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It's Elementary #15 - Video in the Classroom

48:41 minutes (22.28 MB)

We welcomed Mathew Needleman who discussed Video in the Classroom. Maria was unable to join us due to her mother's birthday (happy birthday to you!), Alice discussed attending Mathew's presentation at CUE last week. Her blog post is here it includes links to his presentation. We touched on...

  • Why to use video in the classroom
  • How to structure projects for success
  • Resources to help you with projects
  • Problems we had, and how to deal with them


Mathew's video work:
Digital Storytelling by Room36 Jose:

Royalty Free Images for projects

Content Links/Tutorials, Marco Torres's site for monthly digital storytelling carnival for AFI's training films
Microsoft MovieMaker
Microsoft PhotoStory

Visit our blog at

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It's Elementary #14 - Conferences 2.0 Style!

40:37 minutes (18.6 MB)

Have a listen as we discuss Conferences and what makes them 2.0. What makes a face-to-face conference 2.0? Is it the conversations, how they are organized (what are the topics, and how decided), lecture vs. hands on.

Listen as we give our experiences with recent conferences and our expectations as teachers using Web 2.0 tools. We gave examples and how the bar is moving up with Web 2.0 tools like wikis, Skype, twitter and Ustream and the like. We also spoke about the unconference format as seen at educon at NECC and recently at SLA.

What can the presenter do to make it more 2.0?
Have a wiki for the presentation. Tags set up. Allow for and encourage backchannel conversation. Reach out to virtual attendees and others out on the web live with tools like Skype and Ustream.

What can the participants do to make it 2.0?
Adding notes to wiki presenter page. Live Blogging.
Blog and use session tag. Record and post as podcasts like David Warlick, Bob Sprankle and Wes Fryer.

Join us the 2nd and 4th Mondays of every month. 4pm pacific, 7pm eastern at Our next show will be on Monday March 10th, 2008. We will be discussing Video in the Classroom with our guest Mathew Needleman.


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It's Elementary Show #13 - EduCon 2.0 Reflections

60:24 minutes (27.65 MB)

Lisa and Maria shared their EduCon 2.0 experience with several guests who were also in attendance. The post show conversation added to the overall discussion and the chat room was lively as well. It was a record breaker!

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It's Elementary #12 Using RSS (Really Serious Stress relief)

52:57 minutes (24.24 MB)

Our guest, Jennifer Dorman, gave lots of great information about using RSS in education.

  1. We defined RSS feeds (sorta like a magazine subscription, but online);
  2. We discussed why you would want to use it as a teacher, and in your classroom;
  3. We shared examples of how we use it (sometimes for ourselves and our professional development, sometimes to automate information given to and from students); and
  4. We talked about opportunities and challenges.

You can find our planning wiki here.

Some featured bookmarks from the show are here:

A more extensive list of bookmark is here on Diigo.

One issue that came up was the lack of RSS on content pages geared towards students. We've used feeds from Highlights, and Discovery Science. If you have other elementary-age content that has an RSS feed, please share it on in our Diigo group, or here as a comment. Thanks!

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It's Elementary Show #11 - Tagging to a New Taxonomy

45:51 minutes (20.99 MB)


With our Guest Steve Hargadon. Steve shares his insights about tagging with us.

Our discussion included use of tagging in blogs, pictures, in social bookmarking, at conferences, and with our students.

Steve talked about the purpose and structure of tagging. We use tags on content we produce so that it is useful to others on the net. The use of tags in social bookmarking such as and diggo are examples. We are able to see how others tag content on the web. We can tag our own content using similar taxonomy or create our own. Steve reminded us that there is tension between using standardized tags versus a more independent free flowing tag system. We can use technorati and or Blog search engines like google to make sense of all the content.

At NECC 2007 session specific tags were proposed and adopted by the community. This standardized form of tagging allowed for aggregation session specific content. The same system is also used in classroom 2.0 to standardize the way blog posts and other content is tagged.

Our next show will be on January 14th, 2008 at 4:00 p.m. Pacific / 7:00 p.m. Eastern. at Edtechtalk



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