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Parents as Partner Episode # 27 September 21, 2009

64:00 minutes (29.3 MB)

The Parents as Partners team welcomed Larry Ferlazzo, a high school teacher  from Sacramento, California Larry  as he discussed his new book “Building Parent Engagement in Schools”

Larry shared his experiences in engaging parent using home visits and community partnerships.

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Parents as Partners Episode # 26 Monday June 15, 2009

57:36 minutes (26.36 MB)

Matt, Cindy and Lorna traced their steps over the past school year. Highlights of the year were discussed and plans for next falls series were suggested by participants in the chat room.


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Parents as Partners Episode #25 May 4, 2009 John Pederson and the Network Learning Manifesto

60:11 minutes (27.55 MB)

John Pederson joined Cindy Seibel and Lorna Costantini to finally do a follow up to his presentation at Edcuon 2.1. John had presented his Network Learning Manifesto and had included a parent voice as part of his presentation. The backchannel during that workshop and the show chat room from Monday night hosted the same exciting folks. It was a great discussion about how parents can fit in the learning process. 

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Parents as Partners Episode #24 April 20, 2009 Dysart Unified School District

65:29 minutes (29.98 MB)

Laurie King, technology coordinator at Dysart Unified School District tells her story about supporting the Dysart community using technology. Principals receive ongoing training sessions timed to coordinate with their Governing board meetings. Teachers have instructions on how to use Google docs and iPod touch or smart phone to access their content online using wireless connection in the School District. Parents have access to Daily News TV put on by Secondary School Students and on... Please listen to how she and grade 3 teacher Lidia Goodman communicate with her students and parents.The list of exciting ways Lidia connects with parents is long but a particularly interesting practice is using a powerpoint presentation to keep parents and student in the loop with homework. Scroll down to daily powerpoint

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Parents as Partners Episode #23 March 16, 2009 Parent Portal at Dade County

56:22 minutes (25.8 MB)

Parents as Partners welcomed Debbie Graper from Dade County in Florida  for an excellent discussion about the development of their parent portal. Listen to the Q &A that included these questions: What challenges did you face before you started?How were parents involved in the design of the Portal?Have you faced any resistance to the Portal? Are parents comfortable about the privacy of their children's information; What do you do about families that don't have compute

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