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Parents as Partners Episode # 32 December 3, 2009

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Cindy Seibel show host shares her masters work with Matt Montagne and Lorna Costantini. Cindy developed a parent portal implementation guide.

From the guide, Cindy explains:

There is a significant body of research demonstrating the contribution of parent engagement to student learning. Based on this research, school districts are implementing technology solutions to support and improve relationships with parents with the hope of producing improved student outcomes. This project created an Implementation Guide for one technology solution, a K-12 Parent Portal.

The question what is a parent portal surfaced and Cindy responded to the question with the following video.



The challenge to all of us is to review the guide and then take it to parents and school boards to embrace and implement.

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Parents as Partners Episode #31 November 16, 2009

64:57 minutes (29.73 MB)

Tonight's session was the first in a series of brainstorms about a special project that would creating digital parent courses. Show hosts Matt Montagne and Lorna Costantini welcomed Justin Reeve, Colleen McGuire,  Penny Lindballe to the show.

The purpose of this project is to ...

Parents as Partner Episode # 30 November 2, 2009

64:57 minutes (29.73 MB)

 For most parents the most common interaction with their child's classroom teacher happens at parent teacher interviews. For years that process has been the norm, but now it is changing. In more and more schools, students are leading conferences, and, overall, the word is that they‚are doing a fine job.

Conversations Edtechtalk show host Lisa Parisi and Ginger Lewman from Turning Point Learning Centre in Emporia, KS  joined Matt Lorna and Cindy to share their experiences using student led Parent Teacher conferences.

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Parents as Partner Episode # 29 October 19, 2009

57:44 minutes (26.43 MB)

Parents as Partners hosts Lorna Costantini, Cindy Seibel and Matt Montagne welcomed Jacqui Strachan, Gay Stephenson from People for Education, Tanya Weiner, webmaster for Ottawa Carleton Assembly of School Councils and Ross Button from Upper Canada District School Board as they talk about how they communicate with parents. We had a difficult time with connections and audio. Ross, Tanya, Gay, and Jacqui shared some excellent ideas about how to moderate parent online communities as well as increase participation.

The recording has been edited to remove some of the transmission problems. Please be patient there was some very good conversations.



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Parents as Partners Epidsode # 28 October 5, 2009

51:59 minutes (23.8 MB)

Penny Lindballe and Joanne McMahon brought show hosts Cindy Seibel and Lorna Costantini up to date on their introduction of web 2.0 tools in their school. Wired Wednesdays are happening with Penny at the local library. Parents are working with Penny learning how to use Google applications like the calendar and setting their Facebook privacy settings. It is exciting to see Penny take a leadership role in educating parents. Joanne is celebrating the addition of 3 other teachers and her principal to the roster of teachers blogging in her school. It certainly shows that good examples bring forth participation. We wish Penny and Joanne another successful school year


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