21st Century Learning #46: Year in Review, Professional Learning, Summer Plans and Reading

EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #46
Year in Review, Professional Learning, Summer Plans and Reading
June 19, 2007

This week, we discussed our year, our summer plans, a professional development learning network, and our summer plans and reading.

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[arvind] hi Suzanne
[suzanne] hi arvind
[suzanne] has it started?
[arvind] the stream is up, so tune in
[arvind] we are about to start the show
[suzanne] i just did
[suzanne] 48
[arvind] great
[suzanne] i think only 46 ok
[suzanne] ive been lost in second life
[arvind] i have not been so into second life, not sure why
[suzanne] i build things!
[arvind] cool, you have to program them, right?
[suzanne] yes indeed
[suzanne] yay! you are back...
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[suzanne] hi Vinnie
[Vinnie] hi there
[suzanne] yay twitter
[Vinnie] what channel, A or B?
[suzanne] A
[suzanne] what?
[suzanne] ohhhh
[Vinnie] I have sound
[suzanne] good
[suzanne] wow - that's nice old = creepy therefore not creepy
[suzanne] 23 is great
[suzanne] I set up a social network for all the music teachers here is slc- it's private in ning...
[suzanne] 30 teachers
[arvind] cool. is it working?
[suzanne] yes lots of interaction and questions and forums and photos and groups
[suzanne] especially from the younger teachers
[suzanne] they feel secure in a private setting
[alex.ragone] www.nycist.net
[alex.ragone] www.nysais.org - New York State Association of Indepdendent Schools.
[arvind] pocis-nyc.org
[suzanne] huge
[suzanne] wow
[arvind] educationbridges.net - our stab at an online, professional social network for educators
[suzanne] I also made a blog for my own students with a calendar ... they use it a lot for the calendar http://www.suzannesuzukiviolin.org
[suzanne] trumba calendar
[alex.ragone] What's the easy way to network for faculty?
[suzanne] mass email is the only way.... really because we have so many teachers scattered about.... (faculty across the state)
[suzanne] but ning is working too
[arvind] classroom20.ning.com
[alex.ragone] http://classroom20.ning.com/
[suzanne] oh and the website I made for the faculty here http://suzukimusicutah.org
[suzanne] ning is good!
[alex.ragone] A need for support networks.
[alex.ragone] That's why these groups come together.
[alex.ragone] Is there a motivation for teachers?
[suzanne] to communicate and get support
[suzanne] we have a huge concert coming up with all the student together
[suzanne] 3000 students
[suzanne] tey need to learn what is going on
[suzanne] they
[suzanne] yes we do prof. development 1 at least every two years... training
[suzanne] good idea!!!!!
[suzanne] I want to bring that up in board meeting
[arvind] the ideas are flowing!
[suzanne] yes
[arvind] hi Vinnie
[suzanne] and specific
[suzanne] yes... a community
[suzanne] exactly question answer only at the end
[suzanne] hi Vinnie     
[suzanne] true
[Vinnie] thanks guys
[Vinnie] I am turning red
[alex.ragone] Nice!
[suzanne] yes it is
[Vinnie] but I would love to see a picture to confirm that it is hanging on the door
[suzanne] hee hee flickr
[suzanne] wow difficult
[suzanne] awesome
[suzanne] what company? I need to know
[suzanne] do you know ALex?
[suzanne] how cool
[alex.ragone] FLICKR -- One minute.
[suzanne] yay blogs
[suzanne] ugh wordpress much better than blogger
[Vinnie] Can'twait.
[suzanne] awesome!
[suzanne] flickr - you'll post right?
[suzanne] hee hee
[suzanne] what?
[suzanne] pinjabi?
[arvind] Punjabi...North Indian language - my parents' mother tounges
[arvind] tongues even
[suzanne] esoteric oh cool
[arvind] The Fifth Discipline - Peter Senge
[arvind] Wikinomics: http://www.wikinomics.com/
[Vinnie] so, no harry potter for you?
[Vinnie] Wikinomics is great
[suzanne] I read Convergence Culture Henry Jenkins...
[Vinnie] I just finished Everything is Miscellaneous
[arvind] Howard Gardner - Five Minds for the Future: http://www.amazon.com/Five-Minds-Future-Howard-Gardner/dp/1591399122
[arvind] The Kite Runner
[suzanne] good!
[arvind] A Long Way from Home
[alex.ragone] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Kite_Runner
[suzanne] read it
[suzanne] loved it
[suzanne] hmmm
[alex.ragone] http://www.benkler.org/wealth_of_networks/index.php/Main_Page
[arvind] Yocahi Benkler - The Wealth of Networks
[suzanne] ah
[Vinnie] by david Weinberger, who wrote the Cluetrain Manifesto http://www.amazon.com/Everything-Miscellaneous-Power-Digital-Disorder/dp...
[suzanne] fantastic
[suzanne] great
[suzanne] Thnak You
[suzanne] Thank You
[arvind] thanks for being here Suzanne
[arvind] good to be back on the air
[suzanne] bye
[suzanne] good job
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[Vinnie] I will do that, but I have to dig out my camera. I have not gotten my phone to post to flickr
[arvind] hi Cathye
[Cathye] Hello All
[Vinnie] next week is NECC, so people may not be available. I could skype in if needed
[suzanne] yes!
[suzanne] I have to go
[suzanne] thanks everyone!!
[suzanne] bye
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[Vinnie] Lucy is moving from the lab school to another position at the U oc C
[Vinnie] Yes, I am an old friend of Andy.
[Vinnie] No, k12 was extended to Friday
[Vinnie] I will call in with a report from NECC if you would like. I am attending EduBloggerCon on Saturday as well
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