EdTechTalk#43 Chat Transcript

18:56:02 JeffLebow: Hi Dave's dad
18:56:17 rentre: Hi Jeff
18:56:40 dave-on-air: hi brad
18:56:50 Brad_Hicks: Hi guys
18:57:32 DougSymington: Hi all
18:57:59 dave-on-air: hi doug
18:58:15 Brad_Hicks: Hi Doug
18:59:40 Brad_Hicks: Anything on Drupal training soon?
18:59:49 dave-on-air: oh yes
18:59:53 dave-on-air: drupal training
18:59:59 dave-on-air: that's a good idea
19:00:31 Brad_Hicks: My school is looking at a Moodle inbstallation, but I'm also interested to find out about Drupal
19:00:46 Brad_Hicks: *installation
19:03:04 Lee: Congratulations Dave
19:03:28 Lee: Congratulations Jeff and Doug an the weekend wondercast!!!
19:03:44 DougSymington: thanks Lee, it was fun
19:04:00 Brad_Hicks: Crongratz Dave and Bonnie
19:04:14 DougSymington: yes congrats Dave, looking fwd to the wee man's web presence, and yes all the best to Bon
19:04:42 dave-on-air: http://oscarcormier.com
19:07:43 dave-on-air: hi alex
19:07:45 Alex.Ragone: Hi Folks ---
19:07:51 Alex.Ragone: Congrats Dave!
19:07:54 dave-on-air: thanks
19:07:58 Lee: Hi Alex
19:08:22 Alex.Ragone: I'm off to put three to bed, but it's great to hear the beginning of the show.
19:08:24 Alex.Ragone: Hi Lee.
19:08:28 Alex.Ragone: How did that test go?
19:08:39 Lee: I passed!!! YEA
19:08:45 Lee: By a hair I might add
19:08:49 Lee: It was very hard
19:08:51 Alex.Ragone: Congrats!
19:08:54 DougSymington: Congrats Lee
19:09:01 Lee: I know way more now than I did a week ago!
19:09:06 Lee: Networking is cool
19:09:11 Lee: Thank you Doug and Alex
19:09:17 Alex.Ragone: off to bed --- kids are scraeming...
19:09:21 Lee: See ya
19:09:39 DougSymington: ttyl Alex
19:09:45 dave-on-air: bye alex
19:09:46 Lee: Jeff, I thought it was interesting how some were surprised that it was live
19:09:59 Lee: and their misconceptions of what it is
19:10:01 Lee: Yes, Dave
19:10:13 Lee: I think they forget how cool it is
19:10:15 Lee: Noooo
19:10:21 Lee: it is ahead of the curve
19:10:31 DougSymington: I vote for ahead of the curve
19:10:32 Lee: It used to be not cool
19:10:39 Lee: because the bandwidth was not up to it
19:10:49 Lee: now things have changed and is now a viable option
19:11:04 Lee: They have in the meantime left it behind
19:12:02 Paul_Ellerman: Hello All!
19:12:10 DougSymington: Hi Paul
19:13:12 Lee: Hello
19:13:15 DougSymington: http://dukecast.oit.duke.edu/
19:13:38 dave-on-air: hi paul
19:14:40 DougSymington: perhaps a better link http://www.oit.duke.edu/dms/podcasting
19:16:31 Lee: Yes, that was one of the big topics at the class in networking.
19:16:53 Lee: Europe is far ahead as is Japan
19:17:01 Lee: in networking
19:17:24 Lee: arg
19:17:31 Paul_Ellerman: Wow!
19:17:32 Lee: Yes, I am Lee Ann
19:17:36 Lee: hmmm
19:17:41 Lee: a small 10%
19:17:43 Lee: ?
19:17:57 Paul_Ellerman: Dave... Yahooo!
19:18:05 dave-on-air: yahoo
19:18:15 Paul_Ellerman: Congrats!
19:19:06 DougSymington: http://www.bu.edu/com/podcast/contact.html
19:19:41 DougSymington: http://www.bu.edu/com/podcast/interviews.html
19:20:01 JeffLebow: Thanks Doug
19:20:05 DougSymington: the camera does add....
19:25:46 dave-on-air: hi Gary
19:26:28 Gary: Hello - just listening and seeing how this works - have been listening to edtechtalk for awhile and never got on before while there is a webcast.
19:26:38 dave-on-air: well... welcome aboad
19:26:42 dave-on-air: aboard
19:26:44 Gary: thanks
19:26:51 dave-on-air: gotta a skype id?
19:27:02 Gary: yes
19:28:06 dave-on-air: gotta headset?
19:28:42 Lee: Yes, it has become a staple of sorts
19:28:48 Lee: That is a good thing
19:29:02 Gary: sort of - my ipod earphones and cheap mike that I could plug into my imic.
19:29:12 dave-on-air: that'll work...
19:29:21 dave-on-air: give us a few minutes
19:29:24 dave-on-air: we'll get you in
19:29:27 Gary: For what?
19:29:55 dave-on-air: you did say you wanted to see how it worked...
19:29:57 dave-on-air: up to you.
19:30:45 Gary: What would you like to know - I am just learning to use podcasting at a high school - not much to tell or discuss.
19:32:21 DougSymington: Hi Steve
19:32:31 Steve: Hello
19:33:40 dave-on-air: post show starting soon...
19:33:48 dave-on-air: skype 'worldbridges'
19:34:21 Gary: I'll skype after the show.
19:35:56 dave-on-air: show over
19:36:14 Paul_Ellerman: LOL
19:36:58 DougSymington: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/
19:37:31 Paul_Ellerman: Is the webcast academy still looking for interns?
19:38:04 Paul_Ellerman: Another Canadian!
19:38:07 Paul_Ellerman: Yahoo
19:38:39 JeffLebow: We still have room for a few more interns Paul...especially motivated ones :)
19:39:43 Paul_Ellerman: I am going to be busy for the next few weeks, i work on the Census and its Census time!
19:39:46 dave-on-air: canadians are cool
19:40:02 Paul_Ellerman: But will then be free(er)
19:40:09 JeffLebow: Sounds good
19:40:43 Lee: Say Jeff. I meant to tell you that our first webcast for Spacecast is going to be on friday.
19:40:56 JeffLebow: Great. What time?
19:40:56 Lee: I had tofinish the yearbook and that class before i could set a date.
19:41:06 Lee: Well, I think it will be 2:30
19:41:31 JeffLebow: Can you post in on The Webcast Academy Calendar?
19:41:38 JeffLebow: Or is this a 'public' webcast?
19:41:53 Lee: Yes, and I will be planning the agenda tomorrow
19:41:57 Lee: Public?
19:42:09 JeffLebow: Is it OK for 'non-spacers' to tune in?
19:42:12 Lee: I mean everyone is welcome
19:42:29 Lee: but the spacers will be the only ones on it for the first cast
19:42:36 Lee: wait
19:42:45 Lee: they will be the only ones running it
19:42:49 Lee: anyone can call in
19:43:37 Lee: I will host along with a student live
19:44:06 Lee: The class will be there live and I thought I would video the class during the cast
19:44:26 Lee: One student will be the student leader so to speak
19:44:42 Lee: I will use a slitter for the mic on our end
19:44:45 Lee: splitter
19:44:48 Lee: so we can both talk
19:44:57 dave-on-air: slitter
19:45:20 Lee: send two mic inputs into my computer
19:45:57 Lee: then arrange some people ahead of time as special guest to call in
19:47:10 Lee: I am still deciding how to put the storyboard together. I will be asking for feedback this week on the planned schedule
19:47:57 JeffLebow: Sounds really good Lee. Let us know if you want to do any system checks beforehand. I'm sure some fellow interns could be around to check things out.
19:48:18 Lee: Sure Jeff. That would help. So do you like the name ?
19:48:22 Lee: Spacecast?
19:48:37 JeffLebow: absolutely
19:48:47 Paul_Ellerman: I have audio imputs on botht he front and the back of my computer. I have used two headsets in one skype session.
19:48:58 Paul_Ellerman: It worked well
19:49:22 Lee: I am thinking of asking Kathy to be on of the folks to call in from Chicago.
19:49:48 Lee: She will be getting kids into personallearningspace so she would be a good call in
19:50:37 Lee: Paul, I have a mac so i thought I might use an maudio mic pre box with two xlr ins then send it to the mac
19:50:48 Lee: I guess the pc has two ins?
19:50:53 Lee: front and back?
19:51:17 Lee: Paul, what might you do for your webcast?
19:51:25 Gary: Dave, Rex has a great deal of experience though. My class did a brief podcast about their experiences during a fetal pig dissection. I gave them a bit of warning about what they might say before asking them to speaking.
19:51:43 dave-on-air: agreed
19:51:48 dave-on-air: but that's two different conversations
19:52:03 dave-on-air: for students... and for people who are doing it 'professionally'
19:52:22 dave-on-air: in the debate between 'podcasts' and 'webcasts' as mediums
19:52:24 Paul_Ellerman: Front and back, yes.
19:52:25 Gary: True - good education takes some "pondering time."
19:52:30 Paul_Ellerman: It totally worked fine.
19:52:35 dave-on-air: i prefer the impromptuness of this medium
19:53:10 Paul_Ellerman: hmmm, I am sure that i don't have two sound cards
19:54:16 Paul_Ellerman: I think that my webcast would be like a brainstornming session for trainers and educators.
19:54:20 Steve: RE remote podcasts. We've had good luck w/an Olympus audio voice recorder. Costs about $60.
19:54:41 Gary: No problem with the webcasting - it appears to work well for those that are comfortable with it but podcasting in a classroom may need some editing before making it available to the rest of the world, including those that make decisions about continuing (administrators).
19:54:43 Paul_Ellerman: A place where trainers and educators could meet to think out ideas, exercises
19:55:17 Paul_Ellerman: They could bring problems and we could hash them out to find a solution.
19:55:29 Paul_Ellerman: Still thinking about it though....
19:55:56 Gary: What model of the Olympus voice recorder?
19:56:21 Steve: vn-960pc
19:57:09 Gary: Some are not Mac compatible - the Olympus DS-2 is - the vn-960 is not.
19:57:10 Steve: Will create a wav file. We drag to Audacity to edit.
19:58:14 Gary: It would be interesting if I could see the wav file on a mac - with Audacity that would work and it is a lot cheaper than the DS-2
19:58:51 Steve: I'm not sure about the Mac....I'll have to try it.
19:59:18 Gary: That would be great - I could stop bidding for the DS-2 on eBay.
19:59:49 Steve: RE podcasting for students and teachers. Take a look at Loudblog.
20:00:55 Steve: I'll try to Skype in...
20:01:14 DougSymington: http://www.audioblog.com/
20:05:18 DougSymington: http://spdc.org/
20:06:49 Lee: I have an accnt with audioblog
20:06:56 Lee: it works well for some things
20:07:06 Lee: It is certainly fast
20:07:16 Lee: and convenient
20:12:41 Paul_Ellerman: Night all
20:12:51 dave-on-air: 'night paul
20:14:41 Brad_Hicks: I agree - if parents have concerns they should put it where it's visible
20:14:53 Brad_Hicks: It's ahrd to game when the other person is asleep
20:15:14 Brad_Hicks: :)
20:15:25 Lee: Thanks Everyone
20:15:28 Lee: Thanks Steve
20:16:30 Lee: Night all!
20:16:57 DougSymington: thanks all, have a great night
20:17:09 Gary: Thanks for putting up with me
20:17:12 Brad_Hicks: Good night
20:17:16 DougSymington: or morning :)
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