What is EdTechTalk? Why do you participate?

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To help create EdTechTalk Introduction/Orientation materials, we'd like to ask all those who participate in ETT (in whatever way) to answer these questions.

What is EdTechTalk?
Why do you Particpate?
What have been your favorite ETT moments?

In our "commitment to ambiguity", we are using a variety of tools to conduct this conversation and generate remixable media.


EdTechTalk and You!

I noticed that we haven't generated a lot a traffic over here. Come on EdTechTalk Folk, let us know what's on YOUR mind. So, what is Edtechtalk? I do consider Edtechtalk a social networking site. It's a portal for professional development. I come around Edtechtalk to catch content on the fly. You can engage yourself in countless conversations on the net. These asynchronous interactions help us in furthering our professional development I have blogged and been active in reading and responding to blogs in the last few years. I have also kept up with some pretty cool podcasts. Never the less there is a certain kind of magic that happens when you interact in a synchronous environment. I think Dave Cormier has hit on this several times. Participating in a live conversation via text, audio or video forces us to think on our toes. These kinds of conversations probably go on millions of times on the net. What makes Edtechtalk different is that WE not only host these conversations but advocate for use of Web 2.0 tools to extend them. And like I mentioned before, I just don't get the NING thing. :-) Jose Rodriguez; It's Elementary