Ed21 Unconference 2009 Ustream Recordings

Ed21 Unconference 2009

Recorded live on Saturday February 21, 2009 in Cerritos California.

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 Ed21 Unconference Part 1

Introduction and Jose Hernandez, Director of School Services, Los Angeles Unified School District, Local District 6



 Ed21 Unconference Part 2

Jose Hernandez continued and Jill Lomheim-Wade, Educator - Hacienda La Puente Unified SD - Teacher of the Year. La Puente High  School - TOY & Los Angeles County Teacher of the Year 08-09




 Ed21 Unconference Part 3

Dr. Daniel Montes, a graduate of Stanford and UCLA medical school, who works as a hospitalist, a hospital-based family physician who
specializes in research

Al Castillo, Director of School Services, Los Angeles Unified School District, Local District 6



Ed21 Unconference Part 4

Ed21 Wrap up and closing remarks. 

Text Chat from EdTechTalk Live Page


 09:29:27  javiernavarro7  : Hi
 10:20:26  JoseR  : Hola Javier
 10:20:29  JoseR  : Hi
 10:26:53  JoseR  : tesing
 10:26:58  JoseR  : testing
 10:28:59  JoseR  : Hey Jon.. Welcome to the party
 10:29:32  JoseR  : http://www.penmachine.com/podcast/
 10:29:47  Jon Chaikittirattana  : Good morning Jose...it's great to be here.
 10:35:49  JoseR  : Preshow starting in 25min
 10:51:18  JoseR  : Welcome Kcarter
 10:51:25  JoseR  : are you here onsite?
 10:52:11  kcarter  : I am connecting from Swan River, Manitoba, Canada
 10:57:03  Jon Chaikittirattana  : Welcome Kcarter.
 11:00:02  JoseR  : oops looks we lost kcarter
 11:00:20  JoseR  : he'll come back
 11:12:57  JoseR  : Hola Pilar... empezamos en unos 20minutos
 11:13:16  Pilar Soro (spain)  : ya lo se queria probar si funcionaba con Vista
 11:13:34  JoseR  : bien
 11:13:44  Pilar Soro (spain)  : hasta luego
 11:13:50  JoseR  : ok
 11:14:34  JoseR  : Hi JoNelle
 11:14:40  JoseR  : are you onsite?
 11:15:02  JoNelle  : not yet just turning on everything
 11:15:05  Jon Chaikittirattana  : Hi JoNelle.
 11:15:06  JoseR  : Hey edblogger
 11:15:12  JoseR  : cool
 11:15:13  Jon Chaikittirattana  : hey edblogger
 11:15:28  JoNelle  : Hi from SC
 11:15:30  Jon Chaikittirattana  : Hi Jose
 11:15:36  Jon Chaikittirattana  : SC?
 11:15:38  ED21 Blogger  : Hello glad you are joining us tody
 11:15:51  JoNelle  : south carolina, usa
 11:15:57  JoseR  : cool
 11:16:11  Jon Chaikittirattana  : great jonelle
 11:16:15  JoseR  : we are starting live broadcast in 15min
 11:16:16  ED21 Blogger  : I meant today, I will get it I promise
 11:16:18  JoNelle  : came from twitter what is the topic?
 11:16:33  Jon Chaikittirattana  : 21st century learning
 11:16:37  JoseR  : UnConference Innovation and Education
 11:16:42  JoNelle  : great
 11:16:48  JoseR  : Hey Cal
 11:17:03  Cal  : Morning... I'm a little early
 11:17:19  JoseR  : just a bit... we are staring in about 15min
 11:17:34  Cal  : Yeah... I got the tweet so I logged in...
 11:17:45  Jon Chaikittirattana  : good morning cal.
 11:17:52  JoseR  : Introduce yourself... I am a third grade teacher in L.A.
 11:18:04  JoseR  : Hi from Janice...
 11:18:18  JoseR  : I am here onsite.. doing some backchannel action
 11:18:21  JoNelle  : Technology specialst /instuctor from SC
 11:18:58  Jon Chaikittirattana  : hello lloydcrew...where are you joining us from?
 11:19:55  JoseR  : live strem starting in about 10min
 11:20:11  JoseR  : stream that is
 11:20:15  lloydcrew  : Sorry for the delay...I was making oatmeal cookies.  I am from Newton, MA
 11:20:25  JoseR  : welcome 
 11:20:51  Jon Chaikittirattana  : hello from california
 11:21:03  Jon Chaikittirattana  : Gwade where are you joining us from?
 11:21:06  JoseR  : topics today include 21st Century: Learner, teaching, "real world" and Leadership
 11:21:18  Jon Chaikittirattana  : an oatmeal cookie would be great right now...
 11:21:21  Cal  : Cal in Ontario, Canada... wondering how to share the oatmeal cookies
 11:21:32  JoseR  : we are having 4 talks with inbetween conversation..
 11:21:48  JoseR  : :_0 @cal
 11:21:56  Jon Chaikittirattana  : want to hear all your thoughts on the 4 talks...
 11:22:10  Jon Chaikittirattana  : hope you can stay on and watch...participate.
 11:22:21  ED21 Blogger  : The atmosphere in the interM building in Cerritos, CA is great.  Every is currently networking and getting ready for what will be an out of this world conference experience.  Brace yourselfs and get ready to enjoy the ride.
 11:22:27  JoseR  : thanks  these are local educators.. trying to connect with the world
 11:23:11  lloydcrew  : Thanks!
 11:23:21  JoseR  : Hi abigail
 11:23:22  Jon Chaikittirattana  : good morning abigail...welcome to ed21
 11:23:32  Jon Chaikittirattana  : where are you joining us from?
 11:23:34  lloydcrew  : I would love to share the cookies if I could figure out how!
 11:23:43  abigail249  : Greetings  I'm in Bangor Maine
 11:23:54  Jon Chaikittirattana  : a virtual cookielol
 11:24:10  abigail249  : I was wondering how to register an Institute for the calendar. Does anyone know?
 11:24:12  Jon Chaikittirattana  : good morning liamondonnell
 11:24:15  liamodonnell  : greetings edus
 11:25:16  JoseR  : @jon how do you register for calendar?
 11:25:41  JoseR  : Welcome everyone.. going live in 5min
 11:26:09  abigail249  : what is going live in 5 minutes
 11:26:20  JoseR  : our video ustream onsite...
 11:26:33  JoseR  : today we ustreaming video from the unconference
 11:26:38  abigail249  : oh sorry  I've just started to see what's on this site.
 11:27:19  JoseR  : btw... Welcome to .. a bunch of cool people
 11:27:22  Cal  : will it just start on the screen there > or will we have to do something?
 11:27:48  JoseR  : yep.. you'll click on the play button once we start
 11:28:05  JoseR  : Jvaldez welcome
 11:28:14  abigail249  : does anyone know how to add a calendar item?
 11:28:30  JoseR  : to what calendar abigail?
 11:28:48  Jon Chaikittirattana  : Hi small technically glitch...I'm back on.
 11:29:01  JoseR  : welcome back jon
 11:29:27  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @abigail...I'm not sure what calendar you're talking about.
 11:30:33  Jon Chaikittirattana  : hello jlomheim...where are you joining us from?
 11:32:03  JoseR  : starting in a bit
 11:32:44  abigail249  : Under the heading  there is a link "calendar"
 11:32:54  Jon Chaikittirattana  : hi maureen...where are you joining us from?
 11:33:20  Maureen  : Hi Jon, FromMassachusetts. Is there audio?
 11:33:46  JValdez  : All our conference attendees are now taking their seats.  We should be starting soon.
 11:35:05  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @maureen greetings from California.
 11:35:16  JoseR  : setting up the audio right now..  almost ready
 11:37:24  JoseR  : welcome everyone  just hooking up our audio
 11:38:14  Jon Chaikittirattana  : hi kgreen. where you joining us from?
 11:38:38  kgreen5  : Fullerton, CA
 11:38:40  Jon Chaikittirattana  : hi, jkblomheim...where are you joining us from?
 11:39:03  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @ kgreen...a local.
 11:39:13  Jon Chaikittirattana  : hi anders.
 11:39:21  Jon Chaikittirattana  : where are you joining us from?
 11:39:27  JoseR  :  ok going live.. you can click on the play buttton id you are attending virtually
 11:39:37  JoseR  : on ustream window
 11:39:57  Anders  : Hi Jon
 11:40:02  Anders  : I´m from Sweden
 11:40:23  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @ anders awesome....what time is it there right now?
 11:40:42  JoseR  : Hi from Sourthen California
 11:40:53  Anders  : In Sweden 17.40 5.40 PM?
 11:40:54  jlomheim  : How cool.... I am from the OC!
 11:41:53  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @ anders, hope you can stay on for all the talks...
 11:42:08  jlomheim  : Enjoy the talks guys ... it should be amazing!
 11:42:45  Anders  : Sure... but only for a 1/2 hour or so
 11:43:01  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @ jlomheim...absolutely.
 11:43:01  JoseR  : how is the audio on ustream? 
 11:43:05  JoNelle  : hear/see nothing
 11:43:18  Jon Chaikittirattana  : how we doing on steam jose?
 11:43:19  JoseR  : click on play button
 11:43:29  Jon Chaikittirattana  : thanks jose
 11:43:33  JoseR  : starting now
 11:43:33  Anders  : Same here/see=0 hear=yes
 11:43:57  JValdez  : Currently we are hearing Carlos Garibaldi discussing the purpose of the 3x5 cards we will be using.
 11:44:23  JoNelle  : hmmm still clicking,  nothing
 11:44:42  JValdez  : Josie Pajon is reading today's conference motivation
 11:44:57  lloydcrew  : is everyone hearing something?
 11:45:03  Anders  : Is this chat the same as ustreamchat?
 11:45:11  JValdez  : Welcome by Jim Wiswell
 11:46:31  JValdez  : All attendees are being asked to begin blogging/ chatting at their tables and answer the question, "How do you learn?"
 11:46:32  Jon Chaikittirattana  : Jim has asked the particpants "How do you learn?
 11:47:01  Jon Chaikittirattana  : Hi pilar
 11:47:11  JValdez  : Attendees are being sked to talk amongst each other
 11:47:13  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @pilar where are you joining us from?
 11:47:42  kblomheim  : The image is down... and I have no sound...what's happening?
 11:48:02  JoseR  : Hey we are now live
 11:48:04  Jon Chaikittirattana  : How do you learn?
 11:48:13  JoNelle  : see mage now no audio
 11:48:17  JoseR  : We'll get some audio
 11:48:26  JValdez  : Interesting conversations are taking place.  Attendees are truly connecting
 11:48:28  Jon Chaikittirattana  : hi guest...where are you joiniing us from?
 11:48:30  lloydcrew  : I learn by doodling.
 11:48:37  JoseR  : audio is coming
 11:48:58  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @llodcrew...what do you mean by doodling?
 11:49:12  JoNelle  : I learn by clicking and see what happens (doing)
 11:49:24  Jon Chaikittirattana  : I truly learn by doing.
 11:49:25  JoseR  : welcome everyone
 11:49:34  Jon Chaikittirattana  : hi nv27
 11:49:41  kblomheim  : I learn by talking about the process and doing it
 11:49:42  NV27  : By seeing and doing
 11:49:45  Jon Chaikittirattana  : nv27 where are you joining us from?
 11:50:21  lloydcrew  : drawing ideas out, drawing as I listen
 11:50:40  NV27  : What do you mean? What school?
 11:51:17  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @nv27...school? state? country?
 11:51:37  JoNelle  : have audio! slide volume on player
 11:51:44  NV27  : Nueva Vista El, Bell, Ca
 11:51:49  JoseR  : we have participants on the floor sharing right now
 11:52:07  NV27  : I'm at the ED21 conference :)
 11:52:12  kblomheim  : hey jlomheim
 11:52:25  Jon Chaikittirattana  : This may sound clicheish, but I also truly learn from my experierences and reflection of those experiences. 
 11:52:25  jlomheim  : Hey Mom
 11:52:38  Jon Chaikittirattana  : hi slam.
 11:52:42  jlomheim  : I learn from reflection ...
 11:52:44  liamodonnell  : howdy from sunny & snowy toronto ed21 crew
 11:52:53  JoseR  : audio meets ETT standards.. It's listenable..
 11:52:53  Jon Chaikittirattana  : hi ffernandez.
 11:52:56  JoseR  : :)
 11:53:22  liamodonnell  : @JoseR  lol'd and seconded :)
 11:53:31  JoseR  : Janice is walking around the room getting feedback to essential question
 11:53:48  Anders  : I don´t get it... the ustream is ok... but what is happening?
 11:53:51  JoseR  : How do you learn
 11:54:38  JoseR  : Sorry we started a few minutes ago... sorry we didn't broadcast intro
 11:55:16  JoseR  : check out http://ed21online.com for more info
 11:55:32  slam  : our table: learning by working with others, learning by teaching, learning by doing
 11:55:55  jlomheim  : I learn by doing
 11:56:08  JoseR  : Welcome all... Well I learn by see, digesting... doing... and doing again. :)
 11:56:54  kgreen5  : I learn by being engaged in the conversation, topic, etc.
 11:56:56  JoseR  : so... when do we thow away the pencil? or is there a new kind of pencil?
 11:56:59  liamodonnell  : learning by playing is big one with me and my students
 11:57:02  Jon Chaikittirattana  : hi frank
 11:57:21  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @frank where are you joining us from?
 11:57:31  Frank  : Hello, B.C. Canada...
 11:57:34  JoseR  : @kgreen  agree... converatoins take us back to
 11:57:47  kblomheim  : kgreen I agree too
 11:57:58  JoseR  : ok k..
 11:58:07  JoseR  : :)
 11:58:17  liamodonnell  : @JoseR  keep the pencil  it'll be the most equitable communication tool for a while yet
 11:58:35  Jon Chaikittirattana  : liamodonnell...play is important to learning...i think as adults we forget about playing.
 11:58:45  JoseR  : @liamodennelll  darn I guess I have to agree.
 11:59:23  JValdez  : Mr. Wiswell is on stage:  Today is about our imagination.
 11:59:26  JoseR  : hey ....
 11:59:50  Jon Chaikittirattana  : i think today is about the what if?s?
 11:59:59  JoseR  : Hey we are learning about imaginanation in our Language Arts Unit.
 12:00:20  Jon Chaikittirattana  : hi janice, where are you joining us from?
 12:00:21  JoseR  : We just read the biography of Picasso.. a man with imagination
 12:00:43  JoseR  : kind of weird but cool.. Picasso that is
 12:01:13  Jon Chaikittirattana  : hi armen013...where are you joining us from?
 12:01:23  JValdez  : Having the conversation "Lots of Chaos,confusion, to be sure
 12:01:47  JValdez  : Wiswell Sometimes we don't know the end result
 12:02:02  Servando.Ortega  : Conversation+Trust=Collaboration
 12:02:19  JValdez  : Wiswell " Do you thik we can have the conversation?"
 12:02:34  JoseR  : Hola Pilar bienvenida...
 12:02:51  JValdez  : Our first speaker is being introduce.  Mr. Jose A. Hernandez will be speaking on 21 Century Learning
 12:03:05  JValdez  : Let's welcome Mr. Hernandez
 12:03:07  JoseR  : LAUSD in the House!!!!!
 12:03:21  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @servando, conflict i believe important to collaboration...w/o it you have no trust.
 12:03:21  JValdez  : It sure is
 12:03:22  armen013  : I'm at the Ed21 Conference this am.
 12:03:37  Janice S  : 4 topics  Jose Hernandez 1st with 21st century learning
 12:04:06  JoseR  : Our First topc.... is 21st Century Learning
 12:04:06  Pilar Soro  : Hellow
 12:04:56  Jon Chaikittirattana  : Jose has asked what have you learned?
 12:05:09  JoseR  : Hello Pilar where are connecting from today?  De donde nos escuchas hoy?
 12:05:27  JValdez  : Mr. Hernandez is currently reflecting of his days in primary and secondary schooling.  He does not remember much of what that was like
 12:05:56  Servando.Ortega  : What skills are important for our students to prepare them for the 21st century learning?  Is the academic or the skills for learning?
 12:06:04  JoseR  : I remember the girls
 12:06:14  Jon Chaikittirattana  : Jose brings up a good question...I think we study things in school, but do we really learn or just regurgitate facts for test purposes.
 12:06:36  JoseR  : Hi Javier..
 12:07:03  jackiegerstein  : I feel that the schools stole my time  I recall so little information of my k12 education  I refuse to steal my own students' time.
 12:07:33  JoseR  : @jackie.. then welcome to the club
 12:07:39  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @servando, i believe that they we must prepare students to think criticall, ask good questi, and also the ability to adapt.
 12:07:51  JoseR  : Hi david
 12:07:54  Servando.Ortega  : What is important the assessments we give our students and evaluate their scores, or the learning that is occuring everday in the class?
 12:07:56  Jon Chaikittirattana  : hi david
 12:08:05  JValdez  : Mr. Hernandez is doing aquick activity with the attendees by having them answer several sample test questions to warm up the audience.
 12:08:35  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @servando the learning occuring in the class in my opinion
 12:09:02  jackiegerstein  : : ) @JoseR
 12:09:38  Janice S  : Test questions don't prepare us for learning
 12:09:40  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @david where are you joining us from?
 12:09:44  Servando.Ortega  : How does learning permenante in preparing for the challenges of the future?
 12:10:00  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @jstearns...I agree.
 12:10:16  NV27  : It was the things that mattered to me that I learned
 12:10:19  liamodonnell  : @servando  i agree with Jon Chaikittirattan  students will quickly forget the answers they put on tests but will remember the process of memorizing those answers
 12:10:37  JValdez  : Mr. Hernandez What is the purpose of EDUCATION?
 12:10:41  NV27  : I can remember those teachers who made it their point to make things matter to me
 12:11:08  JoseR  : HI Angela...
 12:11:11  JValdez  : A book that makes Mr. Hernandez think is "The Global Achievement Gap"
 12:11:12  kblomheim  : the sound is bad
 12:11:16  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @NV2....so how as educators do we make things matter for kids?
 12:11:24  angela maiers  : Hi Jose and Friends!
 12:11:27  JoseR  : a bit of a buzz on the audio... working on that right now
 12:11:28  Servando.Ortega  : Janice, will the slides be avaliable online?
 12:11:33  Jon Chaikittirattana  : hi angela...where are you joining us from?
 12:11:38  NV27  : Make things interesting/relevant for them!
 12:11:48  NV27  : We need to teach ourselves how to do that
 12:11:48  angela maiers  : From very cold Iowa
 12:12:06  Janice S  : Yes, after the conference, at http://ed21online.ning.com
 12:12:14  JoseR  : Welcome angela... great to have you here this morning
 12:12:15  JValdez  : Behaviors for 21st Century Learning is Questioning
 12:12:25  Janice S  : You'll need to sign up, but it will be great.
 12:12:27  angela maiers  : Sound is fuzzy it is just me?
 12:12:30  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @angela we won't brag about california temps at chilly 65 degrees...
 12:12:35  JValdez  : Anothe rbehavior is Real World Problem Solving
 12:12:40  kblomheim  : me too angela
 12:13:05  kblomheim  : good question
 12:13:06  angela maiers  : Big disconnect between what kids are doing and real world applications
 12:13:09  JoseR  : Higher level questioning... but will be ready for the test..  ah I get it the test is the real world
 12:13:15  kblomheim  : absolutely!
 12:13:17  Servando.Ortega  : The skills mentioned by Jose Hernandez are the skills that prepare our students for the global community
 12:13:24  JValdez  : 3rd behavior is Collaboration Across Networks.  Why is it so difficult to network with each other?
 12:13:35  angela maiers  : We need to teach students to be question askers reather than question answerers
 12:13:58  angela maiers  : Mental adaptability yes!
 12:14:27  jackiegerstein  : Problem finding is just as important as problem solving
 12:14:37  angela maiers  : What teachers struggle with is HOW to teach this they get the need, but these conversations are NOT in the teachers manual
 12:14:44  angela maiers  : Just lost feed
 12:14:45  kblomheim  : oh, no!
 12:14:58  liamodonnell  : ack  lost video
 12:15:04  kblomheim  : ditto
 12:15:26  kblomheim  : back on...yeah
 12:15:44  angela maiers  : Got it!
 12:15:58  angela maiers  : Can you give me background on the speaker?
 12:16:10  angela maiers  : He is right on!!!!
 12:16:46  Servando.Ortega  : Do we collaborate at our school sites?  We are stuck in the 20th century?  We must start with our students, our peers, and with other schools.
 12:16:51  liamodonnell  : can camera show more of his slides please?
 12:17:02  JoseR  : getting ustream back on.
 12:17:07  JoseR  : one sec..
 12:17:26  JoseR  : or two
 12:17:36  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @angela, teacher, school coordinat, AP, Principal, Director...
 12:17:46  angela maiers  : Many teachers see 21st C skills of collaboration, connection, content creation as "extra" not central. Content delivery is still king
 12:18:13  angela maiers  : thanks Jon I love his message
 12:18:15  kapil  : hi everyone , this is kapil from india , its 10 48 pm here, i think i missed a lot
 12:18:22  Servando.Ortega  : Can we use collaboration as a spring board to move to skills needed?
 12:18:34  angela maiers  : Hi Kapil!
 12:18:37  JoseR  : Hi david..
 12:18:48  Jon Chaikittirattana  : wlecome kapil...jose is our first speaker...stay on for 3 more...
 12:18:55  JoseR  : We are off the air for a bit.. working on getting back on 
 12:19:06  looking  : thanks for letting us know
 12:19:12  JoseR  : should be up within a minute or so
 12:19:32  angela maiers  : We are adabtable we can handle it!
 12:19:41  liamodonnell  : greetings kapil!
 12:19:46  angela maiers  : What do you all do?
 12:20:16  angela maiers  : Are you on Twitter?
 12:20:20  JoseR  : looks we are back on
 12:20:29  kapil  : i am a software developer in day job and an edtech enthusiast
 12:20:39  liamodonnell  : first year grade 1 teacher in toronto  http://twitter.com/liamodonnell :)
 12:20:40  kapil  : yes , i am on twitter as kapil1312
 12:20:47  mgalindolausd  : From India? amazing. Superintendent from Local District 6 of the Los Angeles Unified School District
 12:20:58  angela maiers  : I am @angelamaiers on Twitter
 12:21:01  JoseR  : sorry about the drop.. in ustream...
 12:21:19  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @angela...i think cotent delivery is king because of the "curse of knowledge."
 12:21:42  JoseR  : ustream101  don't let peole hijackyou dedicated ip.. and if they do..kick them out :)
 12:21:50  JoseR  : Hi javier
 12:22:11  angela maiers  : I teach kids when your questions stop learning ceases
 12:22:30  JoseR  : We do have a local recording that will be posted on ED21online after the conference
 12:22:39  mgalindolausd  : Someone mentioned earlier about the content being king, but I would ask what message are teachers and administrators being given?
 12:22:51  angela maiers  : Excellent can you send the link!
 12:22:55  JValdez  : Mr. Hernandez has asked the question, "What if?"
 12:23:13  JValdez  : ED21 Talk#1 has ended
 12:23:19  liamodonnell  : @angela maiers  thnx for twitter deets  now following
 12:23:20  JoseR  : Welcome Mr. Galindo
 12:23:48  mgalindolausd  : I am glad to be here. What if we gave a different message?
 12:23:53  Jon Chaikittirattana  : hi terin, where are you joining us from?
 12:23:53  angela maiers  : What if these skills, theses habits and attitudes were labeled , sustained, and attencded to everyday in every classroom...what if?
 12:23:54  JValdez  : Mr. Wiswell is on stage doing the transition to ED21 Talk #2
 12:24:21  JoseR  : Hi Frank
 12:24:34  JValdez  : But before that attendees will have the opportunity to do Table Talk/ Chatting
 12:24:36  angela maiers  : I love our table!
 12:24:49  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @mgalindo...What would the message be? how will it be done in?
 12:24:52  JoseR  : Best table to be at @angela
 12:25:04  mgalindolausd  : What if these habits were sustained every time administrators, teachers and parent came together?
 12:25:07  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @angela our table is the best.
 12:25:13  JValdez  : They will use a purple 3x5 card to write any reflections they may have for the ED21 team to look at later
 12:25:34  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @mgalindo, sustainability is key to everything...
 12:25:35  JValdez  : Discussion amongst the tables as begun
 12:26:13  angela maiers  : I teach schools to take these skills through a 3 step process NAME IT, CLAIM IT, SUSTAIN IT
 12:26:18  JoseR  : Back to some table talk.
 12:26:19  NV27  : technology, technology, technology!
 12:26:30  JoseR  : so what's the quesition again?
 12:26:31  JValdez  : The table next to me is discussing how one teacher poses questions for her students to keep them engaged
 12:26:37  David  : TECNOLOGY!!!
 12:26:59  kgreen5  : Must leave for daughter's soccer game now  thanks ... I'll try to learn something at soccer too =)
 12:27:03  JValdez  : In addition, the use of technology to do things that in earlier years were not done, like online shopping.
 12:27:13  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @Jose how? why? what ifs?
 12:27:23  slam  : 21st century classroom  thinking is from the students, the classroom is less structured
 12:27:23  mgalindolausd  : At our table we are talking about comfort table and being afraid of change
 12:27:42  kapil  : some great discussion going on here in this room, but i can't copy paste some words of wisdom from this java chat on . any help ?
 12:27:52  angela maiers  : Safe is risky when we, our students, our leaders get too comfortable...we are not growing
 12:28:21  liamodonnell  : agree technology is key, but constructing learning must be at the heart even it the tech is a pencil and paper
 12:28:22  JoseR  : Hi Kapilll.. so as a global collaborator what skills are you all learning in India?
 12:28:22  angela maiers  : Change is the only constant
 12:28:29  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @mgalindo...it's basic human nature to be reluctant to change...
 12:28:31  NV27  : we are discussing human interaction in the 21st century
 12:28:46  NV27  : Much is done via technology
 12:28:59  NV27  : texting, chatting
 12:29:03  angela maiers  : Successful learners embrace change, they anticipate it, they are ready
 12:29:12  Jon Chaikittirattana  : how can we let everything outside of a school change while us inside of a school not change?
 12:29:41  JoseR  : Open your classroom doors @Jon Literally... or virtually
 12:29:59  slam  : Our table's question: Aren't we transitioning into the 21st century?
 12:30:05  angela maiers  : @Jon exactly...would we tolerate that with any other profession what if doctors stayed comfortable, what if dentist pulled teeth with pliers...cause they always have done it that way
 12:30:09  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @joseR...true.
 12:30:15  armen013  : Idea
 12:30:20  slam  : Are there elements of the 20th century still existing in the classroom?
 12:30:29  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @angela probably not...
 12:30:35  javiernavarro7  : hi guys, any people from NM?
 12:30:38  NV27  : we need to understand how students are learning/interacting outside of the class to prepare ourselves to teach them in the classroom
 12:30:48  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @slam...unfortunately yes.
 12:30:59  Jon Chaikittirattana  : NM? new mexico?
 12:31:13  JoseR  : I feel like the dentist myself.... First thing admins do is check your bulletin boards.. well I have news for y'all the new bulletin boards are blogs, wikis, podcasts. youtube and the like
 12:31:24  NV27  : Most of our classrooms are totally 20th century!
 12:31:29  kapil  : @joseR i am a budding teacher now. teachers on an average get a salary of $200$300/month here. so most good people are not interested in becoming teachers in schools. and all teachers training programmes is still following pedagogy of 1960's which is scary for me. 21 century skills  we have a lot of distance to cover
 12:31:31  terin  : brian here is from there
 12:31:36  angela maiers  : @Jose WOW!
 12:31:37  liamodonnell  : @slam  most definitely yes  desks/tables, 1 to many knowledge flow, chalkboard on wall, etc all 20c concepts
 12:31:50  NV27  : It is difficult to implement 21st century learning in the class when the tools to do so are not available
 12:31:53  David  : we need to make the classroom a more 21st century environment!!
 12:31:55  armen013  : Idea: technology puts the entire world at kid's fingerttips.
 12:32:03  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @JoseR...how do we combat that issue?
 12:32:16  slam  : @david  defibiteky!
 12:32:21  slam  : definitely
 12:32:29  Servando.Ortega  : @NV27, is it really the tools that hold is back or the skills we shoud promote.
 12:32:31  JoseR  : @jon.. start one teacher at a time and spread the bug. like wildfire
 12:32:35  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @nv27 very true
 12:32:56  angela maiers  : I think a starting place is to get teachers exposed and familiar with conversations like these
 12:33:00  mgalindolausd  : Our culture in education has been that we didn't have to change. How do we bridge the gap and create the urgency or have others understand the urgency? Are we sometimes silent about our needs and willing to accept the conditions we are currently in?
 12:33:08  kapil  : @jon pick one good teacher who appreciates this
 12:33:32  JValdez  : We are back...Mr. Wiswell is transitioning to ED21 Talk #2
 12:33:38  angela maiers  : A team of connected, passionate teachers can be a powerful spreading fire!
 12:33:39  liamodonnell  : @joser  true  when other teachers see u using tech in the class many respond by trying it themselves
 12:33:55  slam  : our table was also discussing how important it is to make technology a part of the classrom
 12:33:58  slam  : *classroom
 12:34:07  JoseR  : Well....
 12:34:13  slam  : in this era, technology is as important as a teacher's guide
 12:34:21  JValdez  : Ms. Lomheim will take about what it means to be a teacher and waht it means tro teach
 12:34:35  kapil  : how do we define technology ? web 2.0, mobile, whiteboards, LMS
 12:34:41  kblomheim  : my daughter! i'm a proud momma
 12:35:01  Jon Chaikittirattana  : be proud momma...
 12:35:09  JoseR  : Hacienda La Puente school district is in Southern California.  they are pretty cutting edge with 11 laptop programs beginning in 7th gradeis pretty
 12:35:14  angela maiers  : @kblomheim she is your daughter?
 12:35:14  JValdez  : Congratulations Ms. Lomheim
 12:35:17  kblomheim  : thank you...she's a great teacher!
 12:35:26  angela maiers  : WOW you should be sooo proud!
 12:35:28  kblomheim  : yep!
 12:35:28  armen013  : Is the narrow focus of standards and API growth selfdefeating in the longrun?  Does the educational floor become a ceiling, without links to growth questions?
 12:35:44  liamodonnell  : @kapil  pencils are technology too  it's all how you use it  are they creating or copying?
 12:36:01  liamodonnell  : ty for showing screen!
 12:36:04  angela maiers  : are the slides available anywhere?
 12:36:09  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @liamodonnell...very true.
 12:36:11  angela maiers  : now I see
 12:36:18  JoseR  : @lia darn you are soooooo right
 12:37:10  mgalindolausd  : Great point about standards and API. But what is out responsibility to change that or are we silent and just accept it?
 12:37:22  JValdez  : Ms. Lomheim is discussing the need to Acknolwledge your Root of Creativity.
 12:37:22  Servando.Ortega  : This is great.  She is looking at learning differently.  Student centered vs. teacher centered and making learning relevant to her students through the use of technology.
 12:37:29  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @angela after conference @ ed21online.com
 12:37:29  JoseR  : @angela after the conference the slides and videos of speakers will be available at http://ed21online.com
 12:37:34  JoseR  : Hi Terri
 12:37:41  Jon Chaikittirattana  : hi terri, where are you joining us from?
 12:38:02  angela maiers  : @Jose Thanks so much!
 12:38:04  liamodonnell  : very true re edu philosophy  if can't define it, you gotta rethink why you're in the classroom  imho
 12:38:12  jackiegerstein  : All of this participatatory technology has reengaged my passion for learning  and bring the technology and passion into my own classrooms
 12:38:27  mgalindolausd  : Awesome question. What do teachers believe in? Administrators? Does each Teacher and Adm have a vision?
 12:38:41  angela maiers  : I love this analogy! It makes so much sense!
 12:38:48  Jon Chaikittirattana  : How has the role of a teacher changed?
 12:38:59  kapil  : david warlick says  teachers have to be super learners
 12:39:00  liamodonnell  : @jackiegerstein  very cool! students will feel that excitement too
 12:39:03  JValdez  : Ms. Lomheim "What happens when students have more access to technology than educators?
 12:39:38  angela maiers  : Schools have vision statements, but aligning your actions to your vision is difficult. Excellence is what you do everyday
 12:39:53  mgalindolausd  : Do we encourage other to have a vision? Do we encourage our students to have a vision? Great point about students having more access to technolgt than we do.
 12:40:20  liamodonnell  : @jValdez  when kids have more access to tech, then true constructive edu can begin  student becomes teacher, teacher becomes student
 12:40:24  mgalindolausd  : DO we accept the current reality or take action on that need?
 12:40:32  Servando.Ortega  : I think our studens are far ahead than most of us with the use of technology.  We need to connect their learning with the tools that they are very familiar with.
 12:40:37  Jon Chaikittirattana  : Ms. Lomheim mentioned that teacher roles include connecter, mentor, advocate, and researcher.
 12:40:38  armen013  : Organize a space for human interaction and learning, and questions.
 12:40:42  angela maiers  : I ask teachers ofter: Are you the model learner that you wish your teachers to be? Are you the lead learner in your classroom?
 12:41:02  kblomheim  : Good question angela
 12:41:10  JaniceS  : He also has facebook and twitter accounts, with a whitehouse Youtube channel
 12:41:12  angela maiers  : Great questions? Do students have a voice? How do they know they are heard?
 12:41:15  looking  : having a voice in the classroom is huge
 12:41:30  kblomheim  : Voice is essential...it validates them
 12:41:31  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @Angela...I have to remember that question...
 12:41:33  liamodonnell  : pleeaasse cameraperson show us more of her visuals
 12:42:07  liamodonnell  : thank you! :)
 12:42:09  JaniceS  : You got it
 12:42:13  mgalindolausd  : Something to think about. would we put our children in our own classrom or school or district?
 12:42:27  terin  : i'd like to see some of the things her kids are doing
 12:42:30  angela maiers  : Literacy is and can be transformational it is not an assignment literacy is opportunity!
 12:42:41  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @mgalindo...great question...what does everybody think about that?
 12:42:57  JoseR  : btw http://aroundtheworldwith80schools.wikispaces.com/
 12:43:17  JoseR  : project by Silvia Tolisano pretty cool
 12:43:21  Jon Chaikittirattana  : I would send my child to the public schools in my neighborhood...
 12:43:42  liamodonnell  : Eggers' TED talk is great: http://tinyurl.com/eggersted
 12:43:46  angela maiers  : There are so many sites that publish student work  Flickr, Slideshare, Realebooks, BLogs
 12:43:54  jackiegerstein  : Claps for Dave Eggers  http://onceuponaschool.org/
 12:43:57  JoseR  : @lia thanks for link
 12:43:58  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @angela...eggers is awesome.
 12:44:09  angela maiers  : He is!
 12:44:11  JoseR  : all links will be publised with audio at ETT this next week
 12:44:16  Servando.Ortega  : @mgalindolausd.  I would.  I have my student in the Cypress School District.  We are so more ahead than a affluent school.  Our students are succeeding eventhought they face more challenges than other students in other school districts.
 12:44:23  jackiegerstein  : http://teachingwithted.pbwiki.com/DaveEggers%3AOnceUponASchool
 12:44:30  JaniceS  : Thanks, Jill. Your presentation was great
 12:44:40  kblomheim  : ditto!
 12:44:40  liamodonnell  : *claps*
 12:44:42  JValdez  : Ms. Lomheim hopes that as educators we can embrace our roots.  Please email her if you would like to continue this discussion.
 12:44:48  angela maiers  : @jackiegerstein Love, love love TED great link!
 12:45:01  JoseR  : Wha't the email again? 
 12:45:28  JValdez  : Mr. Wiswell is transitioning from ED21 Talk #2 Table Talk/ Online Chatting
 12:45:36  kblomheim  : hey marsha
 12:45:44  GWade  : @Jose  [email protected]
 12:45:46  Jon Chaikittirattana  : hi marsha...where are you joining us from?
 12:46:06  marshawiggins  : La Habra, Hello Everyone
 12:46:13  angela maiers  : Just posted another great TED voice Barry Swartz http://www.angelamaiers.com/2009/02/cultivatingwisdom.html
 12:46:17  cgomez  : The mics are just not sounding well at all.
 12:46:30  kblomheim  : it's bernice... welcome
 12:46:53  Jon Chaikittirattana  : what should 21st century teaching look like?
 12:47:29  mgalindolausd  : Our table asked this question? How do we move from islands of excellence to a whole school or school system? How do we teach passion? Grow passion?
 12:47:38  JoseR  : Back to table talk
 12:47:42  Terri  : How do we give others access to Jill's best practices?
 12:47:49  jackiegerstein  : http://teachingwithted.pbwiki.com/Barry+Schwartz%3A+Wisdom+(or+ReEmbracing+Ethics)
 12:47:53  kapil  : is there any audio feed of this talk ? i am having issues in listening due to less bandwidth here
 12:48:22  angela maiers  : @Jackie love the wiki can not wait to dig in!
 12:48:30  JValdez  : Attendees will use the green 3x5 cards to write their reflections.
 12:48:31  JoseR  : table talk right now
 12:48:42  kblomheim  : magalndolausd... we need to demo our passion...it's contagious
 12:48:55  JoseR  : will try to get to the tables for participants
 12:49:02  mgalindolausd  : Everyone is passionate about something. How do we connect that passsion to the classroom, school, school district?
 12:49:02  JoseR  : feedback
 12:49:21  terin  : in order for the work to take root... we need to see how jill and this work is branching out at her school
 12:49:54  jackiegerstein  : Thanks Angela  would love your feedback and contributions as Chris, the curator from TED, has become interested in the project!
 12:49:58  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @mgalindo...enthusiasm...the fire in our bellies...stay the course..fight the good fight...
 12:50:22  angela maiers  : @jackie where are you teaching?
 12:50:39  kblomheim  : jon... you're right...sometimes fear paralyzes our passion and willingness to expose it
 12:50:54  JoseR  : @mgalindo.  connect with those around us first.. My students... pareents....the janitor... the laday selling tamales on the corner... my colleaques... my principal... one at a time each and everyday
 12:51:06  kblomheim  : good idea jose
 12:51:15  angela maiers  : Great idea @Jose
 12:51:26  jackiegerstein  : @Angela  gifted elementary in AZ and online grad for Kaplan and Argosy  I follow you on Twitter  you are doing some great work!
 12:51:26  Terri  : How is La Puente dissseminating Jill's best practices?
 12:51:44  JoseR  : Not sure.. Good question @terri.
 12:52:12  mgalindolausd  : Do we really connect with others or just let them know how we feel?
 12:52:16  Servando.Ortega  : @Jose R, we are the vechicles that are going to make the shift from 20st century learning to the 21st century learning?
 12:52:25  JoseR  : What does it mean to have my child in her classroom?  What does it mean to have my child in public education?  Should there be a difference?
 12:52:30  angela maiers  : @jackie thanks! Trying to keep the conversations going, every school, every grade level! My PLN keeps me motivated and informed! I never feel alone!
 12:53:02  JoseR  : and when everything else fails.  .... there is Twitter :)
 12:53:10  angela maiers  : @jackie just Tweeted Kalans new ad they really get it!
 12:53:31  angela maiers  : @Jose Amen for Twitter!!!
 12:54:01  angela maiers  : Better question is everybody a learner?
 12:54:02  JValdez  : We are back, Mr. Wiswell setting up transition to ED21 Talk #3 Dr. Daniel Montes M.D.
 12:54:04  JoseR  : Halleluyah
 12:54:16  jackiegerstein  : @Angela  they showed the video at Kaplan's faculty retreat and winter grad a few weeks ago  John Legend was the keynote  way fun
 12:54:43  mgalindolausd  : Is everyone a learner and how do we treat people as learners?
 12:54:48  JValdez  : Dr. Montes will speak on 21st century "Real World"
 12:54:53  angela maiers  : Best interview question for new teachers hired: Tell me something that you learned lately? Describe that expereince, and how you will use that in your classroom?
 12:55:08  JoseR  : Jill says Hi MOM  @kblomheim
 12:55:32  kblomheim  : hi jill... i'm still here
 12:55:38  kblomheim  : i do!
 12:55:44  looking  : no idea
 12:55:45  angela maiers  : Love it hospitalist!
 12:55:47  Jon Chaikittirattana  : what's a hospitlaist?
 12:55:50  JValdez  : Dr. Montes currently works as a Hospitalist
 12:55:58  mgalindolausd  : At our table the questionDo we understand change theory and how deep change happens?
 12:55:59  JoseR  : Hey DS is in the HOUSE!!!
 12:56:07  JoseR  : and out
 12:56:15  kblomheim  : new title in medicine
 12:56:21  angela maiers  : Are we educationalist?
 12:56:29  kblomheim  : yep!
 12:56:37  angela maiers  : Love it!
 12:57:06  kapil  : i am LIVE blogging this event with some key questions from this chat room , http://www.kapilbhatia.com/2009/02/21/keylearningofed21onlinecom/
 12:57:06  JoseR  : I consider myself an educational technologist...
 12:57:25  JaniceS  : Great to have a doctor speak. 21st century learning is in all fields
 12:57:30  angela maiers  : @kapil thanks!
 12:57:52  JoseR  : well actually a dad and husband and all the mushy family stuff first then teacher stuff
 12:57:56  JaniceS  : Welcome @dbillet
 12:58:16  Jon Chaikittirattana  : hi dbillet...where are you joining us from?
 12:58:29  angela maiers  : Welcome @dbillet
 12:58:35  mgalindolausd  : Dr Montes said he loveswhat he does? How many of us can say that? Or what parts of what we do do we really ove? Isn't that where passion is or where it starts?
 12:58:43  JaniceS  : David is in the house. (@dbillett)
 12:59:24  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @mgalindo...absolutely
 12:59:39  JaniceS  : Exactly @mgalindolausd. It's important to have passion for what we do. It's what we want for our students.
 12:59:43  JoseR  : HI Sguzman
 12:59:46  Terri  : We need to establish an environment where our teachers and administrators can teach and learn from each othe
 12:59:56  Terri  : each other?
 13:00:01  Jon Chaikittirattana  : passion is contagious...
 13:00:05  mgalindolausd  : What are the skills Dr. Montes uses everyday and do we value those in our classtrooms and schools?
 13:00:51  liamodonnell  : k  i gotta go  great to chat all  keep learning so you can keep teaching!
 13:01:19  angela maiers  : Same 21st Century Habits and Attitudes (I call them Habitudes!) adaptability, curiosity, imagination, colaboration, courage,,,,
 13:01:42  kblomheim  : my passion is snuffed out when my time is limited and I am stressed. I am much more passionate f I can slow down, think and share. Sometimes there is way too much to do ... honestly, there times when the tasks take the prioroty rather than the passion
 13:02:00  angela maiers  : The Habitudes cross content areas, grades, worlds, and professions
 13:04:04  angela maiers  : We make those same assumptions about academic and intellectual health
 13:04:15  angela maiers  : Hi Melinda!
 13:04:23  JaniceS  : Those who are watching the stream, is it still streaming okay?
 13:04:32  angela maiers  : @janice
 13:04:35  angela maiers  :  Great
 13:04:41  JaniceS  : Great. Thanks
 13:04:45  mmiller7571  : hey angela I was just watching colearning with @scottelias
 13:05:19  mmiller7571  : what is this presentation about I just got here
 13:05:32  angela maiers  : We are teaching learners not subjects, not content we are teaching students
 13:06:16  angela maiers  : @mmiller I was so torn so much going on here this morning! An I was just going to watch lifetime! Glad I was on Twitter early!
 13:06:23  JaniceS  : @everyone Silvia Martinez says hi to everybody.... she is here onsite
 13:06:46  angela maiers  : Big Hey to Silvia she is such a 21st Century Educator!
 13:07:29  JaniceS  : fyi  We are not being abandoned just that wireless went down onsite
 13:07:46  JaniceS  : working on it now...
 13:07:53  JaniceS  : shoudl be back soon
 13:08:21  JaniceS  : We have a dedicated hardwire.. for ustream today.
 13:08:47  angela maiers  : Hi Durff!
 13:09:12  mrsdurff  : hey! finally got errands done and have a break before packing
 13:10:18  joser  : as matt would say Mrs. Durff is in the house.
 13:10:49  angela maiers  : Do we challenge ourselves, our colleagues, our students to be excellent?
 13:10:56  joser  : Hi Jill is wifi back on?
 13:11:06  jlomheim  : yes
 13:11:10  joser  : cool
 13:11:58  Terri  : Now more than ever, we are going to have to utilize 21st century thinking, imagination, passion, etc. to overcome the fiscal crisis to do what needs to be done for our students and adult learners!
 13:12:03  joser  : hi terr
 13:12:09  looking  : I am a schoolist
 13:12:27  Terri  : Hi Jose!
 13:12:51  joser  : Jeff Utecht just shared recently that we have to build value with what we have... and sometimes we only have eachother
 13:14:02  angela maiers  : when kids know you care, will give your all, will learn with them...they will let you take them to the moon!
 13:14:08  joser  : Hi jon
 13:14:27  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @joser glad to be back.
 13:15:03  joser  : @angela and back..
 13:15:15  sguzman  : How do you get people to reflect on their practice?
 13:15:33  jlomheim  : you ask them specific questions and you engage them in their passions.
 13:16:13  sguzman  : What if their passion is not their practice?
 13:16:30  joser  : @jill yep. hit the nail on the head
 13:16:51  jlomheim  : when you ask them others what they do well, you will be amazed at how much people want to be listened to. By verbalizing their ideas thoughts, one is actually "reflecting".
 13:17:12  jlomheim  : I meant to say.. when you ask others...
 13:17:18  joser  : and meeting everybody where they are at..
 13:17:22  jvaldez  : Dr. Montes' Keys to Success= Zebras and Horses, Don't be Charlie Brown's Teacher, Develop your own Expertise, and Ganas!(desire)
 13:17:32  jlomheim  : very true
 13:17:36  jackiegerstein  : Becoming a reflective practitioner is often difficult for many  Like to use http://vccslitonline.vccs.edu/mrcte/brookfield.htm
 13:17:54  Terri  : It's critical to be present as a listener, so you can build on what they're saying.  Perhaps you'll activate their passion.
 13:18:06  jlomheim  : When we reflect, we have to be honest and it can "hurt"!!!
 13:18:17  joser  : @jvaldez.... Well if I am charlie brown's teacher, what can I do today to reach my students
 13:18:27  sguzman  : What is the difference between reflection and sharing?
 13:18:43  jvaldez  : Dr. Montes has finished his talk, mr. Wiswell back on stage
 13:18:47  joser  : reflecting is remembering what you shared
 13:18:52  jlomheim  : A huge difference between reflection and sharing
 13:19:21  jackiegerstein  :  @@Terri  I say that teachers need to SEE every student
 13:19:26  slam  : reflection is personal, sharing is public  you won't always admit in public what you would to yourself
 13:19:37  jlomheim  : Right on SLAM
 13:19:41  jvaldez  : Mr. Wiswell has begun transition to Table Talk/ Online Chatting
 13:19:49  joser  : slam bring it on!!!
 13:20:11  jackiegerstein  : http://www.theworldcafe.com/
 13:20:13  angela maiers  : What if our classrooms were world cafes
 13:20:32  joser  : 2min share...
 13:20:35  mrsdurff  : why aren't they? what are the obstacles?
 13:21:11  jvaldez  : Mr. Wiswell has asked everyone to stand up and share their view in a circle on what 21st Century Learners in the "Real World" looks like.
 13:21:26  angela maiers  : TEachers create conditions based on what they value if they do not see the value of refection, sharing, collaboration....content will remain king
 13:21:37  jvaldez  : Converstion is currenlty taking place in groups.
 13:22:00  jlomheim  : real conversations! yahhh
 13:22:38  Terri  : jackiegerstein: You're absolutely correct.  This is what successful educators do.  I have admins. who are conferencing with each and every student in their school to make a personal connection.  They have learned incredible things about their students  more than they ever anticipated.  They are also modeling this strategy for their teachers. 
 13:23:19  mrsdurff  : hi dbillett
 13:23:25  joser  : As in real conversations... may look different as we move into the new millenium... but the convesations at it's root probably very similar to what our ancestors shared around the campfire 10,000 of thousands years ago
 13:23:46  mrsdurff  : coversations are chaotic
 13:24:07  mrsdurff  : not from one source (teacher) and not linear
 13:24:16  joser  : @durff isn't chaos a good thing every once in a while?
 13:24:27  mrsdurff  : i love chaos
 13:24:31  dbillett  : Dr. Montes mentioned private siphoning from public  huge in public ed and that discussion is not really on the table when talking about reform in ed
 13:24:35  mrsdurff  : notice i am at ETT
 13:24:38  angela maiers  : Yes Jose that is why I love the ROOT analaogy there has always been and will always be an innate need to connect, share, and find our "group"  the tools just add new possibilites
 13:25:06  angela maiers  : @Durff out of chaos come clarity
 13:25:21  jackiegerstein  : @Terri  students should do much more of the conversing than teachers
 13:25:51  mrsdurff  : out of chaos new connections are made
 13:26:09  mrsdurff  : the learning is in the connection  gsiemens
 13:26:34  jackiegerstein  : .@durff  like the analogy of neuron connections
 13:26:58  angela maiers  : @Durff it is all about connections!
 13:27:11  mrsdurff  : indeed
 13:27:18  mrsdurff  : as doug would say
 13:27:30  mrsdurff  : or doch in German
 13:28:02  kapil  : please recommend any book on "connections and conversations" ..any ideas
 13:28:41  angela maiers  : @kapil for students or teachers? what grade?
 13:29:23  kapil  : for a budding teacher like me who wants to be an ICT coordinator in a school
 13:30:22  jvaldez  : We are back, Mr. Wiswell in welcoming all attendees back to the table. 
 13:30:40  jackiegerstein  : http://www.elearnspace.org/Articles/connectivism.htm
 13:30:41  kapil  : i am a student :)
 13:31:16  jvaldez  : Mr. Wiswell is informing everyone why no one was introduced at the begining of the conference.  He states that we are a leaderless organization (Starfish)
 13:31:40  kapil  : thanks @jackie looks interesting
 13:31:57  jvaldez  : Welcome Mr. Al Castillo ED21 Talk #4 21st Century Leadership
 13:32:25  JoseR  : Hey People.. back in
 13:33:31  Jon Chaikittirattana  : Hi have a question all of you."What does it mean to be well educated?
 13:33:48  jvaldez  : Mr. Castillo Change or Die, a Great book
 13:33:55  JoseR  : btw.. I am at http:///studio
 13:34:07  jackiegerstein  : Your'e welcome kapil
 13:34:44  JoseR  : I once heard that lausd was kind of like the titanic...
 13:35:07  JoseR  : we've been so close to the iceberg.. but how do we change our direction?
 13:35:30  kapil  : @jon  for many people i have talked in India,  ability to find a job,earn money for survival , that is the only purpose of being educated
 13:36:05  jvaldez  : Through Mr. Castillos research is that only 1 in 9 would actually change!
 13:36:13  JoseR  : @kapil.. we have a whole lot to learn from the Indian People..
 13:36:28  JoseR  : we seem to be very comfortable in the States.
 13:36:31  angela maiers  : Two of my favorite books on having powerful conversations http://tinyurl.com/avc5ao and http://tinyurl.com/cocqzx  Also love Crucial Conversations
 13:36:52  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @kapil....is learning strictly for survival purposes?
 13:37:43  jvaldez  : Mr. Castillo My favorite movie The Shawshank Redemption...if you have not seen it you have to watch it.
 13:37:48  JoseR  : Hey sky... welcome I am on EARTH :) 
 13:37:49  mrsdurff  : kapil what do you consider to be the purpose of education?
 13:37:50  Servando.Ortega  : learning is life.
 13:37:57  JoseR  : oh well sky was in the sky
 13:37:59  mrsdurff  : going to make lunch
 13:38:08  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @jose lol..
 13:38:08  JoseR  : thanks durff
 13:38:12  JoseR  : come back soon
 13:38:14  angela maiers  : Key  give people hope to change!
 13:38:20  JoseR  : try /studio next time
 13:38:28  jvaldez  : Mr. Castillo The new change you have to have hope and you need to chagne behaviors
 13:38:31  Jon Chaikittirattana  : is change in our dna?
 13:38:35  JoseR  : video resolution in here is amazing
 13:38:58  JoseR  : Welcome Silvia..
 13:39:06  Jon Chaikittirattana  : hi sylvia...where are you joining us from?
 13:39:13  kapil  : @jon i never asked that question to myself or to others
 13:39:29  sylviamartinez  : hey.. im in the audience. unfortunately i just figured this out as my battery is dying
 13:39:32  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @kapil...why not?
 13:39:41  JoseR  : I think is sitting by the man.. with the beer belly
 13:39:43  jackiegerstein  : Like "we have always done it that way"  Yikes!
 13:41:49  angela maiers  : @kapil sent links to conversation resources
 13:42:13  kapil  : @angela thanks a lot , i am looking at them
 13:42:47  angela maiers  : @kapil there are lots more let me know if these are not what you are thinking of
 13:46:25  mrsdurff  : why is everyone leaving? what did i miss?
 13:46:45  Maureen  : @ Lisa I think their wireless keeps going down
 13:46:53  mrsdurff  : oh ok
 13:47:23  Maureen  : Actually, since you were away making lunch no one wanted to stay
 13:47:33  mrsdurff  : still wondering: kapil what do you consider to be the purpose of education?
 13:48:00  mrsdurff  : maureen = too funny
 13:48:28  mrsdurff  : just heating up soup i made last week  and there is the buzzer...
 13:49:45  Jon Chaikittirattana  : i'm back...sorry tech issues.
 13:49:52  Pilar Soro  : in primary
 13:50:56  Jon Chaikittirattana  : what are your thoughts on leaderless organizations (starfish organizations)?
 13:51:34  Jon Chaikittirattana  : are you a catalyst or a champion?
 13:51:56  kapil  : purpose of education is to get get good job, learn good english, be a responsible citizen , have a great "content digestive system" to score good grades and not asking difficult questions to yourself and follow the path which most people are following
 13:52:40  jvaldez  : Mr. Castillo  What if an organization had no leader?
 13:53:08  jvaldez  : Mr. Castillo I have titles but we all lead.  We are all leaders
 13:53:18  mrsdurff  : @kapil i would not agree
 13:53:29  Jon Chaikittirattana  : do you believe all of us can be leaders?
 13:54:17  kapil  : @durff i understand  that but its a reality which i see around myself everyday talking to students and parents
 13:55:03  jvaldez  : Who is the spider and who is the starfish= Osama Bin Laden  C.I.A.
 13:55:16  mrsdurff  : yes it is in USA too  sadly
 13:55:47  mrsdurff  : i contend the grade is not equal to success
 13:56:06  mrsdurff  : parents don't agree with me
 13:56:20  jvaldez  : What if we were all connected?  What if we were the ones that were unstopable
 13:56:23  mrsdurff  : what if we were unstoppable? Are you?
 13:57:00  jvaldez  : Mr. Wiswell is back on stage to talk about how we can get all the ideas discussed today and itegrate them together?
 13:57:05  kapil  : what is the meaning of unstoppable ?
 13:57:09  angela maiers  : @Durff Absolutely!
 13:57:27  jvaldez  : Mr. Wiswell the last conversation together "World Cafe" Online Chatting
 13:57:46  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @kapil...21st century eductors as unstoppable...
 13:57:49  angela maiers  : Unstoppable takes, courage, passion, resources, support, vision, unbridled curiosity, and opportunity
 13:57:53  jvaldez  : Questions How do we get all these organizations moving into the 21st Century
 13:58:00  jvaldez  : ?
 13:58:17  Jon Chaikittirattana  : hi jan, where are you joining us from?
 13:58:26  Janice S  : Hi Jan Smith
 13:58:28  angela maiers  : ?What is the starfish book?
 13:58:37  jan smith  : Hi Joon, comox Valley, Vancouver Island BC
 13:58:38  jvaldez  : Attendees are having their table discussions
 13:58:46  angela maiers  : Hi Jan!
 13:58:50  Jon Chaikittirattana  : starfish and the spider by brafman
 13:58:52  jan smith  : (i ned to learn how to type!
 13:59:00  kapil  : yes, i just want to be unstoppable
 13:59:05  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @jan me too.
 13:59:11  jan smith  : Seriously :)
 13:59:16  Jon Chaikittirattana  : welcome jan
 13:59:16  kapil  : irrespecitve of constraints and challenges
 13:59:19  jackiegerstein  : http://www.starfishandspider.com
 13:59:28  Jon Chaikittirattana  : me too seriously.
 14:00:26  angela maiers  : If you are on Twitter be sure to share your follow name great way to continue the conversations. I am at @angelamaiers
 14:00:54  Jon Chaikittirattana  : how do we become leaderless organization in our current educational system?
 14:01:09  kapil  : just blogged my key learnings of this event  15 key learnings   http://www.kapilbhatia.com/2009/02/21/15keylearningfromed21onlinecom/
 14:01:28  jan smith  : I think we have to adopt a mindset of servant leadership
 14:01:52  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @ janwhat do you mean my servant leadership?
 14:01:57  Janice S  : sorry folks the ustream should be back on now
 14:02:05  Jon Chaikittirattana  : hi terri
 14:02:36  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @ jan what do you mean by servant leadership?
 14:02:36  jan smith  : @jon the idea is that we are in service of the wholethat our contributions, our help makes a difference
 14:03:26  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @ jan..i see...kind of like our schools were built for our kids,not as places of employment for us?
 14:03:31  jackiegerstein  : @jackiegerstein    Other Twitter names??
 14:03:45  jan smith  : @jon Robert Greenleaf http://www.greenleaf.org/whatissl/
 14:03:54  kapil  : twitter name is @kapil1312  kapil bhatia from india
 14:04:10  jan smith  : by the way, I have no soundshould I hear anything?
 14:04:35  angela maiers  : @kapil thanks got you in my reader!
 14:06:22  jackiegerstein  : Coo  startingl with a Wordle  too bad no sound
 14:06:50  joser  : sorry getting audio bak on
 14:06:55  joser  : bak on
 14:07:17  joser  : sorry...
 14:07:24  joser  : coming back on
 14:07:30  angela maiers  : Wordle! I love Wordel!
 14:07:41  jan smith  : @jon, the idea is bigger than that, really. It has to do with the thinking less about your leadership, more about your service
 14:07:51  angela maiers  : Love it!
 14:08:09  angela maiers  : is there a link for the ning
 14:08:13  joser  : I'll post a wordle.... of textchat with out extra ingo...
 14:08:16  jan smith  : thanks for the sound, @josser
 14:08:18  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @jan...I see...
 14:08:45  angela maiers  : What a great morning what a great conversation!
 14:09:27  jan smith  : imagine a school community where there was less positinal leadership, where all had an opportunity to contribute, and were invited to help
 14:09:36  joser  : thanks angela for coming along... you know 2cnts here and there add up to a whole lot :)
 14:09:48  kapil  :  every ETT is a great opportunity for learning
 14:09:57  jackiegerstein  : Do we get shirts too?
 14:10:00  joser  : @kapil I agree...
 14:10:25  joser  : so now that you know what's happening around here.... what are our next steps?
 14:11:08  joser  : Tha's the man
 14:13:05  angela maiers  : Jose will video be archived? Want to blog about this soon!
 14:13:18  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @angela...yes
 14:13:48  angela maiers  : @Jon is there a link?
 14:13:51  joser  : yes
 14:14:03  joser  : Video will be archived
 14:14:16  angela maiers  : Love this video!
 14:14:42  joser  : Yep... I agree..
 14:14:44  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @angela not yet...
 14:15:03  joser  : Thanks all......
 14:15:16  mrsdurff  : time to go  adieu for now!
 14:15:17  jan smith  : Well, I seem to arrive late for every party :) take care all.
 14:15:20  kapil  : @joser thanks
 14:15:41  kapil  : @angela  its never imagined i would be chatting with you one day
 14:15:44  joser  : Broadcasting live from the worlbridges studios in Cerritos CA..... Jose Signing off
 14:15:56  Janice S  : Thanks everyone for joining us today!
 14:16:04  joser  : and yeah that thanks dave and jeff deall
 14:16:11  Jon Chaikittirattana  : @jose, great job with the feed.
 14:16:17  kapil  : @janice thanks a lot for every one who made this possible. ETT rocks
 14:16:23  angela maiers  : Big thanks to everyone what an inspiring conversation! Look forward to continuing this amazing talk on Twitter and your blogs!
 14:16:24  Janice S  : Yep
 14:17:27  jackiegerstein  : Thanks everyone this was fun!
 14:17:46  kapil  : its almost 1 am here in India. Good night everyone signing off now
 14:20:08  joser  : hi troy
 14:20:16  Troy  : Hey.
 14:20:20  joser  : we just finished up
 14:20:31  joser  : :(
 14:20:35  Troy  : As usual, I'm a little late to the party.
 14:20:53  Troy  : Any future ones planned?
 14:22:02  Troy  : Ah well. Have a great day. Maybe next time. :)



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