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Teachers Teaching Teachers#16 - Classes Forming Online Communities

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Teachers Teaching  Teachers#16
Classes Forming Online Communities

August 16, 2006
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What are your collaborations going to look like this year?

Are they on an Elgg? What exactly is an Elgg? see
What is your opening assignment of the year? What assignments might we have in common and how might we work to form online communities?
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Links from tonight’s discussion:

The Podcast 411 did an interview with her (Kathy King). Sounds interesting.

Lee: Here is the link to the presentation Bee will part of on her trip:

Here is the wiki for the open conference Bee will be working with:

Thanks for the intro to:
-tried that out last week after learning about it on TTT

TTT16-2006-08-16.mp323.5 MB

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