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Women of Web 2.0 Show #44

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Week 44, WoW 2.0, Cheryl, Jen, Vicki and Sharon are joined by Dianne Hammond, from for an evening of online collaboration that is out of this world! Why? Because it is a project where you and your class can blog with an astronaut from the Internation Space Station.

SKYPE gave us a little echo at the beginning of the show, for FREE!

Come learn some more.

Chat, and all the great links.

20:40:02 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: Hello Hello Hello

20:41:17 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: Hi Dianne, and Jen, just winding up

20:41:30 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: be there soon

20:52:50 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: stream has started

20:54:34 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: dark red

20:55:00 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: dark red

20:55:35 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: how is the stream?

20:55:44 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: crystal clear

20:55:58 dgoodman_1958 EdTechTalk: clear here as well

20:55:59 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: thanks so much cathy!, are you still doing NWEA

20:56:05 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: thanks dgoodmn

20:56:09 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: yes

20:56:14 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: oh noo

20:56:16 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: we just finished today

20:56:18 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: finite

20:56:31 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: is there an end to the madness

20:56:47 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: it will be back all too soon

20:56:58 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: is this dougs, as in ds

20:57:08 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: oh, this is ds

20:57:51 dougsymington EdTechTalk: hey Cheryl, and all

20:58:19 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: Hi Doug, Vinny, and Lori dgoodman and cathy

20:58:20 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: hey dougsymington?? why not DS

20:58:29 dgoodman_1958 EdTechTalk: hi cheryl and others

20:58:35 vvrotny EdTechTalk: Hey there guys

20:58:49 dougsymington EdTechTalk: good question JDub, not sure

20:58:53 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk:

20:58:57 alicebarr EdTechTalk: Hi all

20:58:58 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: that is our wiki!!

20:59:00 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: i wrote about this webcast for a neighboring district publication

20:59:03 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: hi aliceb

20:59:09 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: it was published 2day

20:59:11 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: did you write nice things

20:59:16 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: hope some of them come on

20:59:23 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: very

20:59:30 dougsymington EdTechTalk: Cathy, is it online--do you have a link to the article you wrote?

20:59:38 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: hello megan

20:59:40 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: no--its a publisher file

20:59:43 Megan EdTechTalk: hello, Cheryl

20:59:52 dougsymington EdTechTalk: thanks

20:59:54 mmiller EdTechTalk: Hello ladies

20:59:54 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: i cannot even open it at home : (

21:00:02 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: Melinda!

21:00:04 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: hi MM

21:00:20 mmiller EdTechTalk: I missed last week and it just isn't the same when I don't listne to you guys

21:00:28 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: ahhhh thanks so much

21:00:52 mmiller EdTechTalk: Hey Cathy! I sunk my beautiful new phone Sunday so i can relate to your iPod story

21:01:18 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: I missed last week to mmiller.

21:01:22 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: too

21:01:25 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Glad you're back.

21:01:29 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Hey Joyce.!

21:01:31 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: Hey Colleen

21:01:34 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: Hey Joyce!!

21:01:36 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: but my princ gave me a used one : )

21:01:42 ColleenK EdTechTalk: Hi Jen Hi Everyone

21:01:46 sharonp EdTechTalk: Great to see the crowds out tonight

21:01:46 joycevalenza EdTechTalk: hi room!!!

21:01:50 mmiller EdTechTalk: I Haven't even had time to listen to the podcast

21:01:52 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: Hi Joyce

21:01:52 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: Colleen -- di dyou make a PUMPKIN game???

21:02:13 ColleenK EdTechTalk: saw that?

21:02:14 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: Ijust galnced my bloglines really fast today before the show

21:02:17 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: OH YES

21:02:24 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: I want to link it to my Pumpkin Project

21:02:32 ColleenK EdTechTalk: Oh cool!!!

21:02:41 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: echooo

21:02:45 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: I have not even seen it yet

21:02:58 mmiller EdTechTalk:

21:03:03 ColleenK EdTechTalk: just the word pumpkin was enough, huh?

21:03:07 mmiller EdTechTalk: great for RTI or intervention strategies

21:03:10 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: Hi Kristin, Joyce, Colleen,

21:03:29 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: hi all will be listening more than chatting tonight

21:03:38 lori.sheldon EdTechTalk: Hey, Kristin

21:03:40 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: ok, here are my links. thanks to michael richards, for KerPoof, it is a place for students to create their own animations!

21:03:59 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: Hi Miguel welocme back

21:04:11 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: i read about that Vicki

21:04:15 EdTechTalk: Hiya! When is the stream starting?

21:04:19 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: as well as on yr blg

21:04:25 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: Firefox preference, check them out and look at the security settings there is a pplace where your passwords are stored and you can view the real password not just ****

21:04:52 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: use one of the ones just below the chat window

21:05:06 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: also shout out to Kern Kelly for his idea to use Tab Mix for firefox! Thanks Kern

21:05:15 alicebarr EdTechTalk: Miguel it's on

21:05:19 Durff EdTechTalk: miguel - got it?

21:05:32 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk:

21:05:37 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk:

21:05:51 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk:

21:05:51 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: Hi Lisa, Karen

21:05:58 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: Miguel, Durff

21:06:02 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: cured jen?

21:06:06 ColleenK EdTechTalk: Hi Lisa! Hi Karen!

21:06:15 karen janowski EdTechTalk: hi, all - thanks to twitter for the reminder!

21:06:29 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk:

21:06:30 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: yes very cool

21:06:30 joycevalenza EdTechTalk: anyone else having sound issues?

21:06:37 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk:

21:06:39 karen janowski EdTechTalk: is ustream free?

21:06:41 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: ustream ROCKS

21:06:49 Durff EdTechTalk: yes karen

21:06:50 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: amazing

21:06:51 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: oh Karen...we MUST chat about it

21:06:56 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: it is INCREDIBLE

21:07:03 EdTechTalk: I'm not seeing any live streams...are there any?

21:07:04 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: streamed a course out yesterday

21:07:06 karen janowski EdTechTalk: kristin, i watched a little of what you did

21:07:08 Durff EdTechTalk: will did it today too

21:07:23 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: will's interview was awesome too

21:07:24 karen janowski EdTechTalk: watched will on saturday - twitter keeps us informed!

21:07:24 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: it may not say streaming but it is Miguel

21:07:31 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: Yes, they are just not showing

21:07:42 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: UStream was UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

21:07:54 karen janowski EdTechTalk: what do you mean, jen?

21:08:00 Durff EdTechTalk: no miguel - anyone who is nyone is here - like you

21:08:03 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: the fact that is was REAL TIME

21:08:03 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: hi susan

21:08:05 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: free

21:08:09 karen janowski EdTechTalk: yes!

21:08:09 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: Miguel...YOU could run one NOW it is THAT EASY...but you don't want to interrupt the show ;-)

21:08:12 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: all you need is a mic and camera

21:08:19 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: it has a chat room too

21:08:23 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: it was incredible and to participate in both chates ustream and ett

21:08:29 sroseman EdTechTalk: hi everyone

21:08:31 Durff EdTechTalk: and a smile too jen

21:08:33 sroseman EdTechTalk: hi Cheryl

21:08:33 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: simultaneously

21:08:35 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: it was a VIRTUAL conference -- a bit choppy still -- but GREAT

21:08:41 EdTechTalk: Run what/

21:08:49 Durff EdTechTalk: ustream

21:08:53 karen janowski EdTechTalk: do we really need to pay for any software anymore?

21:08:58 sroseman EdTechTalk: UStream..what is that?

21:09:03 Durff EdTechTalk: tv

21:09:03 karen janowski EdTechTalk: except for united streaming

21:09:04 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: grins-- my school thinks so -- karenJ

21:09:12 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk:

21:09:27 EdTechTalk: ok, got it

21:09:30 EdTechTalk: whew!

21:09:43 Durff EdTechTalk:

21:09:49 sharonp EdTechTalk:

21:10:02 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: hello Dea

21:10:13 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk:

21:10:13 Durff EdTechTalk: so we all could do this!

21:10:23 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: Hi Lori a, and Lori sheldon

21:10:36 dea conrad-curry EdTechTalk: hi. I'm late

21:10:36 karen janowski EdTechTalk: is anyone going to buy 1, get 1 OLPC in November?

21:10:39 lori a EdTechTalk: HI

21:10:41 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: our guest websites --

21:10:44 lori.sheldon EdTechTalk: hi

21:10:51 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk:

21:10:58 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: Hm, I think it would be a good idea to buy one.

21:11:09 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: that is AWESOME

21:11:13 karen janowski EdTechTalk: are your schools buying into it?

21:11:15 ColleenK EdTechTalk: Karen, I am for sure.

21:11:26 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: not my school, me,

21:11:36 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: do you know if you can choose a particular school????

21:11:37 alicebarr EdTechTalk: Great thing for KIDS to do

21:11:38 sroseman EdTechTalk: lots of Canadian content this evening

21:11:39 dea conrad-curry EdTechTalk: Why am I not able to hear?

21:11:46 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: we are working with a school in uganda

21:12:01 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: cool kristin, hello anna

21:12:04 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: and would LOVE to be able to do it FOR our school

21:12:12 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: it is streaming dea

21:12:15 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: so the kids can partner

21:12:23 sharonp EdTechTalk: by the way, we will have Elana Langer from OLPC on our show in December

21:12:27 karen janowski EdTechTalk: Kristin - that would be very cool1

21:12:42 sroseman EdTechTalk: clap clap

21:12:48 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: Dea, go to the listen and click on the sound you have itunes, real player or windows media

21:12:48 sroseman EdTechTalk: Canadian eh

21:13:10 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: yeah susan, start the canadian cheer

21:13:12 joycevalenzz EdTechTalk: cheryl, none of those works for me either

21:13:13 sharonp EdTechTalk: and Elana Langer is Canadian too!

21:13:14 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk:

21:13:26 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: joyce and dea, which browser are you using?

21:13:32 dea conrad-curry EdTechTalk: I'm working on it. New computer...not set up yet!

21:13:42 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: even though it says it is not streaming, just click on one anyway

21:13:54 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: edtechtalk A

21:14:02 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: the last few weeks ive had to launch itunes and then click theplay button manually

21:14:05 sroseman EdTechTalk: I have had good experiences with yes I can

21:14:16 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: did we get a url?

21:14:26 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: thanks for the hint cathyn

21:14:32 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Wow! Fascinating!

21:14:50 mmiller EdTechTalk: yes, I use itunes like Cathy N works very nicely

21:14:53 dea conrad-curry EdTechTalk: I am hearing now.. thanks.

21:14:54 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk:

21:15:00 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: thanks Vicki

21:15:02 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: great dea

21:15:06 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: where are you from dea

21:15:08 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: remember everyone -- you can expan your chat

21:15:14 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: 3 button on the toolbar from the right

21:15:20 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Going blue

21:15:24 dea conrad-curry EdTechTalk: I am from Illinois

21:15:25 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: and CHOOSE YOUR COLOR -- last button on the left

21:15:43 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: feeling autumn

21:16:04 mmiller EdTechTalk: Oh my gosh my wow of the week is expanding the chat!! How cool is this?!!!

21:16:15 karen janowski EdTechTalk: Thanks, jen- what a difference it makes to expand the chat!

21:16:20 sroseman EdTechTalk: I recall you from ENO, Diane

21:16:24 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: expand the chat--cmon help the blind one

21:16:34 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: ??

21:16:46 sharonp EdTechTalk: is that the third one from the right?

21:16:50 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk:

21:16:52 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: float & dock?

21:16:53 sharonp EdTechTalk: third icon from the right

21:16:59 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Information on one of their project.

21:17:01 mmiller EdTechTalk: YES Cathy n

21:17:06 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk:

21:17:06 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Race to Mars

21:17:11 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: ok

21:17:14 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: that is Clayton's information

21:17:31 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: thanks--it does help me see

21:17:35 mmiller EdTechTalk: did you get it cathy

21:17:43 mmiller EdTechTalk: isn't that great?!

21:17:52 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: cool

21:18:13 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: isn't this cool -- an astronaut blogging with students

21:18:15 sharonp EdTechTalk: a blogging astronaut!? how cool!

21:18:17 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: I think that wouldn't be a global collaborative project but rather would be a ...

21:18:17 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: FROM THE SPACE STATION

21:18:25 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: that is just out of this world!

21:18:27 dgoodman_1958 EdTechTalk: thanks for tips on using chat while listening

21:18:28 Anna EdTechTalk: gosh I hate that I ahve to leave.

21:18:32 Anna EdTechTalk: this will be podcast, no?

21:18:33 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: out of this world collaborative project?

21:18:37 sharonp EdTechTalk: jeepers, if an ASTRONAUT can blog, what is preventing administrators???

21:18:39 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: anna, this will be a podcast by friday

21:18:44 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: lso can increase the font to see better too

21:18:47 Anna EdTechTalk: you rock! thanks!

21:18:56 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: ahh have high expectations

21:18:56 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: see you thanks for stopping by

21:19:00 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: These types of partnerships have got to become something that everyone does... the ceo, the astronaut and for goodness sakes the principal.

21:19:10 sharonp EdTechTalk: outer space high!

21:19:17 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: That is amazing that the media isn't picking up on it.

21:19:18 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: lol

21:19:59 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: sitting listening with my middle school daughter...she loves the idea and wants her school to join in

21:20:01 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: People won't write about teachers unless they are sleeping with their students.

21:20:05 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: this is ridiculous!

21:20:14 Megan EdTechTalk: Astronauts and their space agencies have a long history of working with schools. I see the blogging as a natural extension.

21:20:14 sroseman EdTechTalk: Is the OCDSB involved, Diane?

21:20:31 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: It is fascinating that someone in outerspace can blog.

21:20:32 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: Hi Lisa and her daughter, is she a woman of web 2.0 yet?

21:20:38 dea conrad-curry EdTechTalk: School are obsessing over misuse of technology rather than opportunities for beneficial use.

21:20:51 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: sells papers and tunes in viewers

21:20:52 sroseman EdTechTalk: agreed

21:20:56 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: hi christine

21:20:56 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: tsk tsk

21:21:02 ChristineSouthard EdTechTalk: Hiya

21:21:02 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Fascinating! That is amazing that he is blogging from space.

21:21:04 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: old talking to SPACE....seriously MY mind is blown

21:21:08 ChristineSouthard EdTechTalk: Where are you streaming from?

21:21:17 sharonp EdTechTalk: am chuckling over the Canadian news comment - yeah, like we have SUCH exciting stuff happening here!

21:21:18 karen janowski EdTechTalk: Hi, Lisa's daughter! Do you use tools like this in middle school?

21:21:21 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: I think the excuses need to go out the window.

21:21:32 Megan EdTechTalk: I think the lack of coverage in mainsteam press is due to a lack of space coverage in general.

21:21:41 mmiller EdTechTalk: Lisa's daughter what is your favorite tech part of school?

21:21:42 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: It is time to connect more and more in ways we cannot understand but ways that need to happen -- it gives meaning, purpose, and relevance.

21:21:42 Megan EdTechTalk: Remember when a space shuttle launch was actually news?

21:21:49 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: where on the site is is blog?

21:21:57 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: hi Darren

21:22:03 sharonp EdTechTalk: I mean I heard the big news today was that there may not be enough pumpkins for Hallowe'en this year

21:22:04 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: hi drape

21:22:06 Durff EdTechTalk: hi darren

21:22:08 D Draper EdTechTalk: Helloooooo.

21:22:10 karen janowski EdTechTalk: Hi, Darren

21:22:32 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: He is blogging from here -

21:22:36 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk:

21:22:44 Megan EdTechTalk: Vicki: I hear you. But what's in it for the business people who participate? I think that showing them the WIIFM will help.

21:22:49 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: This is the astronaut that is blogging from space with students.

21:22:50 Durff EdTechTalk: sharon - who really care about pumpkins?

21:23:17 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: Grins -- I care about PUMPKINS

21:23:23 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Look at our world -- astronauts are blogging, revolutionaries are blogging -- what power of connection and sharing is ours!

21:23:25 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: Colleen cares about PUMPKINS

21:23:26 D Draper EdTechTalk: Note to self: Durff does not care about pumpkins. I guess I'll be returning my Christmas present.

21:23:27 ColleenK EdTechTalk: Me, too

21:23:30 ColleenK EdTechTalk: LOL

21:23:33 Durff EdTechTalk: besides technospud

21:23:34 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: u ppl amaze me..twitter,,chat..& skype? multitaksing fools

21:23:35 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: And many schools block this. They aren't blocking blogs, they are blocking the outside world.

21:23:35 mmiller EdTechTalk: Alyson loves pumpkins right now they are everywhere

21:23:37 sharonp EdTechTalk: LOL

21:23:53 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: vicki this sounds like a blog post coming out

21:23:59 Durff EdTechTalk: but is it newswothy?

21:24:11 sharonp EdTechTalk: Darren, you must be wondering what the heck we are talking about! the banality of the media coverage - pumpkins are more important than blogging astronauts

21:24:12 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: [sharonp] jeepers, if an ASTRONAUT can blog, what is preventing administrators??? OH SHARON YOU ARE SO FUNNY!!!!!!

21:24:26 Durff EdTechTalk: amen kristin

21:24:27 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: isn't she a renagade

21:24:28 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: NCLB

21:24:40 Durff EdTechTalk: brains period

21:24:48 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: Lisa's daughter (Ali) says to mmiller...we don't really have that much technolog y in school

21:24:57 D Draper EdTechTalk: No audio here, only chat :(

21:25:00 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: we are stressing SAT scores on 6th graders--im amazed

21:25:04 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: Mom and dad show me blogs and other cool stuff

21:25:13 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: Darren its there keep looking

21:25:19 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: SAT's on 6th graders -- are they crazy! THE SAT or just a standardized test score.

21:25:23 ColleenK EdTechTalk: @Cathy...why?

21:25:29 karen janowski EdTechTalk: @darren, click on the audio anyway it does work

21:25:35 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: that's how i got audio darren

21:25:51 D Draper EdTechTalk: Noooooo. No speakers here...

21:25:52 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: stats in district are compaing the latest SAT scores with where they were in 5th 6th grade

21:25:59 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: ohh

21:26:00 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: going on MY blog as well ;-)

21:26:15 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: I believe that good teachers are connectors.

21:26:23 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: We connect our students with others.

21:26:30 lori.sheldon EdTechTalk: amen, Vicki

21:26:32 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Hmmm blended projects. Nice term.

21:26:34 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: trying vicki

21:26:44 D Draper EdTechTalk: Hmmmm. @Vicki - then you think that you have to be a connector to be a good teacher?

21:26:50 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: We should be connecting our students with the world and there are more free resources than available ever efore.

21:26:51 Durff EdTechTalk: hi sue hi njtech

21:26:53 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: Darren let us know if all makes sense w/o sound

21:27:01 D Draper EdTechTalk: You're doing good.

21:27:03 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: I would hate to write a formula for a good teacher.

21:27:07 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: hi ann

21:27:20 joycevalenzz EdTechTalk: yeah, I have sound!!!

21:27:24 njtechteacher (ann) EdTechTalk: hi, is there audio tonight?

21:27:27 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: ask Jen about that Vicki

21:27:28 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: However, I believe that an essential element moving forward is our ability to connect with others. We connect to the world -- we help make connections in the brain.

21:27:29 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Yes.

21:27:32 sroseman EdTechTalk: I am disappointed to see no Ottawa schools involved

21:27:34 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: yes there is audio

21:27:37 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: lol

21:27:38 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: We have audio -- can you not find it.

21:27:39 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: her idea of good teacher

21:27:41 Durff EdTechTalk: i often wonder if i am doing enough to connect learners...

21:27:45 D Draper EdTechTalk: I agree, Vicki.

21:27:46 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: hey christine

21:27:51 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: even though it says no stream, click on one of the choices

21:27:56 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Oh, Durff, you are connecting.

21:27:57 ChristineSouthard EdTechTalk: I'm back :)

21:28:03 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: UGH

21:28:04 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: I'm almost killing myself conecting -- it is very hard now.

21:28:14 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: Vicki ME TOO

21:28:16 lori.sheldon EdTechTalk: by being connected we are teaching to the times

21:28:19 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: It is hard to get started. It is hard to learn the practices -- not a lot of standardization yet.

21:28:21 D Draper EdTechTalk: Too few teachers take the time/effort to connect - and far fewer provide connections for their students (or allow them to connect).

21:28:21 sharonp EdTechTalk: I don't know of any classes in Quebec, but we are working on that -

21:28:22 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: Here,here

21:28:23 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: my princ says our kids are not all online, but they sure know a lot about Limewire and stealing music

21:28:25 njtechteacher (ann) EdTechTalk: I can't find the link tonight

21:28:32 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: It is so hard to connect.

21:28:33 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: when do we say....there is not excuve for them NOT to make the effort

21:28:40 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Look below the chat room do you see channel a?

21:28:42 Durff EdTechTalk: hi linda

21:28:46 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: now! kristin

21:28:47 sroseman EdTechTalk: and only two schools from Toronto involved

21:29:02 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Can anyone help with the main stream -- I'm not on the stream I'm on skype -- help njtechteacher (ann)

21:29:04 njtechteacher (ann) EdTechTalk: Yes, it says currently not streaming. I'll click there anyway

21:29:10 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Hmmm

21:29:12 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: Vicki mine is fine

21:29:18 lisaparisi EdTechTalk:

21:29:18 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: Look to the LEFT and click on WORLD BRIDGES

21:29:24 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: I connected that way

21:29:26 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: it will OPEN a new window -- and those USUALLY work

21:29:28 Durff EdTechTalk: try the listen page

21:29:32 ChristineSouthard EdTechTalk: I caught the stream before I entered the chat

21:29:33 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: yes it will SAY not stremaing, but it WILL work

21:29:35 Megan EdTechTalk: I clicked on the stream choice even though it said "not streaming"

21:29:38 mmiller EdTechTalk: can you see this blog? I made it for Alyson but I think I made it "private" or something.

21:29:39 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: then open a new page and come back here!!!

21:29:41 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: I use teh black audio

21:29:45 njtechteacher (ann) EdTechTalk: I have it now thanks

21:29:51 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: YEAH!!

21:29:52 Durff EdTechTalk: :)

21:29:53 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: great ann

21:30:02 dea conrad-curry EdTechTalk: Change takes time and lots of support

21:30:03 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: That is true -- teachers often look down on connection projects until they are "knee deep" and then when one gets in there it is like the proverbial apple on the head.

21:30:06 dougs EdTechTalk:

21:30:07 ChristineSouthard EdTechTalk: Hooray

21:30:17 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: that audio issue is why i come in early--very fristrating to not hear to me

21:30:18 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: mmiller, it is password proteccted

21:30:22 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk:

21:30:27 Durff EdTechTalk: i don't have time - hurry up and change!

21:30:34 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: lol

21:30:37 D Draper EdTechTalk: It's just that connecting can take a lot of time initially. Once you're hooked, though, it's a breeze.

21:30:42 D Draper EdTechTalk: Or a tweet.

21:30:47 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: But each process is so different.

21:30:49 Durff EdTechTalk: yes darren

21:30:50 karen janowski EdTechTalk: have to help my son with his English homework. be back soon

21:30:57 Durff EdTechTalk: hi rbiche

21:30:58 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: bye karen

21:30:59 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: thought it is ONTARIO BLOG -- use this as an idea to JUMP from and host your own perhaps!!!

21:31:06 dea conrad-curry EdTechTalk: I have found that teachers are curious about the growing body of technology, but even if they get initial training, the don't put the time needed into keeping up

21:31:07 ChristineSouthard EdTechTalk: bye karen

21:31:09 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: I'm on Flat classroom, Youth voices, and a collaborative project w/ U Michigan on Middle east conflict.

21:31:09 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: but how do you get teachers to understand taht darren?

21:31:12 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: hi janices

21:31:18 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: And it is overwhelming to learn all of those things.

21:31:25 D Draper EdTechTalk: You're right, @dea conrad-curry

21:31:31 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: You ge teachers to understand by putting them in a collaborative project with other teachers.

21:31:32 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: Dea -- could you change your color -- its hard for me to read -- thank you!!

21:31:37 janices EdTechTalk: Hi Cheryl and all

21:31:37 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: PD needs to go online and become collaborative.

21:31:42 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: hi rbiche and sandy and Linda

21:31:43 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: When teachers collaborate teachers get it.

21:31:44 joycevalenzz EdTechTalk: most teachers have not yet seen the models we consider commonplace

21:31:46 D Draper EdTechTalk: @lisaparisi Force. :)

21:31:49 Durff EdTechTalk: i'm blue

21:31:52 dea conrad-curry EdTechTalk: Better

21:31:57 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: EXCELLENT -- thank you

21:31:58 dea conrad-curry EdTechTalk: I don't see any color

21:31:59 Durff EdTechTalk: $5

21:31:59 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: right joyce

21:31:59 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: i tried...sigh

21:32:01 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: But they should be IN the models -- I think that reading about it isn't enough -- it is being in it.

21:32:03 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: its been a LONG day!!! :)

21:32:05 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: I don't see color either.

21:32:06 alicebarr EdTechTalk: Vivki: What is the U Michigan Middle East Project?

21:32:08 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: i tried to exlain Skype

21:32:13 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: hey janice !

21:32:14 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: i got the blank stare

21:32:17 Durff EdTechTalk: i never see color

21:32:18 sharonp EdTechTalk: Cool Diane - we were just discussing on how to do this here in Quebec! Will point out to the IT directors because I had mentioned that WP could do this!

21:32:23 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Jeffrey Stransburg we had him on a while back -- just a second and I'll post it in.

21:32:24 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: i need to get them to exp skype

21:32:26 dougs EdTechTalk: me neither, re colour

21:32:30 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: i simply explained delicious and twitter today

21:32:31 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: It is just one oftheir incredbile projects.

21:32:32 dougs EdTechTalk: sorry color

21:32:33 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: oh my

21:32:34 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk:

21:32:42 dea conrad-curry EdTechTalk: PD does need to be online, but I've developed online training to teach and build classroom wikis...I can't get teachers to commitg

21:32:46 D Draper EdTechTalk: @CathyNelson Try explaining Twitter first next time. Go straight to the "you're crazy". lol

21:32:49 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: - Click on Dossiers and Scenario.

21:32:56 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: true Darren

21:32:57 alicebarr EdTechTalk: Thanks Vicki

21:33:04 Durff EdTechTalk: but i am crazy darren

21:33:10 lori.sheldon EdTechTalk: for me showing was explaining

21:33:12 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Well it is kind of like explaining other things Darren, that we won't mention here -- until you do it it doesn't make a lot of sense.

21:33:13 Durff EdTechTalk: hi simjon

21:33:14 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: hi simon

21:33:18 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: ;-)

21:33:19 Simon EdTechTalk: hi

21:33:26 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: but i kno many are just goign on and asking network in twitter to say hello to show its power

21:33:44 Durff EdTechTalk: the power of twitter

21:33:50 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: i may try that tomoorw

21:33:52 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: TWITTER ROCKS!

21:33:54 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: cathyn, we did that in a workshp it was great

21:34:00 D Draper EdTechTalk: This is a smart group! Baby's crying... brb

21:34:00 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: I love google reader -- I've moved out of bloglines to google reader.

21:34:11 dea conrad-curry EdTechTalk: Hey, I am one of those doctoral students and looking for someone to participate in a webcast in October on bringing technology to the classroom

21:34:13 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: poor baby drapper

21:34:14 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: I did that today Cathy. Got lots of twits

21:34:16 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: i can't like google reader as well

21:34:18 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: Vicki I am resisting the hipt

21:34:23 lori.sheldon EdTechTalk: i found out about edtechtalk from twitter

21:34:26 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: my class said...but how do you know who these people are

21:34:26 Durff EdTechTalk: my kids sign up for google reader

21:34:36 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: and they do you have to time to read all this

21:34:40 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Resistin what, Kristen? Did you get my subtle joke?

21:34:50 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: i learned from blogs bout WOWO and ETT

21:34:55 Megan EdTechTalk: Have you checked out the Trends section in google reader? Very cool.

21:34:56 Durff EdTechTalk: parisi = the space bar

21:34:57 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: I use netvibes for my students.

21:34:58 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: wow2

21:35:02 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: Lisap, we know each other by our comments, our favorites, our comments our blogs.

21:35:07 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Oh I'm really getting into google reader - -it is cool.

21:35:10 joycevalenzz EdTechTalk: i like that igoogle plays so easily with google reader--personal info spaces for our kids--they push their research and feed their fish

21:35:15 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: You check people out before you add them.

21:35:28 Linda N EdTechTalk: Why do you like google reader better?

21:35:29 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: im laying w/ using iggole

21:35:31 Durff EdTechTalk: welcome back jen

21:35:38 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: I know cheryl...they want references...

21:35:39 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: It is much easier to read and find thingsl

21:35:39 JenniferW EdTechTalk: sorry --

21:35:42 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: but many widgets are blocked--bummer

21:35:45 JenniferW EdTechTalk: trying to remember how to use TABS

21:35:48 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: I've been playing back and forth for a while but now I'm back to google reader.

21:35:50 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: hi dea

21:35:51 Durff EdTechTalk: it just makes sense to me linda

21:35:53 joycevalenzz EdTechTalk: bummer!

21:35:56 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: we are not allowed to use FF at school

21:36:04 Christine Southard EdTechTalk: I like google reader too

21:36:06 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: FF?

21:36:08 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: but i think IE has a tab feature somewhere

21:36:09 JenniferW EdTechTalk: someone needs to explain Google Reader benefits to me -- it slowed my computer WAY down

21:36:14 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: I've got to do some "work" on my reader and pull my blogroll out of google reader instead of bloglines.

21:36:15 njtechteacher (ann) EdTechTalk: I find twitter really interesting but i'm just getting used to asking people if I can follow them i'm just getting started

21:36:24 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: Jen i don't like it either

21:36:28 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: I hate to leave bloglines but really I just can't keep up with it all there.

21:36:31 Durff EdTechTalk: welcome back rbiche

21:36:37 Christine Southard EdTechTalk: so quick and easy - download alerts me of # of blogs in reader

21:36:39 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: Ann im cathyjo in twitter

21:36:40 sharonp EdTechTalk: I have had to set up a different rss reader for work! Now that is desperate!

21:36:40 tansmom EdTechTalk: so if no google reader then what do you use jen?

21:36:42 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: ann, you don't ask to follow...just do it...

21:36:51 rbiche EdTechTalk: thanks Durff and thanks for the hints

21:36:52 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: Durff thanks for helping with the welcomes it is so important

21:36:53 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: we'll block you if we don't want to be followed

21:37:00 Durff EdTechTalk: $5

21:37:03 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: It is easier to read -- it is easier to use -- I don't know how it would slow it down just during the initial setup - however after it is set up it should pick up speed.

21:37:06 njtechteacher (ann) EdTechTalk: OK - thanks - it feels like I'm intruding on a party

21:37:06 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: look for me ann...lparisi

21:37:09 ColleenK EdTechTalk: Tansmom...didn't see you come in. Hi!

21:37:10 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: put it on my tab

21:37:11 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Set it up and walk away for 30 minutes for it to cache it all.

21:37:19 Durff EdTechTalk: ok cheryl

21:37:22 sroseman EdTechTalk: I am replacing bloglines with Google Reader

21:37:23 tansmom EdTechTalk: hey colleen

21:37:31 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: i still like bloglines

21:37:32 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: hi transmom

21:37:37 JenniferW EdTechTalk: TANSMOM!!!!!

21:37:39 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: i use igoogle for my blogs

21:37:41 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: but heard the beta is BAD

21:37:42 Christine Southard EdTechTalk: I'm a google girl

21:37:56 Durff EdTechTalk: t-shirt?

21:37:57 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: Hi Tansmom

21:38:00 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: Chris Craft, my SC friend hated it

21:38:01 tansmom EdTechTalk: hey everyone, I am a bit late

21:38:10 janices EdTechTalk: It's hard to change when u get used to something. I changed to Google Reader, but it wasn't comfortable for a while.

21:38:18 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Hated google reader or igoogle?

21:38:22 njtechteacher (ann) EdTechTalk: Google reader is the first one I tried and I really like it

21:38:23 ColleenK EdTechTalk: least you're here : )

21:38:25 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: transmom, there will be a podcast by friday

21:38:29 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: It is hard to change but I've been going back and forth for six months.

21:38:31 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: you can catch up by then

21:38:31 janices EdTechTalk: Now I love it. Faster and all feeds visible even when read

21:38:37 sharonp EdTechTalk: I am another google girl -

21:38:37 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: The recent changes to google reader have me hooked.

21:38:39 tansmom EdTechTalk: great, thanks cheryl

21:38:42 dougs EdTechTalk: used to have an Office of Learning Technologies too, Canada did

21:38:44 Christine Southard EdTechTalk: I have a firefox download that alerts me of blog posts for reader

21:38:51 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: It automatically marks things as read as you scroll them past your screen.

21:38:54 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: even tho i don't like google rdr, i can see the potential for students to use igoogle and google rdr

21:39:00 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Oh oH christine give us the firefox extension.

21:39:02 njtechteacher (ann) EdTechTalk: I like how I can hide the ones that haven't been updated

21:39:07 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: love igoogle

21:39:13 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: What do you use Cathy.

21:39:20 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: i use igoogle with rss slim reader for all my blogs

21:39:21 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: i use bloglines

21:39:32 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: I always want to have other options -- I rebel against monopoly -- too much of of a capitalizt.

21:39:34 Christine Southard EdTechTalk: I have a lot of Vicki Davis blogs starred in my favs

21:39:35 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: capitalist.

21:39:42 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Run away from Microsoft into the arms of Google.

21:39:47 Christine Southard EdTechTalk: LOL

21:39:55 dougs EdTechTalk: too funny Vicki

21:40:02 Megan EdTechTalk: But, Vicki, what's wrong with Microsoft ;)

21:40:04 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: WE should learn that it is important to have diversity.

21:40:05 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: goggle seems to be becoming like a monooly too

21:40:07 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: ha ha VIcki you are CRACKING ME UP ;)

21:40:12 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Nothing wrong with Microsoft or Google.

21:40:14 Durff EdTechTalk: sounds liks a romance novel Vicki

21:40:14 njtechteacher (ann) EdTechTalk: There was an article in The Economist about Google being the railroad monopoly of 2000s.

21:40:15 JenniferW EdTechTalk: Vicki -- did you have ???? for Diane???

21:40:19 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: A lot is wrong with monopoloy.

21:40:23 JenniferW EdTechTalk: come back int he skype chat :)

21:40:35 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: jen...loved your blog today

21:40:38 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: spoke to me

21:40:43 Durff EdTechTalk: park ave is ok

21:40:45 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: Miguel--what do u use for a reader?

21:40:46 JenniferW EdTechTalk: Lisa -- wow -- thank you

21:40:58 JenniferW EdTechTalk: I was closely becoming a snob

21:41:05 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: i think i am

21:41:06 JenniferW EdTechTalk: teetering on thin ice

21:41:10 Simon EdTechTalk: how do i listen?

21:41:13 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: have to back up and rething things

21:41:22 JenniferW EdTechTalk: did you like the image??

21:41:22 Durff EdTechTalk: simon - click on 'A'

21:41:23 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: rethink

21:41:27 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: always good to reflect!

21:41:30 Durff EdTechTalk: below the chat room

21:41:37 D Draper EdTechTalk: Sorry, gotta run. Will talk with you all later.

21:41:41 Durff EdTechTalk: pick an icon and click

21:41:43 dougs EdTechTalk:

21:41:46 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: bye darren...see you tomorrow

21:41:46 janices EdTechTalk: Bye Darren

21:41:48 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: bye Darren

21:41:49 JenniferW EdTechTalk: thanks DOUG

21:41:51 Durff EdTechTalk: bye darren

21:41:54 JenniferW EdTechTalk: you are our MAN OF WEB 2.0

21:41:57 dougs EdTechTalk: pleasure

21:42:02 dougs EdTechTalk: lol

21:42:04 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: We have lots of men of Web 2.0.

21:42:04 dougs EdTechTalk: thanks

21:42:14 dougs EdTechTalk: and I knew that

21:42:17 JenniferW EdTechTalk: but tonight -- with his GREAT HELP -- the ribbon goes to DOUG

21:42:25 JenniferW EdTechTalk: wear it with pride!! :)

21:42:26 Durff EdTechTalk: yeah!

21:42:31 Simon EdTechTalk: thanks, I thought so, but it says currently not streaming

21:42:34 dougs EdTechTalk: WOW has quite a following--by all genders

21:42:39 Durff EdTechTalk: hip, hip, hoorah

21:42:43 JenniferW EdTechTalk: simon -- ignore that -- I think it is a glitch!!

21:42:47 JenniferW EdTechTalk: it IS streaming

21:42:55 Simon EdTechTalk: will do

21:43:10 JenniferW EdTechTalk: 29 in chat

21:43:20 janices EdTechTalk: Cool

21:43:27 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: there are always room for more in the chat room.

21:43:31 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: squeeze in!

21:43:44 karen janowski EdTechTalk: back again but off topic - just had very interesting conversation with my son about his homework- he's supposed to read a Stephen Crane poem and refuses to read it with expression because he says school is supposed to be boring, only the teachers get excited about anything.

21:43:49 JenniferW EdTechTalk: next week -- BRING A FRIEND!! We will have a door prize!!

21:43:57 dougs EdTechTalk: great message re passion Diane

21:44:00 Durff EdTechTalk: door prize?

21:44:05 Linda N EdTechTalk: What grade karen?

21:44:05 Durff EdTechTalk: cale?

21:44:07 JenniferW EdTechTalk: grins -- YEP

21:44:10 Durff EdTechTalk: cake

21:44:11 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: oh, have his read the poem with one of the funky mac voices!

21:44:12 karen janowski EdTechTalk: senior!

21:44:13 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: i TRIED 2day to get visitors

21:44:21 JenniferW EdTechTalk: LOL -- not cake -- I can't send that through the mail :)

21:44:22 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: Karen my 7 year old wrote in his journal that if he had a maid he would send her to school for him

21:44:23 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: maybe they are lurking w/o being in the chat

21:44:23 karen janowski EdTechTalk: he has to read it in class tomorrow

21:44:31 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: durff...cake again?

21:44:34 Linda N EdTechTalk: Yes, have a junior...he scoffs at me also

21:44:35 karen janowski EdTechTalk: Kristin - now that is classic!

21:44:36 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: when at SEVEN he is disengaged....

21:44:41 Durff EdTechTalk: always parisi

21:44:42 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: oh, kristin taht is precious

21:44:44 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: i have ajunior like that

21:45:00 Durff EdTechTalk: i just had cookies

21:45:01 karen janowski EdTechTalk: that's why i'm passionate about these tools - we have to engage our kids!

21:45:11 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: most exciting thig at school so far was a friend who got caught cheating w/ his cell phone a few weeks ago

21:45:12 Linda N EdTechTalk: Same here!

21:45:16 Durff EdTechTalk: any which way

21:45:18 janices EdTechTalk: Wish I could stay. Gotta go. I'll catch the podcast.

21:45:21 Durff EdTechTalk: yes karen

21:45:23 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: NECC I am expecting a huge cake!

21:45:24 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: have him make a voice thread and read the poem with visuals

21:45:29 JenniferW EdTechTalk: wow -- water recycling in space -- honest, who would have thunk it??

21:45:34 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: great idea!!

21:45:40 JenniferW EdTechTalk: I am so naive with space station information

21:45:41 Durff EdTechTalk: who said i am going to NECC?

21:45:45 mmiller EdTechTalk: Just signed Alyson up as a WOW member now I just have to get her blog to work:p

21:45:47 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: the teacher told me he has a BASIC understading of money concepts...she apparenly has never seen him sell his sisters gifts on webkinz or count out his book order $$ and ask if he needs TAX

21:45:51 Durff EdTechTalk: are you paying?

21:46:02 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: great assessment kristin

21:46:04 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: you must durff

21:46:11 Durff EdTechTalk: i did not

21:46:14 mmiller EdTechTalk: sorry I am off task

21:46:16 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: write a have 2 hours left

21:46:17 karen janowski EdTechTalk: @cheryl - he tells me that can't do anything extra - it supposed to be boring!

21:46:18 Durff EdTechTalk: what i said was


21:46:23 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: sorry

21:46:26 JenniferW EdTechTalk: Hey Melinda -- you are going to be on our SHOW soon!!!

21:46:28 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: my hsband (an asst princ) got travel, lodging, and reg for NECC today==so I have a room anyway

21:46:30 Durff EdTechTalk: i look forward to attending

21:46:33 Simon EdTechTalk: a mile wide and an inch thick

21:46:34 karen janowski EdTechTalk: I would love for him to be able to use a voicethread!

21:46:39 Linda N EdTechTalk: I knew he would say that...

21:46:40 Durff EdTechTalk: i did not say in person

21:46:53 mmiller EdTechTalk: Yes, I have so much tech going on right now I will not know where to start

21:46:53 Durff EdTechTalk: i could attend virtually

21:46:54 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: @karen, poor kid

21:47:08 Linda N EdTechTalk: He does't believe that it would be acceptable

21:47:11 tansmom EdTechTalk: can I come CAthy? I will sleep in the bathtub

21:47:18 Durff EdTechTalk: a spider just went past....

21:47:20 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: melinda you showiul do a NECC pres on admin who use 2.0

21:47:20 JenniferW EdTechTalk: I have a van that can sleep 4

21:47:23 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: i'll take the floor

21:47:27 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: sleepover in cathyn's room at necc

21:47:31 Linda N EdTechTalk: And he just might be right

21:47:35 Durff EdTechTalk: come pick ,e up

21:47:37 JenniferW EdTechTalk: grins, if there is a LaFitness, we can shower there

21:47:40 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: my husband would really enjoy this

21:47:54 Christine Southard EdTechTalk: LOL

21:47:57 Durff EdTechTalk: and the spoider goes back up to the ceiling

21:48:02 karen janowski EdTechTalk: anyone submit to Chris Lehman's Educon in January - the deadline is today

21:48:04 mmiller EdTechTalk: That is very nice of you Cathy but I will be all over the place until I get some direction. I just try everything right now. ADHD admin

21:48:08 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: and WE need to do some qualitative research of our own

21:48:09 Durff EdTechTalk: he didn't like WOW2.0

21:48:16 dea conrad-curry EdTechTalk: I'm back

21:48:18 JenniferW EdTechTalk: I am limited to 3 conferences in 2008 -- Spring

21:48:27 JenniferW EdTechTalk: NECC, CUE, and maybe Missouri??

21:48:30 tansmom EdTechTalk: Jenn did you get your acceptance for METC?

21:48:34 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: necc is a summer thing--are u 12 mos Jen

21:48:36 JenniferW EdTechTalk: not yet??

21:48:41 Durff EdTechTalk: EduCon20, pete-c, ...?

21:48:42 JenniferW EdTechTalk: hmmmmm --

21:48:43 JenniferW EdTechTalk: LOLOL

21:48:50 Durff EdTechTalk: MICC

21:48:50 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: oh no lost sound

21:48:51 tansmom EdTechTalk: we just got ours today

21:48:57 JenniferW EdTechTalk: Isn't necc in June -- can I stretch spring??

21:49:02 Durff EdTechTalk: is that it?

21:49:06 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: yes in June

21:49:10 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: technically it is in summer

21:49:10 Durff EdTechTalk: MICCA?

21:49:19 Durff EdTechTalk: the Maryland one

21:49:36 JenniferW EdTechTalk: Tansmom -- I have heard NOTHING from Missouri yet -- should I be sad??

21:49:36 tansmom EdTechTalk: Missouri is where it's at peeps

21:49:40 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: i have 2 conf in june

21:49:42 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: gotta go put ali to bed...she and I have enjoyed listening

21:49:45 tansmom EdTechTalk: OH NO

21:49:48 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: SC Administraotrs SLI and NECC

21:49:49 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: thanks for a great night

21:49:50 ColleenK EdTechTalk: Goodnight, Lisa

21:49:51 JenniferW EdTechTalk: Night Lisa & family

21:49:54 Durff EdTechTalk: night Ali

21:49:54 lisaparisi EdTechTalk: bye

21:49:58 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: buy lisa's daughter, join wow2

21:50:01 njtechteacher (ann) EdTechTalk: Bye

21:50:06 karen janowski EdTechTalk: goodnight lisa

21:50:08 tansmom EdTechTalk: I am sure you will be in...Nancy is a bit overwhelmed right now

21:50:21 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: am beginning to think I should homeschool so my kids would get the opportunity to do all of this stuff....

21:50:23 tansmom EdTechTalk: I will investigate and get back to you asap

21:50:27 JenniferW EdTechTalk: I look forward to receiving that email

21:50:38 tansmom EdTechTalk: as do I;)

21:50:38 JenniferW EdTechTalk: I had to turn IL-ICE down -- but suggested they ask Sharon

21:50:49 tansmom EdTechTalk: I wish I could do more.

21:50:49 Durff EdTechTalk: :)

21:50:51 karen janowski EdTechTalk: @kristin - I homeschooled two of my kids in middle school and Loved it!

21:50:51 JenniferW EdTechTalk: my job doesn't want me gone the ENTIRE month of February/Mark

21:50:59 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: Kristin, your kids go to school for social, then you have them the rest of the evening and weekend to really get them going.

21:51:07 JenniferW EdTechTalk: LOL -- March

21:51:12 mmiller EdTechTalk: Bedtime for us! Can't take any more crying for chocolate milk right now:):):) Thanks again for a gret show

21:51:25 JenniferW EdTechTalk: I WANT CHOCOLATE MILK

21:51:26 tansmom EdTechTalk: who needs a conference anymore when will is ustreaming for free, right?

21:51:27 Durff EdTechTalk: nite!

21:51:28 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: by melinda, see you soon

21:51:42 mmiller EdTechTalk: :):):)

21:51:43 JenniferW EdTechTalk: any questions for Diane

21:51:46 Durff EdTechTalk: yes tansmom

21:51:54 njtechteacher (ann) EdTechTalk: I teach computers at my kid's school - so I'm working my way into all this at the school

21:52:00 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: one of my faves Dianne

21:52:04 mmiller EdTechTalk: I am going to want more than chocolate milk if someone doesn't go to bed soon:):):):)

21:52:09 karen janowski EdTechTalk: @tansmom - agreed!

21:52:17 Durff EdTechTalk: choc chip cookies

21:52:19 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: that would be a great wow of the week

21:52:24 Durff EdTechTalk: warm ones

21:52:24 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: chocolate martinis at my house

21:52:30 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: yum

21:52:38 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: bleak

21:52:44 tansmom EdTechTalk: so I am worried I won't be ready for k12 online conference

21:52:47 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: bleck

21:52:48 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: Cheryl I m coming to YOUR HOUSE

21:52:50 tansmom EdTechTalk: do I need to download stuff?

21:52:55 sroseman EdTechTalk: are you having great fall colours, Cheryl

21:52:56 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: come on!

21:53:08 mmiller EdTechTalk: before I leave who here is from Missouri? I saw something in the chat

21:53:10 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: they are going to be peak this weekend up in the mtns.

21:53:16 karen janowski EdTechTalk: @kristin what would be a great wow?

21:53:18 tansmom EdTechTalk: it's me

21:53:19 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: fall colors--its all green here and HOT 90 today

21:53:25 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: i think it is a confernece jen is attending

21:53:26 sharonp EdTechTalk: Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend

21:53:27 sroseman EdTechTalk: biking is beautiful here

21:53:29 tansmom EdTechTalk: MO girl now, but husker at heart

21:53:32 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: oh, good transmom

21:53:38 JenniferW EdTechTalk: HOPEFULLY -- not for sure yet

21:53:43 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: the ocean is still 8

21:53:45 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: oh, Sharon, that was going to be my closing!

21:53:49 sroseman EdTechTalk: I was up in the Laurentians

21:53:49 tansmom EdTechTalk: why do you ask mmiller?

21:53:51 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: 85

21:53:51 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: the main blog when it comes out would be a great wow

21:53:54 mmiller EdTechTalk: I am in Willard Mo just wondered where you were from

21:54:03 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: here is ocean is 58, warm for oct. and kayaking

21:54:05 Durff EdTechTalk: where is that?

21:54:08 tansmom EdTechTalk: @mmiller, cool

21:54:13 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: brrr cheryl

21:54:15 karen janowski EdTechTalk: challenging to listen to WOW, chat AND help my son with his homework!

21:54:19 karen janowski EdTechTalk: can't multitask!

21:54:26 tansmom EdTechTalk: I visited there, I am in Branson

21:54:29 Durff EdTechTalk: multi-tasking

21:54:30 sharonp EdTechTalk: yes, unusually warm weather here in Montreal - for a couple of weeks now

21:54:34 sroseman EdTechTalk: very warm here in Ontario

21:54:39 tansmom EdTechTalk: do you know chip gann?

21:54:43 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Think of so many connection type experiences and how we could use them in class.

21:54:52 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: What kind of connections could happen to teach math?

21:55:02 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: isn't nasa in SL-or is that noaa

21:55:03 sroseman EdTechTalk: was in Montreal on Sunday

21:55:07 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: How about a lead economist or someone connecting with students.

21:55:20 dougs EdTechTalk: Diane, do you have any classes from Victoria, BC involved in yesican?

21:55:27 dea conrad-curry EdTechTalk: I am pretty frustrated here in my hotel room...I keep losing my connection and your conversation this week is just what I am looking for...connecting in math and science

21:55:40 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Or how about kids learning about farms connecting with and asking farmers questions through their farmers organizations.

21:55:41 dougs EdTechTalk: canadarm too!

21:55:45 Durff EdTechTalk: it will be a podcast

21:55:47 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: dea be sure to come back every week

21:55:47 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: dea, there will be a podcast by friday, come back to

21:55:56 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Non profit organizations can be great connections.

21:56:00 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: and the chat will be posted too

21:56:04 sharonp EdTechTalk: yes, I know some engineers who worked on the canadarm

21:56:07 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: PR departments of companies need to make their key employees accessible to students.

21:56:11 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: someon edit out the martini talk

21:56:16 dougs EdTechTalk: lol

21:56:23 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: chat is posted too

21:56:25 JenniferW EdTechTalk: LOL -- why??

21:56:27 dea conrad-curry EdTechTalk: Yes, I will.

21:56:40 JenniferW EdTechTalk: DEA -- where are you???

21:56:48 Durff EdTechTalk: so we have no excuse not to blog

21:57:06 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: We can blog, we can connect. We can connect our students with others.

21:57:07 Durff EdTechTalk: uh-oh i'm in trouble then

21:57:08 dougs EdTechTalk: thanks Cheryl

21:57:12 tansmom EdTechTalk: gotta go put tans to bed..

21:57:16 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: true durff, if Clay can blog from space, we can blog from terra firma

21:57:17 dougs EdTechTalk: and Diane

21:57:17 tansmom EdTechTalk: cu all

21:57:18 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Wow! Cool Everythign is in the public domain.

21:57:21 JenniferW EdTechTalk: Night TANS -- Mac is SLEEPING

21:57:22 ColleenK EdTechTalk: Bye, Amy!

21:57:23 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Think of the legacy --- wow-

21:57:34 tansmom EdTechTalk: bye all- nice to chat

21:57:35 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Archivable legacy. That is great.

21:57:39 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Goodbye.

21:57:40 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: yes we were missing the mewo-mix 2night

21:57:49 Durff EdTechTalk: Meow

21:57:54 JenniferW EdTechTalk: I tried to get him on the mic

21:57:57 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: roar okay

21:57:58 Durff EdTechTalk: is that ok?

21:58:05 JenniferW EdTechTalk: rearranged furniture and he is angry

21:58:07 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: purr...

21:58:18 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: that will upset them

21:58:19 Durff EdTechTalk: or mic shy

21:58:32 JenniferW EdTechTalk: I am moving in 2 months and already dreading Mac's thoughts of it

21:58:38 Durff EdTechTalk: hi jo!

21:58:43 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: Hi Jo, so good to see yo

21:58:51 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: my ats handled our move great

21:58:55 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: cats

21:58:59 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: 2

21:59:11 jomcleay EdTechTalk: Hi Cheryl, think I should have logged on sonner

21:59:13 dougs EdTechTalk: sounds like a great project for youthvoices

21:59:21 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: we r in an apt and they want to go out all the time

21:59:23 jomcleay EdTechTalk: Hi Lisa

21:59:27 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Hi Jo!

21:59:29 Durff EdTechTalk: :)

21:59:38 dougs EdTechTalk: isn't that ironic (ok sad) that the literacy secretariate doesn't "get" blogging?

21:59:38 jomcleay EdTechTalk: Howdy Vicki

21:59:41 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Yes -- youth voices. It is a great place.

22:00:04 jomcleay EdTechTalk: lots of people in chat!

22:00:26 CathyNelson in SC EdTechTalk: gotta go ladies--c'ya

22:00:39 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: I am amazed about the communication...think of how many school slose wireless on a daily basis and there they are blogging from SPACE

22:00:44 Durff EdTechTalk: 23 in chat?

22:00:48 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: DAVID JAKES WHOOO HOOO

22:01:07 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: wow for WOW

22:01:13 Durff EdTechTalk: Ewan!!!

22:01:17 jomcleay EdTechTalk: what a lot has happening in 12 months

22:01:19 dougs EdTechTalk: whoa WOW Rocks indeed

22:01:23 jomcleay EdTechTalk: heppened

22:01:29 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: lots of male guests on the WOMEN of web2.0 show hee hee hee

22:01:33 jomcleay EdTechTalk: happened

22:01:45 njtechteacher (ann) EdTechTalk: I have a quick k12 online conference question - are they videos, like this, all of the above?

22:01:59 jomcleay EdTechTalk: goodie cake! Virtual cake

22:01:59 Durff EdTechTalk: thank you for the memories - CAKE!

22:02:01 sharonp EdTechTalk: I am looking forward to both those fellows next week - Ewan will be (is in) NZ

22:02:05 Simon EdTechTalk: Me

22:02:06 dougs EdTechTalk: and happy Columbus Day to all those stateside

22:02:07 sroseman EdTechTalk: Thanks

22:02:11 sroseman EdTechTalk: yes

22:02:18 Durff EdTechTalk: PIE?

22:02:19 JenniferW EdTechTalk: we should have a BEST OF WOW2 and outtakes

22:02:26 SandyB EdTechTalk: Thanks, enlightening as always ladies....

22:02:28 Simon EdTechTalk: THANK you

22:02:33 jomcleay EdTechTalk: Just heard Ewan via Allanahk in NZ

22:02:33 sroseman EdTechTalk: thanks again

22:02:35 lori a EdTechTalk: Night and Thanks

22:02:39 sroseman EdTechTalk: great session

22:02:49 Megan EdTechTalk: TY

22:02:50 ColleenK EdTechTalk: Super show...thanks!

22:02:57 Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Bye everyone!

22:03:01 jomcleay EdTechTalk: Bye all

22:03:07 Durff EdTechTalk: hey Vicki!

22:03:14 dougs EdTechTalk: well done all--wonderful show

22:03:16 Durff EdTechTalk: bye Jo

22:03:16 jomcleay EdTechTalk: or is there a post show?

22:03:18 JenniferW EdTechTalk: off to another meeting

22:03:22 JenniferW EdTechTalk: short POST SHOW

22:03:23 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: in my family we celebrate winnie the pooh's Bday, not when columbus came and messed with the natives

22:03:24 Durff EdTechTalk: always

22:03:36 Durff EdTechTalk: no running

22:03:43 jomcleay EdTechTalk: I don't have to go yet. Still on hols

22:03:54 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: thanks all

22:04:00 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: as usual FANTASTIC

22:05:03 Linda N EdTechTalk: Thanks and night!

22:05:14 cheryl oakes wow2.o EdTechTalk: thanks all for a great show!

22:05:19 njtechteacher (ann) EdTechTalk: Thanks goodnight

22:05:27 alicebarr EdTechTalk: Thanks!

22:05:27 jomcleay EdTechTalk: thanks

22:05:57 Durff EdTechTalk: ciao!

22:27:40 mspies Webcast Academy: anyone here

22:27:44 mspies Webcast Academy: ?

22:28:12 mspies EdTechTalk: what is this forum about

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