Making Connections # 15 - Basics of Building a Webquest

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Rendy King and Freda Ballard will share the webcast they created for a workshop for teachers @ Meredith College. Don't miss this take to school tool for math!

See ya @ 7:00 EST

Here are the support materials to go with the show.

Directions for new learners:
Important info
WebQuest websites identified by participants during the Meredith Mathematics Institutes- Summer 2007
WinZip Directions

A Day at the Beach
Beach rubric
Beach References
A Day at the Beach Reading Resources
A Day at the Beach References
Beach Connections for NCSCOS
Clean UP and Recording Sheet A
Where do they live? Recording Sheet B
What's Missing - Recording Sheet C
How big is big? - recording Sheet D

Surf Sand and Sky (PowerPoint converted to Flash)
Surf Sand and Sky (PowerPoint file)
Lesson template 1
Lesson template 2

Mission Webquest (PowerPoint converted to Flash)
Mission Webquest (PowerPoint file)
Read First Doc
Dig It - A webQuest for 4th Grade (Links to documents have been added individually)
Gardening Chart
Gardening Recording Sheet A
Gardeneing Recording Sheet B
Five "Key Strategies" for Effective Formative Assessment - NCTM
Effective Teaching for the Development of Skill and Conceptual Understanding of Number: What is Most Effective? - NCTM
Futures Channel

Have you ever had students say to you, "I don't need math, I'm going to be a musician!"  Why not introduce them to world-renowned drummer Ndugu Chancler, who explains why math is essential to music?

Watch the movie:


The Notebook
Leader Notes
Installing Netscape 7.0
Template Download
Creating Webquest

Fonts and Backgrounds

Adding Google Images
Hotlinking Addresses
Hyperlinking Words
Hyperlinking Images to a document

Website Hyperlink
Create Teacher Page

Student Page Components
Teacher Page Components



Looking forward to the show!

Looking forward to the show!