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Parents as Partners Episode 38 November 1, 2010 George Couros Planning Parent Involvement

72:34 minutes (16.61 MB)

George Couros, a principal in Stoney Plain, Albert joined the Parents as Partners webcast to share his work with involving parents in developing school improvement plans. Through out the recording you will hear George talk about his approach to working with parents as well as how he involved parents in flushing out the issues that arise in the school.

Parents as Partners Episode 36 October 4, 2010 Lee Kolbert, Will RIchardson and Penny Lindballe Teachers as Parents

65:38 minutes (30.05 MB)

Will Richardson and Lee Kolbert shared their views on their philosophies as educators and how it impacts on their relationships with their child’s classroom teacher. Penny Lindballe  shared her insights as a parent. More details to follow.

Parents as Partners Episode 35 September 20, 2010 Aviva Dunsiger

64:52 minutes (29.7 MB)

This season's opener got off to a wonderful start with a fantastic presentation by Aviva Dunsiger a Grade 1 teacher at Anacaster Meadow school in Ancaster/Hamilton Region Ontario Canada. Aviva has a wealth of ideas for connecting with parents and making them an integral part of their child's learning. Please listen to Aviva's presentation and follow along with the Slideshare posted below. 

We have compiled this link to provide you with all the links ( and more) that Aviva mentions during the show. How about replacing the agenda book with Twitter? No more lost in the back pack excuses and no more "did nothing today" answers.  Kid blogs, Today's Meet, audio recordings on Evernote, Twitter, Wallwisher are just a few of the many free applications which she has integrated into classroom instruction. 

Aviva and her colleagues at Ancaster Meadow school are leading the way. 

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 Presentation for parents as partners

View more presentations from adunsiger.

Parents as Partner Episode #34 March 1, 2010

69:03 minutes (31.61 MB)

Show hosts Matt Montagne, Lorna Costantini and Cindy Seibel welcomed Mike Herrity, Assistant Head master at Twynham School In Christ Church in the UK. Mike gave an overview of the way that Twynham School works with parents. They engage parents around their student's school work through the use of a portal which is accessed by students, mentors, parents and teachers. Mike talks about the success stories that they are enjoying with increase student achievement with the support of parents. Through out the show you will hear Mike share advice such as "Listen first and then design";" parent engagement is beyond the data", "its more about the pedagogy than it is technology". Twynham School uses a Sharepoint portal to support students, teachers and parents. Of particular note is the mentorship program put in place for year 11 students. The program uses a biweekly session with mentor and student to review the student progress and develop strategies to improve their work. Parents have access to the discussions which have taken parent/student conversations beyond the "did nothing today". Parents of 15 and 16 year olds have something concrete to discuss.


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Parents as Partner Episode # 33 January 18, 2009

60:26 minutes (27.66 MB)

 Karen Bantuveris from Volunteerspot joined show hosts Matt Montagne and Lorna Costantini to discuss parent volunteerism in school. Karen is a management consultant in Austin Texas. A little over a year ago she came up with a scheduling tool that freed up teacher and parents time organizing events. Karen provided a long list of fund raising tips, community building activities and teacher stratetgies to increase parent involvement in schools.

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