovery is very supportive

 21:36:08  Lor  often DEN has social events at the state conferences too

 21:36:12  Valaina  DE is FANTASTIC....

 21:36:27  Valaina  handouts to give our staff

 21:36:32  cheryloakes show #75  You can make the chat font bigger if you click on the 7th button on the right, the little plus sign

 21:36:33  Lor  and we get gifts too

 21:36:52  Lor  Dave and Busters was great

 21:36:59  Lor  OH MY JEN we didn't meet then????

 21:37:04  Lor  we were both there!!

 21:37:05  Valaina  At FETC we went to Rainforest Cafe at Disney World

 21:37:07  atruger  I missed that one....

 21:37:12  JenWagner  I was ther LOR

 21:37:17  atruger  FETC was great too

 21:37:18  Lor  me too

 21:37:24  JenWagner  I won the SINGING AWARD -- got a certificate

 21:37:41  cheryloakes show #75  Oh, Jen, this is good WOW trivia

 21:37:42  atruger  woo hoo

 21:37:56  JenWagner  yep

 21:38:06  JenWagner  and I was not even a member -- I was just a WELCOMED GUEST

 21:38:07  Valaina  retired folks???

 21:38:26  atruger  like me

 21:38:29  JenWagner  Lor -- Anne -- ready to join us!!!   :)

 21:38:35  atruger  yeppers

 21:38:45  JenWagner  we will segue as well call you in

 21:38:46  Lor  sure I need to turn off itunes

 21:38:49  cheryloakes show #75  I like how DEN recognizes that all things start small and grow, so to support 2-3 people in a room is great.

 21:39:14  cheryloakes show #75  yes, Lor, turn off itunes when I call, and get the heaadphones on.

 21:39:25  Lor  headphones are on

 21:39:30  Valaina  DEN educators are very supportive of eo

 21:39:36  PeggyG  Could they be virtual events and not f2f?

 21:39:46  Lor  yes we have had lots of virtual events

 21:39:50  Lor  in SL for  instance

 21:39:54  ColleenK  I want to be a STAR :)

 21:40:00  Lor  or skype or ustream

 21:40:02  atruger  virtual events work great

 21:40:06  WickedDecent  DEN in SL is cool

 21:40:07  atruger  or ustream

 21:40:22  Valaina  or a podcast

 21:40:26  Valaina  voicestream

 21:40:29  atruger  What are u waiting for Colleen?

 21:40:35  PeggyG  A couple of my principal friends have me on "hot dial" everytime they need technology support--would that count?

 21:40:38  ColleenK  LOL...tonight's show

 21:40:44  mrsdurff  LOL

 21:40:50  brendab  am a new DEN Star Educator - learning so much from the DEN

 21:41:09  atruger  Second Life Rocks!

 21:41:16  sroseman  ditto

 21:41:18  Fred (Riptide)  Great news Brendab

 21:41:20  ColleenK  DEN in SL members are the most dedicate, enthusiastic group of eductors I have ever met!

 21:41:22  Valaina  Fantastic New building

 21:41:30  JenWagner  @brendab -- DURING THIS SESSON???  You just joined??

 21:41:37  James.Sigler  Does DEN have any social networks groups?

 21:41:53  WickedDecent  Riptide is a great SL teacher (Humanitas Doproban)

 21:42:04  Fred (Riptide)  lol

 21:42:12  brendab  Second life - DEN connection??

 21:42:27  Nancy (Laelia)  HELP...lost sound

 21:42:37  JenWagner  Nancy -- you were on SKYPE - so you were live

 21:42:37  atruger  open itunes Lae

 21:42:45  Nancy (Laelia)  then I hung up :(

 21:42:46  JenWagner  you might need to restart the stream

 21:42:47  cheryloakes show #75  Nancy,go to itunes or real player

 21:42:52  Nancy (Laelia)  thx

 21:42:58  Valaina  itunes works better the rp

 21:43:02  PeggyG  I stood up for one entire DEN even with Steve Dembo--it was awesome! Just couldn't figure out how to sit down :-)

 21:43:15  Valaina  Hall Davidson on SL tomorrow night

 21:43:36  PeggyG  Is there a RSS feed for the DEN SL events?

 21:43:42  cheryloakes show #75  all transitioned in , great job moving in and out of SKYPE

 21:43:55  sroseman  Is there a calendar of events

 21:44:06  Nancy (Laelia)  You can always check the SL blog

 21:44:06  sroseman  and are they archived

 21:44:08  derrallg  How do I get the Star DEN label over my avatar in SL?

 21:44:13  Fred (Riptide)

 21:44:14  Nancy (Laelia)

 21:44:34  eplybon  <<< Celestia Cazalet

 21:44:34  cheryloakes show #75  hi kdtech

 21:44:37  Fred (Riptide)  derrallg IM me in world with your real life name and state

 21:45:02  derrallg  @Riptide ok thanks

 21:45:50  cheryloakes show #75

 21:46:02  cheryloakes show #75  here are the delicious links for our show

 21:48:06  JenWagner  Elaine -- really??  I did not know that

 21:48:08  PeggyG  @Cheryl-can you add that DEN SL link to your WOW bookmarks?

 21:48:20  cheryloakes show #75  we sure will

 21:48:27  Fred (Riptide)

 21:48:53  alicebarr  I was there, blinked and missed it!

 21:49:05  Nancy (Laelia)  I was ready!

 21:49:44  Nancy (Laelia)  ME ME ME :)

 21:50:12  brendab  what connection is SL to DEN

 21:50:14  PeggyG  I'm so glad you mentioned that-we need to remember people are just learning about SL

 21:50:29  JenWagner  Just Delicioused the Discovery Information ---   :)

 21:50:31  Nancy (Laelia)  OMG Jen OH NO

 21:50:52  Lor  Here's Hall's title for tomorrow Tool Using Kids are Smarter (real data).  So Why Don't We Think So?

 21:50:57  PeggyG  Thank you!

 21:51:04  LangLabCindy  I know, but SL feels so big and daunting.

 21:51:07  ColleenK  @brendab DEN has a presence in Second Life. They hold events (social and educational).

 21:51:29  Nancy (Laelia)  @LangLab - get in and contact one of us....we'll be your personal guide

 21:51:30  sroseman  I am just discovering DEN again!!

 21:51:35  cheryloakes show #75  you can subscribe to email notices.

 21:51:47  JenWagner  anytime Peggy!!

 21:51:52  James.Sigler  SL runs a slowly on my computer

 21:52:00  JenWagner  @LangLab -- yes, it can ---- but I will give you a tour if you wish

 21:52:09  JenWagner  <-----if you are in Second Life --

 21:52:11  JenWagner  and you want to

 21:52:15  JenWagner  share you Second Life name

 21:52:20  JenWagner  <-------MacsMom Alcott

 21:52:21  mrsdurff  MacsMom loves those fireworks

 21:52:39  ColleenK  @EdithHalderman Yes, she does!

 21:52:41  PeggyG  Greatnews Anatine-very original, just like my ISTE black tshirt :-)

 21:52:47  alicebarr  <------LillyofheSea Starr

 21:52:49  Fred (Riptide)  <----- Riptide Furse

 21:52:57  James.Sigler  <--------Dewey Charon

 21:53:04  ColleenK  <--------- Kristy Flanagan

 21:53:10  Valaina  <---- Valaina Shepherd

 21:53:12  sroseman  Sue Aferdita

 21:53:15  atruger  <-----JessieMarie Flanagan

 21:53:22  PeggyG  I need some newbie events! Are they still available?

 21:53:23  Lor  <--------- Lor Fredriksson

 21:53:35  Lor  we will plan some newbie events again

 21:53:37  derrallg  <---------Derrall Ling

 21:53:37  Valaina  Lae helps with problems with hair

 21:53:46  Nancy (Laelia)  <----- Laelia Laval

 21:53:50  PeggyG  Fantastic! I'll join you.

 21:54:03  Sue Waters  Ruby Imako

 21:54:15  cheryloakes show #75  good, do some newbie things in summer

 21:54:30  cheryloakes show #75  hi elaine

 21:54:37  James.Sigler  <----------Dewey Charron

 21:54:38  eplybon  hello

 21:54:45  Nancy (Laelia)  wb Cel

 21:54:49  eplybon  thanks Lae

 21:55:17  Nancy (Laelia)  doesn't the DEN in SL LC get a break?????

 21:55:23  eplybon  LOLOLOLOL

 21:55:28  eplybon  break? what's that

 21:55:33  Valaina  never

 21:55:48  eplybon  woot! come see us present 8:30 Monday morning at NECC

 21:55:50  marthamath  Looking forward to the newbie events after NECC, I'll be there too.

 21:55:55  cheryloakes show #75  It is fun to finally meet people f2f, after working virtually!

 21:55:56  PeggyG  Do you have a meet-up event scheduled for NECC?

 21:55:58  Valaina  me

 21:56:01  eplybon  nope

 21:56:02  Valaina  I've met Rip

 21:56:07  Nancy (Laelia)  I think I saw him walking on my road this a.m.

 21:56:10  MariaK  <-------Kaguyahime Watanabe

 21:56:12  Lor  Yeah for ryan

 21:56:14  cheryloakes show #75  congrats to the Bretag family

 21:56:27  Fred (Riptide)  Valaina has met me that's right

 21:56:28  Nancy (Laelia)  Baby girl or boy?

 21:56:34  Lor  boy

 21:56:38  ColleenK  @MariaK Are you the one with the "interesting" hairstyle?

 21:56:40  Valaina  Congrats

 21:56:44  LangLabCindy  @JenWagner When could we do a tour?  How long would it take?

 21:56:48  James.Sigler  (((clap clap clap)))

 21:56:50  JenWagner  Baby BOY

 21:56:57  derrallg  yeah clpa clap

 21:57:02  eplybon  cool!

 21:57:06  PeggyG  How exciting! Welcome to baby Bretag! So glad he's finally here!

 21:57:08  lindanitsche  Yea Baby boy! Poor Mom!

 21:57:11 [Action] Fred (Riptide)  applauds

 21:57:33  Nancy (Laelia)  now what other kid gets announced this way????

 21:57:55  eplybon  and we have the Guides there all the time

 21:58:14  eplybon  presenting in second life is a great experience

 21:58:25  PeggyG  Just avoid Tuesday nights for SL newbie events-can't miss WOW2 :-)

 21:58:28  Nancy (Laelia)  and we can help you set things up

 21:58:30  eplybon  watch for a grand re-opening soon

 21:58:39  atruger if you want someone to meet u

 21:58:43  Valaina  Twitter just announced the new little boy

 21:58:50  MariaK  @colleenK you are just too funny!

 21:58:57  eplybon  and just sitting around and talking

 21:59:01  Nancy (Laelia)  all work and no play make for unhappy we do play!

 21:59:13  Fred (Riptide)  twitter name riptide_furse

 21:59:15  eplybon  come be a DENizen, join the DEN in SL

 21:59:21  Lor

 21:59:21  JenWagner  YOu heard the BABY NEWS FIRST

 21:59:24  eplybon  <<< glad2be twitter

 21:59:28  Valaina  Tuesday night Den events are usually the hour before web 2.0

 21:59:34  atruger  atruger....twitter

 21:59:45  Lor  <--------- fsinfo for twitter

 21:59:46  JenWagner  Nancy -- if you skype me during the SHOW -- I will announce it

 21:59:50  Valaina  butrflygirl for twitter

 21:59:50  PeggyG  Is that the URL for DEN in SL?

 21:59:53  cheryloakes show #75  This podcast will be available by Thursday. The chat and all links will be at

 21:59:57  Lor

 22:00:02  eplybon  EduIsland II

 22:00:04  alicebarr  EduIsland II!

 22:00:28  atruger

 22:00:30  ColleenK  Just click it!

 22:00:32  Valaina  second life URL

 22:00:57  Nancy (Laelia)  you have to have a web browser open to get the slurl and have SL open and then it sends you there

 22:00:59  cheryloakes show #75  Summer vacation=Second Life!

 22:01:01  Valaina  gets you right where you need to go

 22:01:03  Nancy (Laelia)  I find it easier to just go to the map

 22:01:13  eplybon

 22:01:23  PeggyG  That makes it really easy to find the location :-) Thanks.

 22:01:24  Fred (Riptide)  Mathplayground is awesome in Second LIfe

 22:01:30  Valaina  you have to have downloaded secondlife first

 22:01:32  atruger  ISTE is there too

 22:01:44  PeggyG  What's the URL (slurl) for mathplayground. I want to go there!

 22:01:57  eplybon  it's next to the DEN

 22:02:11  ColleenK  @Riptide Thanks...wish my bee would work again, though.

 22:02:11  brendab  this sounds scary - how to contact you for this

 22:02:18  alicebarr  My house and Colleen are there

 22:02:45  PeggyG  Therapy? Interesting.

 22:02:47  cheryloakes show #75

 22:02:54  atruger  >>>>>atruger on Twitter

 22:02:55  Lor

 22:03:06  James.Sigler  SL keeps crashing on my laptop

 22:03:19  Nancy (Laelia)  thanks for having us on

 22:03:19  eplybon  Thank you so much for having us

 22:03:28  Nancy (Laelia)  hope to see you all in SL soon

 22:03:30  atruger  Thanks for everything!!!

 22:03:39  atruger  Woot! Cherl

 22:03:43  Lor  Come see fireworks

 22:03:48  Lor  and come tomorrow to see Hall

 22:03:53  atruger  See you at DEN SL

 22:03:59  eplybon  and if you are from Texas and want more info, join our webinar next Tues at 7:00

 22:03:59  Lor  thanks for having us

 22:04:03  eplybon

 22:04:03  Nancy (Laelia)  Jen is the QUEEN of tech-multi-tasking

 22:04:09  Lor  and IL has a DEN Region too

 22:04:13  Nancy (Laelia)

 22:04:37  atruger

 22:04:38  PeggyG  What an awesome group tonight! Now I'm really charged up to figure out SL and join the DEN group. Thank you all!

 22:04:45  cheryloakes show #75  good night to all!!!

 22:04:48  ColleenK  Great show! Thanks!

 22:04:54  sharonp  Night all!

 22:04:55  sroseman  Thanks all

 22:04:56  Nancy (Laelia)  Good night all

 22:05:00  alicebarr  Looking forward to SL summer. Thanks all!

 22:05:07  atruger  Good night all

 22:05:07  derrallg  thanks WOW and DEN great show

 22:05:15  eplybon  Thank you

 22:05:17  atruger  See you in World!

 22:05:18  LangLabCindy  Thanks all!

 22:05:32  brendab  good nite - can't wait to check out SL more

 22:05:41  PeggyG  Loved the show.

 22:06:02  James.Sigler  Exciting show!

 22:06:21  atruger  James---check the system reqs if u are still having trouble

 22:07:06  James.Sigler  @atruger thanks, I think I barely meet the min requirements.  That's probably the problem


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