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21st Century Learning #18: The Webcast Academy

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EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #18
How did we learn to Webcast?
October 17, 2006
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A show about the webcasting process. If you're interested is learning to webcast, go to

Next week, we'll be discussing community portals and open source software with Richard Kassissieh from

Alex_Ragone has joined the chat.
[Alex_Ragone] Hi Dave.
[dave] greetings
[dave] snow?
[dave] do you go in the snow?
[Alex_Ragone] yep --- love it!
[dave] snowball
[arvindgrover] we definitely would go in the snow
[arvindgrover] usually the season ends early enough in NYC
[arvindgrover] Odeo's take on the snowball mic:
[arvindgrover] Go straight for the snowball microphone at BlueMic:
[dave] alex knows everything!!!
[dave] i have proof!
[dave] i enjoy!
[dave] mic + connection integrity
[dave] often the latter is more important
[arvindgrover] definitely. i turn off my wireless and plug in
[dave] if your behind someone who is shaping your skype... your mic quality is irrelevant
[arvindgrover] Webcast Academy:
[arvindgrover] We just got a packet shaper. I need to have my network admin give me high priority for my Skype packets!
[dave] yes. that is KEY
[dave] i've made the same deal with my dude
[arvindgrover] problem is all the kids use Skype to IM (because we block other clients)
[dave] you lose a little quality
[dave] but not much
[dave] yes.
[dave] that is a problem
[arvindgrover] smart kids though :)
[dave] mmm... latin class
[arvindgrover] i don't miss the ablative case
[dave] very fun
[dave] its fun arvind
[dave] really
[dave] very very fun
[arvindgrover] i am ready for it
[dave] yes it does
[dave] what's an AOL
[dave] geeks!
[dave] wrote the wrong sql queery
[dave] omg
[arvindgrover] ha ha
[dave] :o
[dave] lol
[dave] yay us!
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