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21st Century Learning #28: The Gadget Guide

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EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #28
The Gadget Guide
January 16, 2007
Download mp3 (34:55, 15.9 MB)

A conversation about the gadgets we are looking to buy. Bill Knauer fills in for Alex Ragone while Alex is running a web 2.0 workshop. arvind and Bill talk about the iPhone, GPS, the OQO, AppleTV, Seagate storage, flash memory, Canon cameras and more!

Welcome to the Worldbridges Chat Room
[arvind grover] welcome mr b
[mrb_packer] Hello arvind
[mrb_packer] can't get any audio yet
[mrb_packer] ah here we go
[arvind grover] hearing me?
[mrb_packer] yep!
[arvind grover] great
[mrb_packer] some repetitive stream rebuffering -- bill is running around yelling and throwing things in his office
[mrb_packer] it's fun to watch from here
[arvind grover] ha ha
[arvind grover] easy to be you on this one
[mrb_packer] so true!
[mrb_packer] grr audio keeps cutting out, gonna try a diff channel
[arvind grover] hmmm, strange
[arvind grover] channel 1 or 2 should be the same
[arvind grover] 2 is less fidelity, but still good
[arvind grover] mr b, how does bill sound?
[mrb_packer] sounds good
[arvind grover] Apple site:
[mrb_packer] i'm a few minutes behind you guys i think
[arvind grover] you are
[arvind grover] that is normal
[arvind grover] the iphone is not 3g, but Edge instead
[mrb_packer] check that link for demos of multitouch interfaces
[arvind grover]
[arvind grover] carbonite backup:
[arvind grover]
[arvind grover]
[arvind grover]
[arvind grover] multitouch screen site:
[arvind grover]
[mrb_packer] get em printed!
[mrb_packer] it used to be measured in "chips" -- now it's measured in megapixels
[arvind grover] skye wifi phones:
[arvind grover]
[mrb_packer] Anytime!

21stCenturyLearning-28.mp315.99 MB

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