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EdTechWeekly#3 - EdTech News Roundup

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October 15, 2006
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Chat Transcript below

19:34:30 cessex: since I don't have anything remotely resembling a headset, I guess I'll have to be a silent partner tonight.
19:34:42 JL: earphone?
19:34:48 Cathy_Evanoff: you guys are fading in and out
19:35:00 cessex: don't even have my ipod earbuds tonight.
19:35:03 Cathy_Evanoff: no- the sound
19:35:27 Cathy_Evanoff: skypecast
19:35:40 cessex: the ringing is sort of soothing, though
19:35:51 cessex: you guys sound fine to me
19:36:11 JL: c'mon back Chris
19:36:12 JehZon: Still working in SL. Stream OK.
19:36:17 JL: we have a secret plan
19:36:43 JehZon: Can you call him on the phone?
19:36:49 cessex: ok, call me again
19:36:51 Cathy_Evanoff: much better
19:37:36 cessex: i feel a certain sense of vindication here
19:37:49 cessex: but i still need to be called agian
19:38:03 cessex: this is very confusing having more than one chris
19:41:05 JL:
19:41:15 Chris_Craft:
19:44:23 JenM:
19:47:23 JehZon: Taking my VB thunder, Doug!
19:47:50 JehZon: Parsing errors is what I am getting.
19:47:56 JehZon: From Sloodle
19:48:50 DougS:
19:49:00 plefebvre3: hi
19:49:47 JenM:
19:51:16 Chris_Craft: I have seen it and know about it
19:51:29 Chris_Craft: distinguished educators
19:51:48 JenM:
19:53:44 Lee: i see it
19:53:56 JenM:
19:54:24 JehZon: Dachshund spreadsheets?
19:55:26 Lee: great job
19:56:24 JenM:
19:59:33 JL:
20:01:18 dave: lee... aren't you somehow involved in 'apple distinguished educator"?
20:02:44 JenM:
20:03:22 DougS: lost Skype, I'll listen on stream
20:04:26 Madeline_Brownstone: the NYC board of ed blocks the NY Times at my school but gives us fox news, go figure
20:04:41 dave:
20:05:00 JehZon: There wasd the oled ia of creating a .kids TLD...,1367,52709,00.html
20:05:07 Cathy_Evanoff: Is the
20:05:10 JehZon: There was the old idea of
20:05:19 Cathy_Evanoff: Is the RSS working in elgg?
20:05:31 Chris_Craft: dave's blog link?
20:05:37 dave:
20:07:01 Chris_Craft: I get lost, I log into the educationbridges site and don't know where to go to find community
20:09:21 Lee: I can relate to that!
20:10:14 Lee:
20:10:26 Madeline_Brownstone: click on "Your blog" then choose "view all posts" that get's you into the latest discussions
20:11:48 lee: very nice compliment
20:12:13 JL: Did we lose you Crafty?
20:13:01 Chris_Craft: I'm here..
20:13:14 Chris_Craft: surfing elgg...
20:13:19 JL: still in the skypecast?
20:13:20 Chris_Craft:
20:13:22 Chris_Craft: yes
20:13:29 lee: Also maudio microtrack is nice
20:13:31 lee:
20:13:46 lee: it does mp3 or wav or aiff
20:14:24 JehZon: Got the TuneTalk from Belkin for my iPod...very nice
20:14:30 Chris_Craft: doesn't work
20:14:46 lee: a new piece of hardware just came zoom
20:14:50 lee:
20:14:53 JenM:
20:14:54 JehZon:
20:14:59 Chris_Craft:
20:15:19 Madeline_Brownstone: there is a hack for the iriver to make it work with the MAC ... update the firmware (so I hear)
20:15:22 lee: both of these recorders are 300 - 350
20:15:38 JenM:
20:15:59 Chris_Craft:
20:18:07 lee: yea sure
20:20:04 dave: dave starts to twitch
20:20:08 dave: starts to lose his mind!!!
20:20:10 dave: ah!!!!
20:20:12 dave: hate hate hate
20:20:17 DougS: lol, I was thinking that
20:20:45 dave:
20:24:06 dave: sorry...
20:24:09 dave: everybody left
20:24:11 JenM:
20:24:12 dave: ;(
20:24:17 dave: :(
20:24:26 dave:
20:24:29 dave: sorry
20:24:47 dave:
20:25:46 DougS:
20:25:49 JehZon: What happens when they are used for IEDs?
20:26:01 dave: never thought of that
20:26:04 dave: the parts are also useful
20:26:32 lee: yea
20:26:48 lee: Yes.. I will be doing a presentation there!
20:27:03 DougS: Flock allows autotagging for technorati tags in blog posts
20:27:03 dave: what are you presenting?
20:27:07 lee: scary,,, my first big online conference and such big hitters!
20:27:15 lee: All About Internet Audio
20:27:25 lee: its a basic/advanced training course
20:28:35 lee:
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